Truth Social and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – a Lesson in Dealing with “Disinformation”

I will try to keep this short.

I was very shocked, recently, to find that Dr. Sherry Tenpenny was banned from Truth Social for calling the mRNA COVID vaccines “bioweapons”.

Dr. Tenpenny commented back.

Let’s take a closer look at that!

I can tell you this – by the time I saw this, Dr. Tenpenny had been reinstated on Truth Social. I’m not sure what went on behind the scenes, but within hours, she was back on.

THIS may have had something to do with it.


Then later…..


Here was Dr. Tenpenny’s comment back to Jeff Dornik.

@jeffdornik – We had developed just shy of 5000 followers in six weeks on TS.

We had about 300 posts on a variety of subjects:
Jabs, WEF, Gates, VAERS, Faith-based content, 2A, food supply, Agenda 2030, Biden’s dark winter, Klaus Schwab, the WHO treaty, pro-life issues … & the list goes on!

PodBean did the same thing last fall – wiped my account of great interviews just as we passed 1M downloads in 8 months.
Honestly – other people that now have >25M+ downloads on Podbean were untouched.

So much for Truth Social and free speech.

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” #TruthSocial#FreeSpeech#Podbean

Sherry Tenpenny, Gab Social, June 7, 2022

As I said, by the time I got on Truth Social to confirm, a few hours later, Dr. Tenpenny’s account had already been restored.

Here was a comment I made later, on her account.

Wolf Moon


Replying to @busydrt


Very happy that you’re back – otherwise I would have left this place as not having free speech.

I’m a scientist who agrees with much of what you write, but I disagree on some things. That is small potatoes. Scientists disagree.

Here’s a gift argument.

IF a virus is created as part of bioweapons research, how can a vaccine for it NOT also be a bioweapon? It must be. Current vaccines are ALWAYS a limited case of the disease itself.

C19+vax has a “fait accompli” military strategy.

My point there is that EVEN if one throws out the very likely agenda of vaccines as a population control mechanism (contraceptive and sterilizing vaccines being a well-known area of modern science), and even if we throw out doctrines of Chinese “total warfare” and China’s deep involvement in the mRNA vaccines (China is now trusted to run ALL of Pfizer’s clinical trials), we are still left with the reality that vaccines for a disease which is “possibly to likely” a gain-of-function bioweapon or bioweapon test, simply cannot ever lose that nature.

Vaccines are a devil’s deal with SOME weakened form of a disease. DEAL WITH IT.

They’re a damn bioweapon. Dialed down, but clearly not enough yet.

I just checked – Dr. Tenpenny is still back on Truth Social, and was posting last night (Friday, June 10, 2022).

Here is my perspective on this.

Dr. Tenpenny is labeled by the leftists as one of the “Dirty Dozen” – top spreaders of “disinformation” about vaccines.


In my personal opinion, yes, she does spread disinformation, but she also spreads valuable information that the mainstream media suppresses. And EVEN her “disinformation” often has either grains of suppressed TRUTH in it – OR (and this is very important) allows me to see how our intelligence agencies SET HER (and us) UP with the disinformation, as ILLEGAL ACTS OF DISCREDITATION against American citizens.

More on that in a moment.

Do you, patriots, want to suppress information about the crimes of the left? I don’t think so.

Dr. Tenpenny and her friends were maliciously set up with phony “information” about several things, which I have covered on this blog.

  • vaccine magnetism
  • suramin (a synthetic drug) in pine needles and star anise
  • pine needle tea (a natural abortifacient) as a ‘cure’ for the obviously abortifacient coronavirus vaccines

The first was a rather cunning viral discreditation of vaccine critics. I did my own experiments to prove that this was essentially a parlor trick using skin oils, surface tension, and psychology, designed to fool people into believing that magnets are sticking to injection sites.

The second was a sadly effective demonstration of the idea that our side often doesn’t fact check the most basic drug information.

The third was an amazingly cynical way to not only get Dr. Tenpenny and her colleagues to destroy their own reputations by advocating a known abortifacient to people fearful of abortion, but to get those very same abortion opponents to self-abort.

Seriously, the people who come up with that kind of deception are truly evil.

Here is my prior coverage of these topics.

Vaccine magnetism

The Magnetism Challenge: Part I

Wherein we examine, in something like “MythBusters” style, the dubious “Magnet Challenge”, without relying (too much) on the anti-scientific crutch of scientific authority First, a confession. The main reason I am attracted to these videos of people sticking magnets to the COVID vaccination injection sites on their shoulders, is that I love to watch normal …

The Magnetism Challenge: Part II – Scientific Disinformation During the COVID-19 Narrative Collapse

Wherein we look at how the COVID scammers are now using “magnetic” disinformation to try to escape justice for REAL abuse of liposome biotechnology to achieve [most likely contraceptive] vaccine persistence and migration. TL;DR – after mRNA vaccine persistence and anatomical migration were revealed in leaked Pfizer data, explaining “shedding” via persistent liposomes, the COVID …

Suramin and Pine Needle Tea

The Magnetism Challenge: Part III – Suramin: A Lesson in Discreditation of Dissident Scientists and Science

This is for the historical record. I hope that this analysis gets to the “dissident scientists” involved, but even if it never does, future historians will get a powerful look at what I call “Fake Science” – the establishment’s phony, deceptive and controlled scientific complex – and how infiltration, control, and discreditation of dissident populist …

If you read these articles, knowing what we now know from the Pfizer documents, then it’s very clear that Pfizer was quite vulnerable on several points about their mRNA COVID vaccine.

Feeding discred to their enemies? Totally believable. I actually have PERSONAL experience with such discreditation, because it’s a technique used WITHIN the pharmaceutical industry in their internal turf wars. Absolutely unsurprising that they might use this on their enemies outside.

But let’s just take that a little bit bigger.

Truth Social clearly made the right move by quickly reinstating Sherri Tenpenny. And not just on freedom of speech grounds. As I told Dr. Tenpenny, any vaccine that is designed to invoke a limited case of a bioweaponized disease is, in fact, a limited case of that bioweapon. What she was saying wasn’t even WRONG, much less disinformation.

Wait for her to advocate pine needle tea for containing suramin. THAT IS WRONG. And that error is STILL part of free speech, which can not only correct us, but which can sometimes lead us to CRIMES that need to be brought to the enemy’s doorstep.

Part of being unafraid of TRUTH, is being unafraid of ERROR.

However, don’t think for a second that the problem is over. Dr. Tenpenny and many other TRUTH WARRIORS are going to pick up disinformation and run with it – ESPECIALLY when our own intelligence agencies craft stuff designed for them, using our tax dollars. And that is to say nothing of Russian, Ukrainian, and Chinese disinformation, crafted for our side to pick up.

Just look at THE HOAX. Indeed, THAT is the “big end” of disinformation.

NOPE. Never sweep disinformation under the rug. HIGHLIGHT IT, so that we can dig into it, and then we can FIND THE TRUTH.

Maybe Truth Social can pioneer new ways to deal with disinformation without denigrating those we are seeking to enlighten.


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“In my personal opinion, yes, she does spread disinformation, but she also spreads valuable information that the mainstream media suppresses.”

There is only INFORMATION I believe or do not believe. I don’t want anyone deciding FOR ME that it is false. Especially not some social media dope.

“Dr. Tenpenny and her friends were maliciously set up with phony “information” about several things, which I have covered on this blog.

  • vaccine magnetism
  • suramin (a synthetic drug) in pine needles and star anise
  • pine needle tea (a natural abortifacient) as a ‘cure’ for the obviously abortifacient coronavirus vaccines”

Suramin IS NOT in pine needles. Suramin is a synthetic. But shikimic acid, a natural substance, absolutely IS in star anise. Suramin was the lie to keep us from using star anise (shikimic acid), the true remedy.

Ponderosa Pine needles can cause abortion. It’s specific:

Once again, not a fan of Truth Social. Trump is surrounded by people who subvert his goals. This is another example. Someone “fixed” it, but it still shouldn’t happen if speech there is “free.”

Cuppa Covfefe

Sharpen iron with iron…

(Proverbs 27:17:
17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. )

Researching theories, axioms, and, yes, supposedly established ideas is the very foundation and point of science, aka “the scientific method”.

Just like a free-market economy finds a balance which (usually) results in fair prices and adequate supply [without the WEFFENSS dinking with it], the free marketplace of ideas and research seeks out true and correct results, and discards or “tables” others (perhaps for future consideration/correction).

Further to that, a large semiconductor firm I worked at has a VERY contentious culture when refining ideas, projects, and products, to the point that sometimes one would expect a fight (or ten) to break out. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it provided a rigorous testbed for ideas and products before they hit the marketplace. Micro$loth could well use some of this…

Without this to-and-fro, weak/false/half-truth ideas become “the consensus” because no-one either can or will challenge and/or disprove them (for myriad resons).

A prime example of this are the Climastrology Charlatans, the Manniacs, the State Penn, the UEA, and “aliass pithy Jones”… Selectively infilling sparse matrices, generating data where there is none, shaving off lows and pumping up highs, and a whole host of other trickery and climate-fu in their illicit prossi models which cannot predict with any degree of accuracy; indeed they cannot reproduce the past…

Regression indeed.

They have made their GAIA “science” into the new religion of the Earth, of the Globalists, but it’s the same old sad siren song of the Serpent Satan sung so long ago in the Garden of Eden.

And it’s just as much a lie and a one-way ticket to HELL now, as it was back then…..

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Preach! I love it!


…same old sad siren song of the Serpent Satan sung so long ago in the Garden of Eden.


Robert Plant-ish.


As Sundance says, there is information which is true or not true. That puts it perfectly.


Problem is, true and not true is sometimes in the eye of the beholder.


Jesus was the son of God. True? Or not true?

Do they decide, or me?


Once again, not a fan of Truth Social. Trump is surrounded by people who subvert his goals. This is another example. Someone “fixed” it, but it still shouldn’t happen if speech there is “free.”

There it is. Free is free.

Different, but related issue…

Is the above story truth or disinformation? Most of us on here knew early on that Jvanka was probably bad for MAGA. So are they feeding the distrust we had or is the story real? I find it highly encouraging in my gut, but I may be biased. She ran with the WEF crowd and high society filled with globalists and leftists, just like her hubby. They don’t have our values.

But the information is free and it is up to me whether to trust it or not.

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God spare me from a thankless child.

I have one, too. It sucks.


We have one who never strayed and has lived a fruitful life. We have another who got as far away from us as she could as soon as she could until she crashed and burned several times and came back. After the third “event” we closed the bank and she has been on her own ever since. Still doing the same things she did at 18 some 31 years later. it does suck.


I’m sorry you had to go through it.


I feel for you as well. Sometimes I just don’t understand why.


Me neither.


Amen, brother.


Absolutely. Up to US to decide.


Unless I missed it, the only thing we are missing now is a statement from the Truth on why they banned her and why they put her back on. Great that they did, Truth has just shown themselves to be a fast self correcting organism.

Meantime still not on Truth because of the cell phone thing. I gave them a home number but I guess it has to be a cell phone # so they can text you an authentication message. Anyway, has no plans to turn my cell phone on this month. Maybe next month.


Perhaps the only thing Truth can say is. Truth screwed up and will NOT happen again. NOT interested in Truth publishing pretzel word logic justifying, the unjustified.


Very well explained. I had not known the reason she was banned, and I hadn’t known that she had been reinstated.

I have always thought that running a blog like this one, or a social media site, raises questions about freedom of speech. There are guidelines here that keep trouble-makers, trolls, and bots out. Truth Social must be trying to do the same, but where does one draw the line when it comes to free speech? Does it mean that all speech must be allowed?

I’m not defending the decision that was made. I just imagine that someone saw a post(s) of hers and jumped the gun. Sometimes you have to take a step back and consider the points made in this article: that exposing disinformation can lead to truth. And you have to trust that people will do just that.

Cuppa Covfefe

Could well be some automation (AI) needs to be tuned (giving them the benefit of the doubt here, but also having seen some less-than-perfect “filters” from time to time)…


AGREE WITH DR. TENPENNY – disagree with TS.  The vaccines are killing young people – particularly young virile males – and also targeting pregnancies – causing miscarriages.  Just as planned.  Trump’s admin was not without failures – the shut down, the SCOTUS nominees and many other problems. Pence was the worst traitor since Benedict Arnold. I’m steaming about Pence…his betrayal of our election system was a crime.  Mattis and Milley are skunks in the wood pile.  


We can look at the consequences, results, effects and work backwards….the motives and perps are revealed.

Barb Meier

Aside: pine needles leave serious sticky on my fingers. Gak, there is no way I’m ingesting that in any form.

Barb Meier

Maybe that is why the deer took a nibble of my two Fat Boy Spruce trees one winter.


A childhood friend came back from a trip to the Adirondacks with beech nuts and spruce gum. The spruce gum was horrible stuff, straight from the tree. Like chewing a lump of terpentine, imo.


Before beer was made with hops, it was reputedly flavored with pine [ ]. I suspect that this was closer to how modern Budweiser is made with beechwood chips than the way the author made it.


This situation still gives me pause. Yes, TS did the right thing in the end. But would they have for someone less well known? And someone that other well known podcasters weren’t highlighting?


Wolf Moon
One wonders if there are some employees of Truth Social who appear “conservative” on the “exterior” but actually are “left-wing” on the “interior.”

Last edited 9 months ago by RDS

You got it.


Why not have saboteurs on Truth, just as Trump admin was infiltrated?


Torba might have “savvy” to root out traitors, but some posts of his that I’ve seen cause me to question his judgment and motives. He comes across as angry, with sour grapes toward Trump, and as someone with either a Dominionist point of view or something similar — which I believe to be dangerous.


“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”


What a great quote!


Trump has to deal with his total ownership of the clot shot and he better start admitting he was wrong or explain his unbridled promotion because this will be his undoing for any future in public office.


“In October of 2020 an FDA meeting leaked with extensive discussion of serious side effects that were expected from these jabs (this is before they were available). I sincerely doubt the Donald was ever given this information…”


Whether he was ever given the information or not, is he not old enough to KNOW about the dangers of previous vaccines in American history? Hasn’t he commented in some detail on that very subject before?


A) he was the leader of a nation

B) with personal (life experience) knowledge of the history of vaccines

C) and knew without doubt (as everyone knew) that the proposed covid vaccines were truly untested and experimental

Then whether he was given any information, or whether he was kept in a sensory deprivation chamber, how could he not know the obvious risk and danger of pushing an experimental vaccine on the ENTIRE HUMAN POPULATION?

If there is a way to answer that question that makes any *&^% sense, I haven’t heard it yet.

Has anyone else?


From linked article by Tom Renz (same as previous post quote): “…and do not know if he has seen it to this day.”


What credible, rational reason could there be that DJT has not seen it to this day?

Is he a hostage in a basement somewhere?

Living under a rock?

Trapped in a stuck revolving door for the last 2+ years?

Does he not have access to:

A) the best intelligence on the planet

B) if not ‘A’, or if everyone in ‘A’ is lying to him, then does he not have access to the Interwebs?

C) does he not possess even basic natural human curiosity about the most pressing issues of the day, which might cause him to seek credible answers?

Does he have neither the desire nor the tenacity to keep asking, until he gets credible answers?

And if he cannot get credible answers because everyone around him is corrupt, is he incapable of recognizing that he is being stonewalled by his own people?

If all else fails, is he not capable of simply looking for the answers himself — and finding them?

He’s a busy guy, maybe Melania could help?

Or is she stonewalling him too?

Gail Combs

“….allows me to see how our intelligence agencies SET HER (and us) UP with the disinformation, as ILLEGAL ACTS OF DISCREDITATION against American citizens….”


1. poisoning the well – tainting the flow of good information with equally bad misinformation to render the source untrustworthy…

#2. Explosive Misinformation – this new tactic involves attaching an explosive piece of misinformation to a relatively innocent person or group in hopes that they carry this bomb into the company of other patriots.

The explosive misinformation tactic will maximize the damage because we are attaching it to ourselves; we are strapping the bomb vest on and taking into our social media sites. I like to refer to this tactic as an Explosive Information Device 9EID)…. Biernutz_71

 When the movie Plandemic came out the Elite were desperate to discredit the dissidents. Mikki Willis, the film maker, was targeted but more important to the elite is discrediting the scientists and doctors.

If Plandemic the movie was a threat, think what the Elite think of the following threats:

* Attorney Thomas Renz, and America’s Frontline Doctors with lawsuits in six states.

* Internationally Dr Reiner Füllmich and his Corona Investigative Committee as they start pursuing lawsuits in California and India.

THEN ADD PUTIN and the Ukraine bio-weapon labs….

Convincing Patriots viruses do not exist or better yet some of the prominent doctors would really help the Elite now wouldn’t it? I saw this dis-information thanks to Patrick Gunnels a Friend of Patel Patriot [Jon] and wanted to tell you guys about it because I think it is very very dangerous. Afterall if viruses do not exist then there are no bio-weapons labs or crimes against humanity right?

A Critique of Steve Kirsch and Joseph Mercola’s Baseless Claims

He has some people including a doctor thinking viruses do not exist.

I watched about 10 minutes and decided to checkout just who this guy is.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman is a psychiatrist. His specialty is psychiatry of the criminal mind…. Hmmmm Dr. Kaufman was suspended from the residency program for theft of Amazon gift codes from the -–> GRANT PROGRAM ← . Duke University and Kaufman executed an agreement providing for a six-month remediation program beginning on January 1, 2009 that will enable Dr. Kaufman to complete his residency program. (one website claims the giftcards are from a pharmaceutical company, but I think it more likely to be a government grant.)

Medical board Consent Order:

This is a paper from the time period that Kaufman references:
Should We Use Law Enforcement for Emergency Transportation of People With Mental Illness?
I doubt it is the paper in question if it was a pharmaceutical company grant.

Research | Department of Biology – Duke University

“Our faculty – which includes four National Academy of Science members – conduct more than $65 million in research each year for the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Energy, among others. We are ranked among the top 10 Biology graduate programs…”

Was that an NIH or DoD grant he stole from???

Sorry I would not trust that Kaufman is not ‘owned’ by the Elite.

 Kaufman quotes AIDS virologist James E.K. Hildreth as saying “the virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word.”

The quote is from this paper: The Trojan exosome hypothesis

In other words the virus is masquerading as an exosome.

When appraised of Kaufman using this quote, Dr Hildreth tweeted:
The virus is realThe pandemic is real and is caused by the virus. Period. — James E.K. Hildreth (@JamesEKHildreth) May 9, 2020.

Whether viruses exist or not DOES NOT MATTER. What matters is Kaufman can be easily smeared just as I did above and therefore can be used to smear others via association.



I took a friend who is more or less homeless to the UNC emergency room in the fall of 2018 (NOT 2019) The ER is right next to Ralph Baric’s Covid Bio-Lab where the Wuhan Bat Lady was working on a paper published November 8, 2015. A week later we both came down with the ‘Flu’ I never really recovered fully and finally had to go to the ER for a severe ‘Asthma Attack’ in December 2018. They sent me home with prescriptions for Prednisone and an antibiotic for pneumonia. This got me on my feet but unable to walk fast or climb stairs easily, My O2 levels stayed around 91 and with the later addition of herbals (Thanks Aubergine!) I got to 93 to 94. I remained oxygen deprived with continuous ‘chronic asthma’ for a year and a ½ until in June of 2020. My big buck goat spit Moxidectin all over my hands where it remained for the next 4 hours while I wormed and inoculated the rest of my goats. My ‘chronic asthma’ disappeared soon after and I have been fine ever since. (Moxidectin and Ivermectin Inhibit SARS-CoV-2 Replication in Vero E6 Cells but Not in Human Primary Bronchial Epithelial Cells )

Please note I am over 70 with 4 co-morbities. HOWEVER I was take E. C, D and selenium. I am a carnivore so my zinc levels are high and my drink of choice is green tea, a zinc ionophore. I also use Zicam at the first sign of a scratchy throat.

My friend, age ~50, did not make out as well as I. After she ‘recovered’ from the ‘flu’ she woke up one morning blind. She did recover her sight but started having epileptic seizures 2 to 3 times a week. She has never had them before. Luckily the seizures are now tapering off in frequency.

A couple of my horses picked up pink eye from another person’s hayfield. It ran thru many of my horses but not all. (I currently have 18.) Worse it hit my goats kids ESPECIALLY the newborns. If you do not treat the eyes with an antibiotic at birth it goes into pneumonia and kills the kids. It did not infect my sheep or lambs or several of my older goats although some of my older goats did have problems. So yes, disease can be transmitted to some but not all. Thus real world experience refutes the suggestion that disease transmission is psychological.

I mention the above examples with Covid and Pink Eye because they are common and will cause Normies and patriots alike to dismiss Kaufman and those who support him AS KOOKS. Jon – Patel Patriot’s work is too important to jeopardize in this way. The work of Thomas Renz, and America’s Frontline Doctors as well as Dr Reiner Füllmich and his Corona Investigative Committee AND PUTIN are also much too important. We are too close to allow the sowing of dissent.

SUNY Upstate Medical University Jul 2010 – Sep 2015 

Two Upstate Medical University forensic psychiatrists have developed an innovative way to monitor patients at risk for suicide in custodial care settings. The psychiatrists, Andrew R. Kaufman, MD, and James L. Knoll IV, MD, formed Zinnia Safety Systems LLC to license the system’s technology from Upstate Medical University.
The TCLP addressed the intellectual property rights of the product that was developed by employees of SUNY Upstate Medical University. Although not yet patented, any patent on the device will be owned by Upstate but Zinnia Safety Systems LLC will be exclusive licensee of any patent issued….
Andrew Kaufman, MD – Consultant – Self-employed | LinkedInZinnia Safety Systems, LLC Dec 2012 – Present 8 years 9 months. Assistant Professor of Psychiatry SUNY Upstate Medical University Jul 2010 – Sep 2015 5 years 3 months…

Six Central New York companies to receive nearly $400,000 in state ‘grants for growth’
CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity announced the grant awards Friday as part of the state-funded Grants for Growth program, which promotes joint research and development projects between local companies and area colleges and universities.
Zinnia Safety Systems, of Syracuse…. will receive $25,000 grant

2013 Grant money boosts research, creates jobs | What’s Up at Upstate | SUNY …Zinnia Safety Systems received a $50,000 SUNY Research Foundation Technology Accelerator Fund grant last year
 Aug. 4, 2016 Workers’ Compensation Board of the State of New York v. ZINNIA SAFETY SYSTEMS LLC

State contracts with ZINNIA SAFETY SYSTEMS LLC

2/26/2016 Forensic psychiatric evaluation. It is on Zinnia Safety stationary but his signature is:

Andrew R. Kaufman, MD

Forensic Pschiatrist

Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
S.U.N.Y. Upstate Medical University
Syracuse, NY

Yet his Linked-in page says he quit in 2013 when he started Zinnia Safety Systems.

There is this photo of Kaufman grinning while shaking the hand of Gov Cuomo.


comment image

It is probably taken at the state fair:
comment image


Shilajit • Mumijo can and has been described as ‘mineral oil’, ‘stone oil’ or ‘rock sweat’, as it seeps from cracks in mountains due to the warmth of the sun…

Rapid Determination and Quantification of Nutritional and Poisonous Metals in Vastly Consumed Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine (Rejuvenator Shilajit) by Humans Using Three Advanced Analytical Techniques

“…. For safety of the patients, the elemental analysis of Shilajit is imperative to evaluate its nutritional quality as well as contamination from heavy metals…”

Mines in Utah contain a LOT OF NASTIES like mercury.

OR: Wholesale, Bulk and Private Label from Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Any bets he buy Shilajit-Mumijo from India in bulk and repackages it?

Nick Moseder

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo visits Upstate campus 2013

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo talks to media following his announcement of a program that would incentivize new business to set up shop near SUNY campuses.

Sorry for the hit and run. Things have been ‘interesting’ Death in family (Not unexpected and a welcome release for my sister-in-law) Coyote took out all my kids and several of my nanny goats, I STILL do not have my garden in and am STILL working on fencing with coyote proofing added to my plate.  🙄 

I will put up my last two articles on food as soon as I can.

Hope everyone is doing well. 😎 

Last edited 9 months ago by Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy
Gail Combs

I really hated to be away for so long but spring is always a busy time.