Did The Commie DNC and ANTIFA Get The Idea of CHAZ From Coeur d'Alene Patriots via the Treasonous CIA?

The TIMELINES are very suspicious.

HERE is where you can get a CHAZ timeline.

LINK: https://nationalfile.com/chaz-timeline-shows-propaganda-victories-like-recycling-collection-begins-neglects-to-mention-warlord-raz/

You will note that the “CHAZ” was set up on the evening of June 8.

Weirdly, this follows by a FULL WEEK from another “PNW Region” event which you almost certainly did not hear about – the EXCLUSION OF ANTIFA PESTS from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (hereafter “CDA“) by…..


HERE is where you can get the full story:

LINK: https://www.itsmac.com/2020/06/02/coeur-dalene-idaho-stands-up-antifa-stands-down/

I strongly urge you to read about how ordinary people with GUNS kept that first window from being smashed – that first brick from flying – that first CIA-DNC-KGB-CCP headline from being written.


LINK: https://www.itsmac.com/2020/06/02/coeur-dalene-idaho-stands-up-antifa-stands-down/

This happened on the night of June 1, and was reported on June 2 above.

Isn’t it beautiful? Patriots KICKING OUT THE COMMIES?


There is something fascinating about this whole business of Seattle falling apart and us not doing anything……. yet.

I will interject right here that THIS is what Hotep Jesus has been talking about with our knee-jerk rejection of the idea of “autonomous zones”. He’s been saying (“hotep been told you”) “NOT SO FAST!”

As a fan of RESERVATIONS, I kinda get this.

Why are WE not using them to GET THE “RED” OUT? Not the old red – the NEW RED.

Autonomous commie exclusion zones? HELL YES!

But what is VERY interesting is how the MSM “red-washed” the news of CDA for the public.

The Bezos-Amazon-CIA Washington Post covered it THIS WAY, a bit later, after some commie pow-wow on how to handle it…

Armed white residents lined Idaho streets amid ‘antifa’ protest fears. The leftist incursion was …Misinformation about outside extremists spread widely online, fueling militant reactions throughout Idaho and o…Washington Post9d

The communist Guardian covered it THIS WAY:

Rightwing vigilantes on armed patrol after fake rumours of antifa threatThe Guardian7d

Even THE SHILL got in a late hit this way:

Myth: Second Amendment protects individual libertiesThe Hill2d

The first paragraphs of the Hill article are very instructive – CDA was not the only place this happened.

Heavily armed citizens showed up recently at protests in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Montana, Colorado and Idaho to allegedly protected peaceful protesters from antifa.

In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, groups of 25 to 50 armed men in combat gear spent successive nights patrolling the downtown area, following internet rumors that antifa agitators would be arriving from Seattle.

The FBI stated there is no evidence that any protests have been linked to antifa. Still, President Donald Trump tweeted: “Domestic Terrorists have taken over Seattle, run by Radical Left Democrats, of course. LAW & ORDER!”

Notice that first sentence. SIX STATES.

NOW – it strikes me that the CIA media didn’t just decide to “red-wash” the news about us “defending our enclaves”.

They STOLE the idea.

I have seen these jokers do this OVER and OVER.

FEARLESS GIRL – I continue to allege – was “STOLEN” (as much as ideas can be stolen, which is NOT REALLY, but still…) from one of Sundance’s favorite memes.

That topic is mentioned HERE:


The fact that this meme – Fearless Girl – was STOLEN from The Conservative Treehouse does NOT mean we can’t steal it back and make it our own. This is part of the beauty of memes.  They serve TRUTH better than they serve LIES and DECEPTION.  The truth will come out, and we must not …


There is a very interesting story there, if you dig into the MSM reporting on the genesis of “Fearless Girl”. The story ends up giving away much about how cultural Marxists operate, and how corporations are SHAKEN DOWN by the left to both give them coin and show proper political fealty – EXACTLY as we see with “Black Lives Matter”, a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC.

But back to Coeur d’Alene.

If you know the place, then you know that it’s an interesting mix of people, like a lot of the West. Yes, it’s full of GRANOLA, but it’s also full of PATRIOTS of all stripes. Bottom line, FREEDOM matters to the people there.

Am I telling you to support “autonomous zones”?


Am I telling you to be against “autonomous zones”?


I’m saying OPEN YOUR MINDS to all possible ways to maximize our GOD-GIVEN FREEDOMS.

I’m saying 4GW BATTLE.

I’m saying WIN, WIN, WIN.


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Sadie Slays

To me, the whole thing seems like a reboot of Occupy Wall Street, which itself was stolen from European “Occupy” movements. Here’s an article about a similar 2010 “Democracy Village” in London complete with a vegetable garden.

JW in Germany

Sorry, I was a little slow today trying to connect the dots. But, this comment finally turned on the light for me. Duh.


Same here. 😂

Sadie Slays

They want dramatic footage of POTUS sending in the military to clear out the camp, and especially if there’s violence and death. Luckily, the President isn’t stupid enough to take the bait. Also, they’re probably using the “cop-free” area to smuggle in weapons, drugs, and anything else illegal. Law enforcement’s probably wise to that, too.


Seems like the word “wise” relative to Seattle’s cops may be an oxymoron.

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Why not set up our own autonomous zones. Is that the idea? They would be mini Constitutional enclaves, and the contrast between them and the Lefty ones would be stark. Who could stop us? Someone get on this, stat.


A lawful “peace zone” with our own rules could be very effective. All people would be welcome except anyone who espouses or tries to implement Dem policies. Police would be welcome. Law and order and neatness and cleanliness and beauty would be on display. Guns would abound. Homeschooling would be rampant. True American history and love of country would be taught to all.
Starting one’s own country within the bounds of the United States is extra-Constitutional, but I know there are things we could do to illustrate the contrast between our principles and their lack of them.


“A lawful “peace zone” with our own rules could be very effective. All people would be welcome except anyone who espouses or tries to implement Dem policies.”
It would be infiltrated instantly and openly, to prove and show that the people in the ‘peace zone’ are racists for not letting thugs in, and the news media would cover it exactly that way.
What we are talking about is trying to find a haven inside a body riddled with cancer.
There isn’t one. Anywhere that healthy cells flourish will just be surrounded and consumed by the cancer.
The answer is to eradicate the cancer.
But nobody wants to do that, because they would have to confront political-correctness first, and political-correctness is the scariest monster ever conceived of in the whole wide world.
“Police would be welcome.”
Good thing, because they’re coming, whether you say so or not, LOL!
But they won’t be there to make friends.
I hate to be the one to break the news, but white folks don’t get the privileges of lawlessness afforded to the protected-classes.
Or to blacks or Hispanics either, if they happen to be patriotic conservatives. The police might be slower to pull the trigger, it would confuse them momentarily, but pull it they would.
And how do you combat the MSM narrative, while claiming to be patriotic conservatives, while establishing your own ‘autonomous’ zone within the United States?
How conservative or patriotic is that?
That would only be a secondary attack though, the main focus would be the ‘racist’ angle, because BLM would be the first people to show up as provocateurs in order to force you to show the world how racist you are for not letting them in.
You can’t hide from the cancer inside the body. Wherever you go, it will surround and attack.
You have to eradicate the cancer from the body.


“You have to eradicate the cancer from the body.”
Of course. I’m just spit-ballin’, not proposing a long-term solution. If what I suggested were tried at all, it would be a short-lived exercise in contrasts.


Create the zones to encompass polling places.


“Why not set up our own autonomous zones. Is that the idea?”
Not sure what the idea is, and like Q, Hotep seems to enjoy playing 20 questions.
It seems to me that the reason not to set up our own autonomous zones is the same why the one in Seattle won’t end up standing.
How can you be ‘autonomous’ as a matter of practical reality (where does the food come from, how do you defend your border, where do utilities come from, goods and services, etc.)?
How can you be ‘autonomous’ as a matter of law? If we can do it, then why can’t La Raza (the RACE… but they’re not racists, oh no) take over all of the southwest? Answer: because it is sovereign territory of the United States of America, and if they try to take it, the United States military will (eventually) reestablish control of the area.
“They would be mini Constitutional enclaves,”
Shouldn’t we have a maxi Constitutional enclave, encompassing the entire United States?
“…and the contrast between them and the Lefty ones would be stark.”
How would it not devolve into chaos, just like the Left? Sure, it would be less violent, but all the same problems exist, and who is going to interrupt their lives to go play commune in order to show the Left how to do it right?
“Who could stop us?”
The local police would stop us, of course. Who do you think we are?
Do you think we’re equals?
Nobody actually thinks conservatives or the unprotected classe would receive the same treatment as the Leftists and protected classes get, do they?
Waco, Ruby Ridge, Bundy Ranch, that’s how they deal with white people, they send in tanks and snipers and murder unarmed Americans. We’re not even 3/5ths of a person in this country.
If you’re going to pull something like setting up your own country inside the United States without government retaliation, if you want a free pass to do whatever the hell you please, whenever and wherever you want to do it, you better be a member of a protected class.
Or prepare to die, because they won’t hesitate.
It’s not like some lady refusing to give up her seat on a bus.
They will MURDER your ass and make an example of you.


Speaking of protected classes – there are rumors that we have Islamic enclaves and training camps in the USA….with keep out signs.


Of course. That’s perfectly acceptable, because muzzies are a protected class. They can do whatever they want, and the only thing the government might do is help to make sure they’re well armed, in collaboration with some arm of the Soros Open Society Foundation.
But if white Christians did something like that, Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw would come out of retirement and set up a field headquarters to do play-by-play cheer-leading as the government massacred all of them.


Unequal Justice Under Law.
That’s what the sign says, doesn’t it?

Sadie Slays

comment image
Remember that ISIS training camp in New Mexico where they were training children to commit school shootings? Feds ignored it, local police ignored the feds, raided the camp, found a dead child, arrested everyone. Democrat Judge let everyone go. Yeah, that got memory-holed.

Rodney Short

We have since old man Bush GA/FL…


When the right-leaning folks try this sort of thing – you get Waco or Ruby Ridge.


Well see, that’s why I live in Montana!
We had a protest in the town of Missoula, about fifty miles from me. The ranch kids showed up armed to the teeth, and made an “agreement” with the protesters to provide security for the protests.
The BLM people actually gave them a shout-out on the bullhorn, and asked for a round of applause!
There are so many guns here, and so many people willing to use them (me included) that I ALREADY live in an semi-autonomous zone. At least in the sense that this city-shit isn’t happening here, even in the cities.
I’ve heard the word “secession” here quite a bit over the years. The powers-that-be want to be REAL CAREFUL about allowing communities and groups to declare themselves “autonomous.” Montanans have pretty much all we need to get by without any help at all.


North Carolina is looking good right now, too. Shut this crap right down:


Uh, we already have. It is called AMERICA.
We just need to reassert the Founding Principles through peaceful means.
Think BIG!


^^^ Another blessing of not being on TW. (Joking, kidding, laughing at it all… 😉

Plain Jane

Town next to us had a demonstration. LEOs wouldn’t let the highway be blocked. One side of highway were citizens exercising their 2A. Wish I could have been there.
Posted this at Steve’s thread.
“The Chazites must have gotten their idea from this. Nothing new under the sun. Dragnet episode 142, The Big Departure. Have to see if you are a fan.
h/t 99th Squad Leader post in MJA’s thread at iotwreport.com”
Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=bXiXk1J378A

Plain Jane

Bikers for Trump and others plan to retake area occupied by Chaz by July 4.
Way to go guys and gals. I always wanted to be a biker babe.


What could possibly go wrong?
Governor and Mayor will work with police and the Thiefdom of CHAZ. They will allow Trump supporters to enter via the main street, which will be set up like a gauntlet.
Once inside, the police will seal off the exit, and then everybody (thugs of CHAZ and Police) shoots the Trump supporters, like fish in the barrel.

Plain Jane

Bikers should strike first with canisters of nitrous oxide dropped from drones.


It certainly promises to be entertaining if nothing else 😁
But Trump won’t allow it, because it would immediately descend into chaos and violence, which is a trap for the Left to have a field day with.
It would become the national 24/7 focus of the MSM until their next FF is ready to be rolled out.
When the enemy controls the media (which they do), no matter what happens on the ground, the MSM with the Governor and the Mayor and the police will just spin it to their favor and to patriots detriment.
Which is why one of the very first thing you do in war is to disrupt or take out the enemy’s communications. The MSM is an entire Division of Tokyo Roses and Hanoi Hannahs, marching in lock-step, speaking with one voice, one narrative, as one grand Potemkin Village.

Plain Jane

Correct again on all counts. Wish you weren’t. 🙂
One great thing happening, the media is going down with this b.s. and the WuFlu poop.


I thought they put out a tweet that this was false?

Plain Jane

Didn’t know that.

Plain Jane

Frilliantly funny post and comments. Seattle’s new 911 message.


CHAZ ain’t all love and flowers. They are intolerant and brutish as all get out.


Everything you see today is an attempt to eliminate that.
To remain silent living in fear (controlled) is to remain powerless.


To deal with him they wanted whites only. One man called fir sexyally assaulting him by removing his pants, plus the chokehold by a kniwn Iregon antifa member.
And the nmbest line, lets “will” him out of here. Lets all think him out.
Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) Tweeted:
When they were trying to get the man off the stage in the CHAZ/CHOP, one woman asked the crowd if there were any white people who had experience in security. https://t.co/pCAOVr9t2L

Rodney Short

The youth of this country disgust me to my core, Obama built this…


To me this setting up zones all over is dissolving the States and the Union. Its self Balkanization. Its also setting us up for routine lack of civil rules and law and order. Rule of man. Rule of might. If might makes right then without God above, whether in a chaz or free man Patriotic zone, the might of the power hungry will always ALWAYS rear its head. I vote for the Union.


You’re right, Gil.
[They] want us divided…and law & order destroyed.


1st statement i thought of Miss Wheatie.


And will the ChiComs and Cabalists just sit back and wait till we get our shit together?
They created this Division.
What do they plan to do with it…?
Wolf…you have mentioned before, the “let’s you and him fight” tactic.
That is what is going on, across the country.
I’m not saying that armed patriots defending their own turf…is a bad idea.
We do what we have to, when the situation calls for it.
But we shouldn’t lose sight of the Bigger Picture.
The ChiComs are diabolical.
They are in the process of rewriting the Bible — did you know that?
Yes, the CCP is rewriting the Bible to make it more “China friendly”.
There was an article about it at PJ Media this last week.
I couldn’t help but notice all the Umbrellas being used by the organized ‘protester’ mob lately.
Where have we seen ‘protestors using umbrellas’ before?
Hong Kong.
The good-guy Hong Kong protestors used umbrellas — to shelter themselves from water cannons and gas cannisters.
They did this to the point that ‘the umbrella’ became their trademark!
So the ChiCom-supported organized mob…here…adopted this tactic, to co-opt that visual image associated with the legitimate protestors in Hong Kong.
The diabolical ChiComs are masters of propaganda.
When they see their opposition doing something that works…they steal it and use it for their own purposes.
I have faith that our President sees what is really going on right now.
Not sure what he is going to do about it…but I have a feeling that ‘Hit China’ will be a part of it.
Wolf, you said this before too — in talking about the virus psyop.
“Instead of turning against each other, hit China.” …or words to that effect.
So I am hoping that our VSG hits the ChiComs and hits them HARD.

Gail Combs

Go further back Wolfie. WHO ENABLED the Chinese Communists??
The Fed and the European Banksters.
I can no longer find the info, but IIRC CHASE BANK was in China for a LONG time right after the CCP came to power.


that is why is if you find a juicy tidbit grab it now and save it someplace..If it is Anti-Democrat or Pro-Trump it get thrown way way back in search

Deplorable Patriot

I missed this one yesterday amid a whole lot of chaos.
This whole thing is being overthought. The kiddies who have not been taught history – REAL history, not the pap taught in “schools” – are being paid to make fools of government on live television. It’s that simple.
For 150 years, the radicals have been trying to make collective living work. It doesn’t, never has outside of voluntary living in religious communities where vows of poverty are involved. All they are doing is proving this AGAIN.
They are also proving just how foolish young people can be in large groups, as well as the demise of good parenting.
We have to be at the brink in order to change. That clip from “The Day the Earth Stood Still” is something that needs to be digested. Somebody out there is not at the brink. The change hasn’t happened.


This is probably why history is not really taught in schools,,,,
Just do a test with your kids, grand kids and their friends depending on their age. At 4th grade up they should know stuff about states, presidents and some other countries.
Most kids even up to high school don’t even know who Washington or Lincoln are, the states bordering their own state, current & previous president, countries bordering America, oceans bordering America!!
H3LL many don’t even know the technical definition of what a country state or city is. H3LL don’t dare ask about any of the wars; Revolutionary, Civil, WWI, WWII or even the most recent ones,
Know this cause I use crazy questions like this for what I call Trivia when I sub. Typical 5 & 6 grade Trivia–Ask them to name two states that border ours and kids are guessing names of cities, or even counties. Ask them about countries bordering ours and again come up with cities, or maybe even names of states in America, First president of the US question gets all kinds of actors names, Obama and then just maybe one or two finally come up with Washington.
Hey in school I was by no means a brainiac, but damn. H3LL I usually don’t even see any history lessons when I sub. If its towards the end of the year and you ask, its pretty much “what’s that”?


Robert Barnes on American Countdown gave a history of “Autonomous Zones”.
They “started” with the Paris Communes which led to the redesign of the city with WIDE boulevards to make it harder to barricade an area.
The Paris Communes gave their name to Communism.
I’m still looking for which episode. It is the first story, but I have to listen to each day before I find it.
I’ll be back.


Bet you love digging in that moderation bin Wolfie—Although his was a goo post, I heard there is some really slimy yucky stuff in there


Really really sad—Probably some of the same Trolls getting FB and Tweeter accounts suspended or taken down totally,
FYI tweet me the donation info please.


just tweet for support if needed for the forum


Found it. It is the 6/1/2020 American Countdown. It was posted June 2, 2020
How To Deal With AntiFa Without Becoming AntiFa FULL SHOW 6-1-20
The entire show is great. The relevant segment starts at around 10 minutes, the Paris Communes starts around 11.


Check at the 3 minute mark–even better than than African Woman Obianuju Ekeocha giving Pelosi and friends the riot act. Look at what tribe the scarfs represent and what the African tribe was noted for
Wow–Democrats are so very dumb. just because they not teaching history, they think no one else researches any thing.