Health Matters of Various Kinds


Wolf needs to take care of health matters – both HIS and THE SITE’S. This should not significantly impact things here in the short term, and in the long term, it will improve things. However, this means that Wolf’s appearances on the site will be even more unpredictable than they already have been.

The remainder of this post is just a vague and largely unnecessary explanation of the matters.

My Health

First of all, I have greatly appreciated Duchess01‘s various prayers for bakocarl and myself! These prayers have been very effective.

I also appreciate all the other people who have been praying for me, both here and on Marica’s site! God Bless you and thank you!

One of the most important results of these prayers was to convince me to do needed things, instead of putting them off ONE MORE DAY WEEK MONTH YEAR.

And because GOD wants things to move, THEY’RE MOVING.

Thus, because I’ll need to spend time doing all of the ridiculous things that being healthy entails these days, particularly when dealing with the healthcare system, you will see me a bit less during “office hours”.

Know that I’m still around – I may just be coming around at different times.

Site Health

It turns out that we are having some kind of growing pains. Because of that, I’m going to have to increase the percentage of BUDGET that is going for RENT instead of being stashed into the RAINY DAY FUND.

We will remain IN THE BLACK.

However, we need a bigger condo, or even a single-family abode.

I will thus be spending MORE TIME setting up those things, too.

Wish me luck!

JP’s Magnesium

I have to put in a free plug for a magnesium supplement called Magnesium Breakthrough, which I learned about HERE:

At the end of the video, JP talks about this new magnesium supplement he is fronting. As a certified acolyte of Mg, the element that saved me from long haul, I am a fan of this stuff already. Yes, this stuff which I will admit I have never purchased nor tried. No – I have not tried this particular supplement, but I have been pushing Mg supplementation for the last 2 years, and this stuff looks pricey but good.

Here is why I’m super-convinced.

Let’s look more closely at that label, shall we?

Yes, there is Vitamin B6 and manganese in there, too, but the kicker is that there are so MANY of those fancy, super-bioavailable forms of magnesium, that they crammed into there.

If this shit got any more boutique, they would have to serve you champagne and hors d’oeuvres while shopping.

I could argue that many if not most of these niche forms of magnesium are the same basic type of chelated magnesium as “Magnesium Chelate” (top of the list). In my opinion, there’s not a massive difference in bioavailability between them, although YOUR BIOCHEMISTRY MAY VARY.

However, Sucrosomial Magnesium Oxide is different, and it has been proven to be highly bioavailable, which is uncommon for ANY form of magnesium oxide. It’s even more bioavailable than some of the chelates, which is startling.



And with 7 different kinds of magnesium, (a) something is going to work great for you, and (b) they are all going to max out at different times, with different half-lives, so you are going to get a nice spread in the availability. I use 3 kinds already – 7 is surely even better.

Just don’t turn it up to 11, JP!!!

SO – bottom line – if you’re thinking about upping your magnesium, you may want to check this “Magnesium Breakthrough” stuff out.

I guarantee it’s better than “Vaccine Breakthrough” – or “your money back”!!! LOL!

And with that – I bid you all a great Thursday. STAY HEALTHY. I will be doing it, too!



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Thanks for the heads up, Wolfie.
 🤗  😘 

I hope it’s not going to be very expensive for you to do this upgrade!
 😬  🤑 
And thank you so much for doing it!

I’ve been taking Magnesium Oxide 500mg, under the Nature’s Bounty label.

Will probably order some of this super-duper Magnesium Breakthrough stuff, though.


Just so long as you know, everyone here (I imagine) would be more than willing to kick in a few bucks for any upgrades.

Be well, sir. Praying for your health and well-being. (((HUGS)))


Yes, definitely. I also imagine there are reasons not to seem beholden to anyone. But I am willing to help if I can.

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NB is what I use for the Magnesium. Good stuff.

Continuous prayers for you, Wolf.


When you’re talking about changes, you’re not thinking lycanthropy…..are you?


I think Coothie may have been making a little joke there.

Lycanthropy = werewolves.


You see, we have on this disk “were-bytes”. After the operating system is loaded and initialized, we can institute a change in their underlying structure and give them supernormal abilities… long as they are untouched by silver…..

Cuppa Covfefe

Self-modifying code 🙂

Here, there, and every “were” …. (or, the old KABL callout, “in the air, everywhere” 🙂 )…


Except that you have to be very careful just where those bytes go — having werebytes is contagious!

Cuppa Covfefe

Especially in London 🙂

And if they’re self-a-were…
(ducks and puns)…..

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Well, my comment failed to post so will try again. Wolf, I’m glad you have the comfort of knowing how many of us pray for you and also for Carl and Pgroup2. I am glad you are taking care of your health. I am taking a good magnesium/potassium activated supplement from Orthomolecular, which has fixed my sleep problem, but I am going to also take a look at the supplement you mention as it looks interesting.


Thanks for the info and the update on the site. Thank you for all you are doing. Stay well.

Checking out the magnesium. I have a magnesium rub that I use in the evening and it really does help with sleep. Got it from an herbalist. The hedgewitches are doing good work as the allopathic medical establishment fails.

I am going to pick up the supplement. Went to their website and read through all their info. Looks excellent.


Shout out to the hedgewitches! I love it.

I was told by a counselor the other day that I am now a better choice than seeing a doctor. What a compliment for a self-and-grandma-taught herbalist!

I was with a fellow “alternative” practitioner yesterday who was lamenting having to teach an M.D. friend what to do for covid. I said at least the M.D. wanted to learn!


It really is, isn’t it?


Get plenty of rest Wolf, we’ll be right here 🙏 


Going to get this. Having been using the magnesium triple complex (Puritan) because it was triple, not because I understood what it did specifically. But the triple omits magnesium taurate, which seems to be a key variation.

I was getting agonizing foot cramps during the night, the kind of cramps I imagine people get when they are poisoned by arsenic. I kept well hydrated, but that was not it.

After taking magnesium triple complex for most of the year the cramps have gone (knock on wood).

But I am going to get JP’s more complete supplement.


Quite a few years ago when researching my own mysterious health issues I happened upon a book by Dr. Carolyn Dean called The Magnesium Miracle. It made me realize the root cause of my issues was magnesium deficiency. Dr. Dean sells a liquid form of mag which I use with great results. The only downside is the taste but I add a little water and chug it out of a shot glass and chase it with more water. Here’s her blog and here’s the ordering site

“Most products don’t absorb before going to the large intestine, where they are expelled by the body. Not only does this lead to an upset stomach and diarrhea, but these issues can cause more mineral deficiencies, thereby defeating the entire purpose of taking a magnesium supplement.

ReMag® uses stabilized picometer magnesium ions that absorb completely at the cellular level. Not only is it fast-acting, but you don’t have to worry about flushing your money down the drain. With ReMag® the magnesium goes to your cells, where it is needed most.”


Very interesting site.

Here is my “magnesium for dummies” question.

The ReMag makes a lot of sense with respect to absorption. It also appears to be less expensive on a per dose basis. But the Breakthrough has all the variations, which have some separate benefit (I assume).

How does someone assess the comparative value, medically?


TY. Makes total sense. I was looking for the “definitive” answer which does not exist until found by oneself.

Several years back, I took care of my FIL when he had myeloma, I bought an annual daily/weekly/monthly planner. I used it to keep track of all his daily meds, BP, weekly chemo, radiation, and all Dr. appointments. It was a YUGE help. Kept us organized with so much going on.

Shortly thereafter, I decided to get one of those planners for myself. I take several prescription drugs and lots of supplements, so I keep track by logging everything on a daily basis. I track every drug/time, supplement, food I eat, weight, and any weird ass symptom I may have. 😁 Big stuff goes on the monthly view. This is a TREMENDOUS help! Also use for appointments, planning.

No more forgetting to take or not remembering if I took medicine. When I take it, I log it.

Supplements – Must be very careful, they all have upper limits. Read all labels, as many have multiple ingredients. I must calculate daily iron, zinc, selenium, and Vita B’s and C. I’ve figured out if I go over certain amounts, I have problems.
If I get a new symptom I can look to see if it’s because of something I’ve added or changed that could be causing the problem. If I want to add a new supplement, I compare ingredients against what I’m already taking to see if it’s ok or not.
Same concept works for food diary. This combo kept my blood sugar in check. I lost/gained weight eating these foods for a week.

I’ve been doing this for over 3years now with good success.

And for the ladies, if ya wanna know when’s the last time you colored your hair you’ll find it on the monthly calendar. 😊😎


That’s a good question for Wolfmoon. Restoring and maintaining proper mag levels at the cellular level is my main goal and ReMag is the only product that I’ve used to date that I’ve gotten such benefit from. As a side note, my husband used to get excruciating muscle cramps when he worked in the yard in the Florida heat. After one particularly bad bout I had him take some ReMag and the cramping resolved within 15 minutes. He’s a firm believer now and never misses his daily dose.


There is no question the mag removed my cramping.

TY for the info! I am going to follow Moon’s advice.


I’ll be anxious to hear your results.

Valerie Curren

Wolfmoon, so glad to hear you are taking care of yourself AND the Q-Tree.

My son Josiah & I prayed for you together yesterday (where 2 or 3 are gathered). He also shared another of his Psalms with me which I wanted to pass along to you & your readers here today. God Bless YOU!!!

A Psalm I wrote Just NowON OCTOBER 11, 2021 BY JOSIAHCURREN
A Psalm of Josiah

Who is Like You O Lord?

Who May Ascend into Your Holy Hill?

How are Your Testimonies O Lord. How wonderful Are your Commandments.

Blessed is the man who Trusts in the Lord.

Blessed is the man who Delights in the LORD’S Commandments

O clap Your Hands Before The Lord All You peoples of the Earth.

Taste and see That The Lord is God.

Sing Praises to God Sing Praises to Our King. For He Is Worthy To Be Praised.

Oh Give Thanks To The Lord. For His Love Endures Forever.

Bless The Lord All You Nations of the Earth.

Tremble Before The Lord All the Earth.

Give The Glory Due to His Name.

Oh Celebrate the Lord All You Angels of the Heavens.

Let us Kneel Before Our Maker, The Lord God of Israel.

Repent Before The Lord All You Nations of the Earth.

For The Kingdom of God is At Hand.

Oh Sing To The Lord A New Song.

Bow Down and Worship the Lord All You Nations of the Earth.

Arise O God Let Your Holy Name Be Praised.

Arise O God Let Your Enemies Be Scattered.

Bless The Lord O My Soul And Praise The Lord O My Soul.

Do Not Forget His Commandments or His Righteousness.

You O Lord, are A God who Does Good and Only Good.

The Lord is Always Right.

All His Work is Done in Mercy and in Truth.

Bless Your Holy Name O Lord My God.

Valerie Curren

Amen. Pure heart before the Lord & (as autism tends to do) operating w/ unveiled face!


I’ll put this here and at the daily. Our regular vendor has been disbarred by PayPal. But others are listed at that website we frequent, where PP is still available. Evidently they were vetted via zoom meeting. 👍🏻

And as always thanks for the info Wolfie.

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JW in Germany

Looks like a great supplement!

Reminded me of this video with Thomas Delauer speaking on the benefits of assorted forms of magnesium. He talks about many of the forms in that supplement.

He claims that different forms can benefit in different ways. With that combo…it is plausible that there are synergistic effects as well.

Cuppa Covfefe

Over at SmallDeadAnimals, it looks like Magnesium could be an issue, too:

An excerpt that shows Magnesium could be headed for short supplies, again, RED China is at the bottom of it (working from Hell, no doubt)….. REALLY time to stock up…

Essentially, you can’t make cars without aluminum. You can’t work with aluminum without using magnesium. And as of December, you may not be able to work with magnesium much — if at all. Amos Fletcher, analyst for Barclays, put it succinctly: “If magnesium supply stops, the entire auto industry will potentially be forced to stop.”

China has been in the midst of an energy crisis recently, with factories shutting down to conserve power. Unfortunately for the car industry, China is also the world’s primary supplier of magnesium — 85% of the world’s supply comes from the country.

The most prevalent magnesium-producing town in China, Yulin, just ordered 35 of its 50 production facilities to shut down. The remaining 15 have been told to scale back operations by half, leaving production drastically reduced.

This slowdown in magnesium wouldn’t be such an issue if the metal could be easily stored, but it’s got an incredibly short life span on its own. Magnesium oxidizes relatively quickly, and European reserves are expected to run dry by the end of November.

Comments are quite good as well…

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I guess it can’t be extracted from any of the rocks over here economically enough. Which is amazing because it’s two percent of the earth’s crust.

(Oxygen is 46 percent [yes, oxygen!], silicon 28 percent, aluminum 8 percent, then iron, calcium and sodium, then magnesium. This stuff is as common as ugly butts. It’s contained in granite, for Pete’s sake.)

Cuppa Covfefe

Which gave rise to the expression, taken for granite…

(Heard prior to a rock concert in Legoland 🙂 )…. “we will we will rock you”…..

The almighty profit (Schwab?) has told everyone that RED China [is asshoe] shall be the world’s “factory” and (whispered) toxic waste dump…

All those not-so-rare earths (or most of them) could be mined in the US as well. If the mines in RED China [is asshoe] had the same working conditions and rules, regs, etc., as in the US, their costs would be as high as the USA, and transport costs would effectively make US-sourced minerals cheaper…..

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Frustrating isn’t it? We need a term for the lanthanides, plus whatever goes in Group 3 (be it lanthanum or lutecium) and yttrium. Not sure if scandium is considered a “rare earth” still. Anyhow we need a term for this *other* than “rare earth elements,” because as you correctly note, they’re not rare. Though some are…scarce.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

However (for anyone else reading this) magnesium is not one of those elements at all. Neither is lithium, despite this one article that occasionally bubbles up from the bottom of the septic tank and gets linked to here.


Take care out there in Ohio Mr Wolf. Make sure you add some laughter and love into your therapeutic regime too!

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep, rest up and tank up, and GOD Bless You Wolf!

And, speaking of Ohio, here’s a little laughter and levity about Toledo from John Denver, sung in Toledo 🙂 [trivia, was HQ of Owens-Illinois for a long time]…