Dear KAG: 2021-04-16 It’s “Let’s Wreck Wokeness” Friday!

Welcome to Wolf’s Pub, where Wokeness comes to die! Let us get out the sharp knives of intellect and just plain common sense, and stab it to death. Then we can sit back and enjoy a drink.

First, a fantastic Heritage Foundation Panel that gives the foundation of Wokeness and its genesis in Marxism. Give it your time, if you can. Very informative. Know your enemy, right?

Here’s the situation as we know it:


He cheated his way into the White House and is not the real President.

Donald Trump is our President. Let us drink to President Donald John Trump with a glass of tea.

The bartenders happen to have made a batch of Backyard Iced Tea, and glasses of it are being passed out this moment at the bar. There are numerous recipes for it, but this one beckoned them:

Here’s a recipe for Backyard Sweet Tea, and here’s a recipe for making perfect iced tea (several ways with lots of additions if you want).

Wreck the Reset

The bottom line is the election of Donald Trump in 2016 (and 2020) messed with the Great Reset (is that not the most banal slogan you’ve ever heard?), the Green New Deal (another winner), and other assorted Cabal plans in a BIG WAY. So much so that they have been forced into showing us their stinking rotten underbelly…basically a small group of power-crazed wannabe gods. Small group being the operative words.

Their plans are doomed to fail. How many times in history does this have to happen before the megalomaniacs figure out that centralization of power is a losing proposition? The natural world is not organically organized in such a way. It will never be organized in such a way (“…until He comes whose right it is…”.)

Hence man, who is a part of nature, will never be permanently organized in such a way, either. There will always be clans, tribes, cities, nations and neighborhoods. No matter what techno ghetto they put us in; no matter what economic stranglehold they throttle us with; no matter what medical controls they put on us; and no matter what centralized political system they impose on us, it will fail.

People have a way of overcoming the machinations of tyrants. History is on our side. I am speaking of that pivotal moment in History when the Son of God overcame the world.

Their Black Swan event will be a thing to behold, I have no doubt.

The Cabal fancies themselves to be higher beings who are destined to reign over a greatly-reduced population of peons who serve their every whim, and who can be used in any way they please. I’ve read they greatly desire to attain physical immortality. Oh, I think the Second Death may have them no matter how long they cling to biological life.

These crazies concocted a web of plans to implement their desires: The Great Reset, the Green New Deal (see Dark, Cold Years are Coming, So You’d Better Get Ready), Agenda 21, Critical Race Theory, Marxist groups like BLM, the Covid Plandemic, and so on. But they have been flushed out in the open, and I suspect this exposure was part of a plan all along.

House Rules

One of the articles below uses this image:

This! Stay united, my friends! We can disagree, but we must remain united. We can put aside our differences and fight to win against our common enemy. Go here for Wolf’s rules. And if you feel the need to brawl, the bouncers will personally conduct you to the Utree, where we can all meet in case of need, too.


Let us keep our skin thick and our heart fleshy, and we shall dwell together in unity.


The truth about the Wuhan Virus—that it did indeed originate in the lab in Wuhan, and that it appears to have Gain of Function (human engineering), is now hitting the mainstream media (AKA Fake News). They can’t deny it any longer.

Dr. Fauci is tap dancing his way to infamy. One can see the cracks in the Big Lie about the Wuhan-Fauci Virus. A recent interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was just precious. “The sun is beginning to set on Dr. Saint Tony Fauci,” according to Steve Bannon.

Here’s a must-read opinion piece by Dr. Peter Navarro. FTA:

“As to whether SARS-CoV-2 was genetically engineered, it is here where Dr. Fauci enters this dangerous picture: In 2017, without sufficient warning to the Trump White House, Dr, Fauci and his NIH colleague Dr. Francis Collins re-authorized the use of so-called gain-of-function research inside China’s Wuhan Lab.

Gain-of-function is a genetic engineering tool that improves the ability of a virus to cause disease. In pushing for gain-of-function, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins unilaterally overturned a 2014 decision by the Obama White House to restrict such experiments because of their inherent dangers.

In fact, SARS-CoV-2 exhibits several highly unusual functional characteristics that suggest the virus has been genetically engineered. For example, unlike SARS-CoV-1 and most other viruses, SARS-CoV-2 is characterized by a high degree of “asymptomatic spread.” This makes the virus far more contagious — and therefore far more deadly.

The high degree of asymmetric spread — along with the rapid and deadly mutations of the virus we are now observing — suggest the possibility of a weaponized virus. Here, the U.S. State Department has revealed that the Wuhan Lab has engaged in research on behalf of the People’s Liberation Army since 2017 — the same year Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins approved gain-of-function research in Wuhan.

The last piece of this “Fauci as the Father of the Pandemic” puzzle is this: Dr. Fauci’s NIH funneled American taxpayer dollars — some $7 million — into the Wuhan Lab through a shadowy figure named Peter Dasak. Mr. Dasak, himself, bragged about genetically engineering viruses at the Wuhan Lab prior to the pandemic.”


Excuse my wordiness and excess of links today, but so much seemed important. Pick and choose!

More on the Wuhan-Fauci Virus and related issues:

Woke = Divide and Conquer

From the article:

“Even Amazon’s internal documents exposed that the company rates their stores using a “diversity index,” and determined the threat of unionization is “higher” at stores with “lower diversity.” This is what the WOKE movement is all about — DIVIDE & CONQUER! Julius Caesar was able to conquer Gaul despite being outnumbered more than 10 to 1 because the Gauls never united until it was too late. Even in the final battle during September 52 BC, Julius Caesar sealed his fate as a legendary military commander at the Battle of Alesia where his army of 50,000 Romans defeated 200,000 Gauls in what is now modern-day Burgundy, France. The Celtic tribes were never united. Caesar defeated the Belgae tribes as well as the Helvetia. Had they all united, Caesar surely would not have conquered Europe. Hence, keep your opponents divided and you will win. This is the entire object of the woke movement — divide and created hatred between the groups.”

Here’s a piece of pure propaganda from the Houston Chronicle. Those redneck Trump voters just won’t get in line for the pricks. Of course the article needed numerous writers to author it. Good Lord, I’m so embarrassed for my former profession.

Pure, Unalloyed Evil

Do read the above. I thought I would pull a quote out of it, but every paragraph has something important to say. Wait until you get to the eugenics part…

Here is a doctor’s website that has information about Gain of Function with the Wuhan/Fauci Virus. Fleming Method.

The Medical Rebel, Dr. Lee Merritt. Lots of great information here.

Lessons in Woke Science: Covid-19 and Climate

From the article:

“Then there is woke “science,” most visible these days in the arenas of response to the Covid-19 virus and of climate change. Here the principles are a little different. In woke “science” there is no falsifiable hypothesis. In place of that, we have the official orthodox consensus view. The official orthodox consensus view has been arrived at by all the smartest people, because it just seems like it must be right. The official orthodox consensus view must not be contradicted, particularly by the little people like you. Based on the official orthodox consensus view, those in power can take away all your freedom (Covid) and/or transform the entire economy (climate). After all, it’s the “science.”

Covid-19 Critical Care. Great info and resources here.

Wokeism at Work

They went from ‘Everything White Is Bad’ to ‘Everything Bad Is White’ so fast we didn’t even notice

How junk studies are used to show racism

“It’s highly destructive to “teach” Americans to assume that their coworkers and neighbors harbor racial biases. These studies finding “biases” are the product of pandering and wishful thinking by researchers who understand that studies “confirming” the narrative will lead to fame and increased funding. These flawed studies and the propaganda that grows out of them stoke mistrust and tribalism. Academia has become a noxious echo chamber. 

Ironically, the continued reliance on flawed studies shows exactly the opposite of what these researchers wish to prove: America is not a racist country.”

ABC News: White Supremacists Pose Bigger Public-Safety Risk Than Black Lives Matter In George Floyd Trial

Fixing Racism by Being Racist

“Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, one of America’s most prominent teaching hospitals, plans on offering “preferential care based on race” and “race explicit interventions” as part of its new “antiracist agenda for medicine.” Such a program uses a “reparations framework” to allocate medical resources…

How ironic that the vision of the Mass General Brigham health system is dedication to delivering medical care that is, among other things, “equitable.”  Nothing promotes equity like a racist concept of “preferential care based on race.”


Here’s several provocative articles from Taki’s Magazine, which is delightfully NOT PC:

Spicy White and Urban Blight

Which Way White-Enough Western Man?

The Curse of Aaron

The Radicalization of Black America

Yellow Imperil?

And then there is the problem of professors speaking reality–from the Manhattan Contrarian:

The Georgetown Affair: New Levels of Progressive Reality Denial

Here’s one from 2017: American Studies All ‘Racism, Sexism, and Imperialism’ Now, Prof Says

Wokeness in the Multi-Nationals

We all know why Wal-Mart, aka China-Mart, is fence-riding between its manufacturing operations in Communist China and American consumers. The multi-nationals are really all in with the CCP because the CCP uses obscenely cheap laborers (as in slave cheap) in its factories to produce products to fill their monopolistic stores. They make money off the backs of enslaved people.

That is the stark truth.

US Wal-Mart workers are kings and princes compared to Chinese workers and Wal-Mart would rather fill its stores with cheap crap from Chinese workers than pay US workers to make quality items or buy quality made goods from the USA.

Ever notice how they make a pretense of having items made in the USA? They put those in the aisles or on the endcaps, but they are few and far between.

It is very difficult to avoid shopping at Wal-Mart. Not only did they kill off the mom-and-pops years ago, but they are often the only game around for small towns and people of few means.

That Zoom call the other day, in which 100 woke corporations discussed opposing election reform, shows how deeply hypocritical these companies are. They don’t give a rat’s ass about slave workers in China, or even about the working poor here. They are all about the bottom line: making a buck no matter who it exploits.

Fair elections would put people in office who are not in the pockets of huge corporations, and would make laws to advance the good of Americans, not the CCP or amoral corporations.

And we must remember that Covid-19 Isn’t China’s Only Deadly Export.


Speaking of China’s manufacturing hegemony, have you heard about Equity for Africa? Imagine investing in business ventures with the countries of Africa! Imagine what kind of competition that would make for China’s manufacturing dominance?

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo kicked off the Equity for Africa Summit at Liberty University a few days ago. From his keynote speech:

“The faith-based forum is assembling major government, business, and faith leaders from America and Africa to share visions of making Africa a more prosperous, secure, and flourishing continent. (Go to the event website to watch the livestream and view panel discussions and participants.)

“Every African, and indeed every human, wants the same basic things,” Pompeo said in his address from Liberty University’s campus on Tuesday night.

“They want freedom and the ability to take care of their families, and they all understand that there’s very little that is more noble than the dignity that comes with a job and opportunity to work and to deliver on behalf of their families and community. And Africans who get the opportunity to do so are obviously better, and their nation more prosperous and secure.”

Last, but not least, here is Democrat Naomi Wolf with a MUST WATCH 15-minute video about the deadly danger of vaccine passports. This is a video that you can send to all your liberal friends. It is a red pill with a pink tint…easy on the Woke Among Us. Naomi was also on War Room Pandemic Wednesday and you can see that here.

Naomi is extremely concerned, even to the point of fright. Those of us who are Christians and other like-minded courageous friends, must not succumb to fear. We will overcome. Praise God and pass the Backyard Iced Tea. Amen!

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