Two-Strzok Smoke and Two Pages in the Hall of Mirrors

Is “Second Strzok” David Bowdich an “Untouchable” or a “New McCabe”?

And is Lisa Page an Intelligence Idiot or the Super-Spy Who Fooled Congress?

I was wondering why I was picking up heat of certain extremely interesting kinds.

Starting and maintaining this troublesome little website was bound to cause annoyance in DC, but I was surprised when that heat took on a characteristically federal nature that suggested the FBI was involved.

The actors (COUGH, COUGH) were not interested in information that might solve America’s problems. They seemed interested in information that might solve THEIR problems. WE being a part of those problems. ME being a particular one of those problems.


If people are starting to understand why I’m taking precautions to preserve this site in my absence, now you’re likely getting ideas why precautions are necessary.

Q said “You have more than you know.” He was NOT lying.

In a prior post, here, I talked about certain principles of information reversal that are particularly useful for what the other side is up to, blame-casting THEIR commie collusions on President Trump. It all gets very confusing, but I think that stating those ideas once again is useful.

First, the general principle:

The CLOSER the straw-man [accusation] can be arranged, FACTUALLY, to the REALITY being covered up, the EASIER the defense, because the STORY is closer to the REALITY, and pieces of the REALITY can be used as “proof” of the STORY – particularly if the STORY is advanced FIRST and the disentangled REALITY is posited LATER in defense.

This is then followed by three corollaries:

  1. Counterintelligence is the perfect place for this sort of intrigue, since counterintelligence amounts to infiltration of infiltration, staying infinitely close to the original infiltration. Basically, getting CLOSE to the REALITY with a DECEPTION is part of the game, so counterintelligence is a natural place to SEED this kind of defense.
  2. The ploy of reversed accusation becomes even easier and possibly even necessary if the enemy actually IS colluding with the accusing compromised or corrupted counterintelligence. This allows the enemy to “assist” the lies of the other side’s compromised counterintelligence, keeping them in place. This means that the counterintelligence people, if corrupted by the enemy, can then be “helped” by the enemy – in schemes exactly like what we are observing. Like I said, “19” [money dump plausibly matching amount offered to Carter Page] may have been a gift from Russia with love, or at least alliance.
  3. One of the first places that should be subverted by the enemy, both directly and indirectly, is counterintelligence.

THOSE were followed by some ideas that bring it all back to


The Hillary email cover-up by the SAME participants as in the FRAMING of Trump, is the BEGINNING of the revelation of the other half of the story – the COVER-UP. The TIGHTNESS of the same cast of characters in the Mueller cover-up fake investigation and the HRC email exoneration / cover-up is a kind of give-away of the theory I posited earlier.

Go back and review what I said, if it doesn’t make sense. It should. You can also see why the interception of the plot – by releasing text messages of Page and Strzok to force them out of the Mueller probe – was clearly the result of extremely skilled “IG-type work” in counter-intelligence. It’s not about the messages. It’s about the plot.

Wolf Moon, “The Framing of a President as the Cover-Up of Treason”

NOW – if you understand why POPPING STRZOK and McCABE out of the FBI was so important to bringing the continuing Hillary MADNESS roughly half-way to a close, you will understand the importance of what SUNDANCE – and unknown patriots who got some of Lisa Page’s information to him – just did.

He’s using “same-player” to MAKE A BUST.

First things first, I *URGE* you to read this post by Sundance.

Leaked Transcripts from Lisa Page Provide Some Stunning Revelations…

Sundance’s analysis is based on THIS reporting by Jeff Carlson in The Epoch Times:

EXCLUSIVE: Transcripts of Lisa Page’s Closed-Door Testimonies Provide New Revelations in Spygate Scandal

Sundance makes some extremely important points that show we now have a half-full glass of MAGA, where previously many saw it either empty or full. And it was the PERSISTENCE of our Granular Brother who found the key which unlocks the mystery. And maybe opens a new one.

“Really it’s the people that met with Jim Comey. Those are the only people that were really the same with respect to both teams. So it’s the same general counsel, the same deputy general counsel, me, Mr. McCabe, Dave Bowdich. The EAD for National Security Branch changed, but that was just because of regular personnel turnover.

Lisa Page, emphasis by Sundance

Many of us were trying to figure out how David Bowdich rose to the level of Deputy FBI Director under Chris Wray.  [Bowdich was previously the FBI field office head for the San Bernardino terrorist attack investigation in California]  Now we see that Bowdich was at the center of the small group in Washington DC who were doing the Trump investigation.
This reconciles why the current FBI is blocking the release of the witness transcripts.  Do you remember who told congress a few weeks ago that any transcript releases may interfere with the Mueller investigation?

Sundance, emphasis by Wolf Moon

Bowdich, I believe, is key. I had earlier thought that my “heat” might have Muellerish origins, but what if we have a “New McCabe” in place – WELLLLLL, that would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

I am not automatically convinced that Bowdich is crooked, because I tend to think that Wray is a straight-shooter, and would pick straight-shooters. I differ with utmost respect with Sundance on this point. But straight-shooters often have certain weaknesses, and one of them is being somewhat manipulable – particularly in a corrupt institution. Bowdich has taken DOWN corrupt institutions. But has he ever stopped to think that he might have worked IN ONE for DECADES?

It’s a weird feeling. 😉

Bowdich isn’t just connected to the sketchy San Bernardino “event” – he’s also connected to a prior sketchy incident – the “LAX shooter” named Paul Ciancia (you know – as in “CIA ‘n’ CIA”) who rescued TSA from public weariness single-handedly.

(“OY VEY! At least he’s not JOSH EARNEST.”)

But I digress. 😉

Note how Bowdich “graduated” from this sketchy event to the next one in San Bernardino. ALL THE WAY TO TRUMP.

Now I’m not saying this guy is a bad guy. But I think there are several possibilities.

(1) Bowdich may have been closely observed by the McCabians to make sure he didn’t get any career-killing “conspiracy theory” ideas about sketchy events. He may have been brought forward precisely because he was “safe”. But that also means he has a blind spot that a CIA panel truck can drive right through, any time it wants. Of course such a person could be talked into reverso WRONG investigations like Trump or (COUGH) other people. This would explain a lot.

(2) Bowdich was “read in” on the sketchy gun grab events, and knew exactly why this stuff straight out of Bill Cooper was happening. He is then most likely exactly as Sundance is calling it – covering stuff up because of knowledge.

(3) Bowdich was NOT read in BEFORE, but is now aware of what the heck is going on, and he is covering up things for strategic reasons we don’t know, which could be good or bad. All bets are off, here. There is a possibility of UNTOUCHABLE, and things are getting interesting.

Bottom line – David Bowdich is a new variable that could be anywhere from “New McCabe” to “Untouchable”. And we know he’s covering up stuff for SOME reason.

Here’s WaPo’s take. Read it with care.

I love the way I can “speculate well out ahead” of where Sundance’s more painstaking and granular approach goes, but when you need highly directed sunlight, his laser focus cannot be beat. So let’s start off with the FINALE to his post:

There’s a hell of a lot more to be learned from the Lisa Page testimony, specifically about the role of the CIA in the overall operation… 

However, for me personally, her outline of Bowdich in the main FBI DC office -as connected to the larger investigation- completes an annoyingly missing puzzle piece.

DAG Rod Rosenstein was hired by President Trump at the direction of, and request of, AG Jeff Sessions.   Rosenstein then recommended that President Trump hire FBI Director Chris Wray (a transparently useful idiot)….. Director Wray then hired David Bowdich as his deputy AND re-hired Dana Boente as FBI chief-legal-counsel.

The picture we get here is how the 2015/2016 officials within the corrupt DOJ and FBI enterprise, were put into higher office in the Trump administration 2017/2018; and those same officials are currently occupying positions that allow them to keep their prior corrupt activity hidden.

This whole thing is FUBAR.

Sundance, his emphasis

Let me re-emphasize something from that:

“However, for me personally, her outline of Bowdich in the main FBI DC office – as connected to the larger investigation – completes an annoyingly missing puzzle piece.” –Sundance, my emphasis

Good G_d in Heaven, I could have written those words myself. Although I am talking about a certain SMALLER investigation.

I *knew* it was Radium Rod coming at me, but I just didn’t know HOW he was doing it. I thought that the MUELLER SHOW was the only BAD ACT in FBI Town. And the Mueller Show had ZERO plausible rhyme or reason to go after me. Oh, yeah, they can put RUSSIANS into anybody’s world (COUGH, COUGH, note previous corollaries), but they can’t really mix them with Trump, so that part sucks for them.

There is no REVERSO to set up a STRAW MAN to go after me. There are ways to do REVERSO – as was done on Trump – but it’s more tied to CANKLES and OBAMA and OTHER THINGS.

So how does Q say it? “BOOM!”? I think that’s the proper expression.

As soon as I saw that we could potentially have a NEW McCABE in place, or somebody who could be bamboozled by OLD McCABES – as in McCabe’s finest “leavings”, everything started making SENSE. They don’t HAVE to go through Mueller – they can do reverso on other things.

And it’s not like they didn’t try that ALREADY.

If Q know what I mean. 😉

Certain people have a NEW COVER-UP needed, AND they need to shut me up about everything ELSE we talk about here.

WHATEVER. I simply want to thank Sundance for providing the key that solves the mystery. NOW I know where my friends and fellow patriots can point their fingers, should I not return in a most excellent condition to this blog, after my brief (yes, brief) absence.

Now – one more thing I notice about Lisa Page. Originally I had this gal pegged for some kind of CIA super-asset that was using Strzok like her personal, Hillary-electing, “spot massage” device. Little did I realize, it was the OTHER WAY AROUND on CIA connections. But I’m STILL on the fence about whether this woman is (1) a dope and a dupe, or (2) an extremely cunning super-spy who has Congress totally bamboozled.

Two CIA bots in the sack? Don’t get me started. In the sack is where everybody wants everybody. Well, not quite. But I digress.

This LEAK may mean it’s the latter – she’s TROUBLE and somebody KNOWS IT, and they needed to LEAK IT. If it’s true that BOWDICH hid her testimony because of what I’m going to say, then things get interesting.

I begin.

After reading that Lisa Page worked for Bruce Ohr for years, I started to think that maybe she really was just some poor cog in the machine, not qualified for counterintelligence, swept up as a desirable dupe in a non-functional, or better yet, reverse-purposed FBI.

But then OH MY GOD – you simply cannot get closer to Russia on this side of the Atlantic than Nellie Ohr, Russia researcher and specialist, with more downstate New York red commie ties than I can shake a stick at. The fact that she almost perfectly parallels ANOTHER “spent some time in Russia” lady academic who is deeply connected to both American communists and the Tree of Life synagogue shooting – well, that is even more worrisome to me. All these weird “puppets of Russia” or sketchy Russians working on the fringes of plots against Trump – it’s just so WEIRD.

[I keep working on the fascinating Tree of Life / Russia post, but it keeps getting delayed. SOON. Hopefully whoever was on my computer in a white hatty way while I was researching that is ahead of me.]

No matter whether Lisa Page is a dupe or a super-spy, I think that the plotters thought she was SAFE. She is either safe because she’s super-unqualified and a DUPE, or safe because she’s super-devious.

We really need to find out WHICH.

Here is the key that proves something is up. This is an extensive quote from Jeff Carlson’s article in The Epoch Times, citing Lisa Page:

Page Denies Bias, But Says FBI Focused More on Trump Than Clinton

Page steadfastly maintained there was no bias present in either the Clinton-email investigation or the Trump-Russia investigation on the part of anyone within the FBI or the DOJ and went to some lengths to illustrate that, in general, FBI personnel don’t like most of the people they tend to investigate.

At the same time, Page repeatedly and openly admitted to placing a greater emphasis and weight on the Trump-Russia investigation than the Clinton-email investigation:

“If you were weighing resources with respect to which poses a graver threat to national security, which is more, frankly, important, there is no doubt—at least in mine or anybody else’s mind that I know—that the Russia investigation posed an incredible threat to national security, and whether we got into the Weiner laptop simply did not.”

Page returned to this topic several times:

“The notion that there might be more emails that have not previously been seen that existed on Hillary Clinton’s email server just simply don’t even enter into the realm of the same room of seriousness. The Clinton investigation involved activities that had taken place 3 years prior. It’s an entirely historical investigation.”

“In the assessment of the Counterintelligence Division, they still don’t even come close to the threat posed if Russia had co-opted a member of a political campaign.”

Jeff Carlson, The Epoch Times, citing Lisa Page

To me, this is MIND-BLOWINGLY BACKWARDS. A long-term criminal threat going BEHIND THE DESK in the Oval Office is 1,000,000 times worse than some slightly Russified POLITICAL HACK going into a campaign – EVEN as an adviser.

She. Is. LYING.

The question is WHY.

What she is saying is garbage, and needs an explanation. And if that explanation has anything to do with David Bowdich, it had better be because Q is not bullshit and Wray is turning around the FBI underneath all these fuckers, and Page has to hide what is really going on. Otherwise just call out the tanks.

There is no comparison. If Hillary Clinton obstructed the FBI in a criminal fashion [HELLO, STONETEAR], likely done to hide international crimes up to and including espionage, this is INFINITELY more dangerous than Trump having some happy dupe named Carter Page working for him (assuming the most likely REAL threat by Carter Page was being a Russian dupe). In fact, even the scenario of “Carter Page = Carlos” compares at microscopic levels to the enormous problem of “Hillary Clinton = Ethel Rosenberg”.

Are we all seeing this?

And NONE of this takes into account the absolutely historically incorrect nature of the Lisa Page argument. She even USES the word “historical”. Holy FUCK – that’s ballsy.

Espionage is fought and won in the PAST – not the future. Hillary *herself* has MOUNTAINS of sketchy past that the FBI was IGNORING at every turn. And the’re worried about an adviser on the FRINGE of the Trump campaign in the FUTURE? Seriously?

This is CRAP. It is the most brazen form of bullshittery imaginable.

And this woman is making counterintelligence decisions?

Does everybody see what I’m saying? Page is either stupid or lying.

Could they REALLY have picked somebody THAT STUPID for this job?

I could be very wrong about that, but I’m starting to think this woman is lying her ass off here. I’m starting to think she is PLAYING DUMB ON HILLARY.

But let’s assume for a moment that Lisa Page IS dumb on actual espionage, subversion, and communism. To me, this absolute FAILURE to understand long-term communist subversion shows an incredible “pwnage” of the highest levels of the counterintelligence division of the FBI.

In fact, the following Lisa Page quote in the same article, makes me want to face-palm, if the SAME Lisa Page who believes the above, believes what I cite below.

Page, who acknowledged her personal relationship with Strzok at several points during the interview, noted that initially, Strzok was not “brought over as the senior executive to run the investigation. Another individual was, and that was not successful. It was not a good match with Mr. Mueller. He did not really have the sufficient counterintelligence background to be effective. That individual would later be identified as John Brown.

Lisa Page, my emphasis

Sorry, I am NOT buying that.


And NO, you cannot hide behind your “sources and methods” Halperoid Oxford / Cambridge Communist bullshit.

No. I’m starting to think that Mueller spotted Mr. Brown as a WHITE HAT. Page helped shuffle him out the door. Reds, dupes, “Strzok specials” and fellow travelers only.

Did these people at DOJ and FBI have any true understanding of Hillary Clinton?

Some did, I’m sure. The most ideological of players – people like Eric Holder surely did. THE RADICALS. Maybe “Comey the Commie”, although he strikes me as far more of a venal go-along, and less of a true believer.

I’m not sure about McCabe. I’m not even sure if most of those who were “read in” on the communist plots, such as the long range gun ban revealed by Bill Cooper, actually REALIZED they were carrying out communist plots. But they must have followed orders properly, and knew how to cover things up properly, because we know very well how highly THAT skill is valued by these Obama players.

And if Bowdich WAS involved in the stuff Bill Cooper revealed, then yes – he might have some utility in covering it up.

“Cover-up? Don’t cover me up, bro!”

In any case, the psychological control of the FBI was complete under Obama. Nobody at lower levels had a CLUE. Evidence that might have broken the glass-smooth mirror surface of FAKE NEWS illusion at FBI was quickly handed over to complicit individuals in charge of DUPES, fellow travelers and yes-people.

I CRY that this Sally Moyer chick was allowed anywhere NEAR anything Hillary.

And that now CONTINUES – and WILL CONTINUE – as long as people who are part of the tortoise-slow plot to BRAINWASH AGAINST GUNS are in charge.

If they were READ IN on the murders, then they need to be KICKED OUT.

Remember. There ARE no accidents. Not any more.

NEW McCABE?  Let us hope not.  AYE-YI-YI, let us hope not.  

Pray to G_D that this guy really IS an Untouchable.

And Lisa Page? She is NOT telling the truth. FIGURE IT OUT.

WHY are they covering this up?


Looks like a job for Ultraman.
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AYE-YI-YI is right Wolf. The implications are stunning.


It’s staggering…the scope and extent of the corruption.
You’ve done a lot of work on this, W. Great Job!
And the word ‘corruption’ is not really adequate to describe all this.
This was a craven pursuit of Power…at any cost.
The reason for their pursuit of Power is like the star on top of their tree of sinister covert ops:
They wanted Power so they could permanently replace our republic with a totalitarian collective, resembling the ChiCom model…but ruled by the globalist cabal.
They have almost succeeded, too…and are desperately trying to preserve what they’ve already done!
We’ve talked about CrowdStrike, Wolfie.
We have suspected that CS/Google/Eric Schmitt have played an integral role in all this…
Remember that ‘Fancy Bear’ malware?
This fellow dug into the part that this played in all of this:
So when the FBI called in CrowdStrike (of all people) to ‘examine’ the DNC’s server for them…that was a self-indictment of the FBI’s involvement in all the craven political dark ops. (!!)


I am also suspicious of that thing that HusseinO did, when he transferred control of ICANN to ‘international control’ by other countries.
He didn’t have the authority to do that.
That was a US Asset…and he gave it away.
It’s interesting how Wikipedia characterizes it:
“On October 1, 2016, ICANN was freed from U.S. government oversight.”
As if there was any doubt about how leftist Wiki is, this is yet another confirmation.


Wheatie, amazing.


Strzok and Ford exhibited some of the same mannerisms and attitudes in their time before Congress and cameras.
Would be interesting if they were related.
Also, Melissa Hodgman is of interest due to her high level job at SEC.
“Peter Strzok’s wife (if they are still married after the Lisa Page affair became national news) is Melissa Hodgman, age 47. She’s an official at the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission and has worked there since 2008. Before joining the SEC staff, Ms. Hodgman worked as an associate at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy in Washington. Ms. Hodgman earned her masters of law with distinction in securities and financial regulation in 2007 from Georgetown University Law Center, her law degree with high honors from Georgetown University Law Center in 1994, and her bachelor of science degree from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in 1990. Ms. Hodgman received the Ellen B. Ross Award as well as an SEC Chairman’s Award in 2010.” Peter Strzok also went to Georgetown.”


“Strzok’s father involved in Haiti relief….Is he CIA? – Peter Strzok Sr. is president of AFGRO a CIA front “National Security “ non profit. Check the link and scroll down the page for related companies. Their all CIA “National Security” non profits!!!!

Obama/Strzok connections –


And, just to add a little more, think about this: “…and scroll down the page for…”
Yes, let’s do scroll down the **PAGE** … just sayin’ … 😉


Forgot to say – All of the above are comments saved from past posted by Treepers at CTH, etc. I forgot to save the links. Some may even be Wolfie’s.


Freud, then Kinsey got the ball rolling… and it went on from there to more and more evil.

Sylvia Avery

This looks terrific, Wolf. But I’ll come at it fresh in the morning with my second cup of coffee. I’m not alert enough. I shorted myself on sleep last night because of Q drops so I’m going to say nighty night all, and I look forward to having this to read in the morning.


Thank goodness it’s not just me!
I need to re-read this in the morning when my mind is sharp. It has been a long day in the weeds for me, too, thank you Wolfmoon! You said “Percy Sutton,” and I have gotten myself a lot of education and information in the past few days! Another tangled web of Commie connections!
See you in the A.M.!


Lisa Page now works for a law firm called ZwillGen:


This is her boss, Marc Zwillinger:


Very interesting!
And so, so very interesting that “Poppy” Bush is portrayed heroically, amongst all the leftist propaganda.


Poppy will become a new leftoid hero.


Look at that site! Wonder how many red diaper babies or CIA are in that DC “firm”?




SwillGen? As in she generates swill for a living? Well that what she was doing for Congress!


Reblogged this on RedLegLeader Blog and commented:
Just read it …


Wolf, the “Page denies bias” quote was exactly what jumped off the page at me.
FWIW (lol … nothing!) I had two immediate reactions: 1) ridiculously absurd; and 2) Page is actually a highly intelligent, brilliant LIAR. You note the word “historical.” As ridiculously absurd an adjective as possible, but at the same time utterly brilliant as a lie. “Historical” is the sort of word that a committee of propagandists would come up with.
95% of the population would hear that word and have it imprinted on their minds with zero questioning, after which it would remain there as a “fact,” that the Hillary investigation was just a retrospective peek at at inconsequential historical oddity. This is just a variation of the brilliant “move-on” lie, the lie that this trifling matter has been thoroughly investigated (when it has had nearly zero investigation) and can’t we all just move on from this unhealthy obsession with trivial concerns?
Again, FWIW, it never occurred to me from reading the passage that Page was plain stupid, so immersed in her own bias that she could not see her bias.
(Oh, and when she says the FBI investigates people they do not like all the time? That, too, sounds like a propaganda committee invention. Political hatred is not at all like Mafia hatred, or drug dealer hatred, or the bland hatred for the other millions of despicable criminals the FBI routinely investigates.)
The Man Who Would Be King is a good short story but a great movie. The story works so much better with the visuals, especially near the end where Connery and Caine “brazen it out” with pride and dignity.
This is one of the liar’s secrets, to brazen it out with pride and dignity. The huge hostile tribe is The Truth.
And this is what communists do, brilliantly, with perfect fake sincerity.
Diana West wrote an amazing series on Nellie Ohr. Nellie is a communist, IMO. And if she is, Bruce is. And if Bruce is, Lisa is. I realize that would not stand up in a court of law, or be persuasive to many people. Nonetheless, that is what I think is true.
For two years I have thought that the defense of the breath-taking treachery and communist subversion would be an assertion that it all was 100% legit, dedicated public servants doing their patriotic duty to protect America. So what if it was as phony as the Demokkkrats expressing concern about the cost of something, or whether it will actually work? The lies are all a holding action until the next lie must be told.
Liars understand the truth is irrelevant. It’s what the lie forces other people to do.


Wolfmoon, I realize this may be a VERY naive question on my part, but can you/we appeal to President Trump? If you are being targeting for you opinions/views on what is being done to him? I have to wonder if there is any way at all for him to know stuff like that is being done to people like you. How do we raise said ruckus?
If Trump doesn’t know the FBI/DOJ is this corrupt, what the hell are we going to do?


Thank you, Wolfmoon.
Please be safe.


Yes, it’s absurd because the bias is clear in the Page-Strzock emails, as one example. Page, Strzock, McCabe, Comey, and how many others were biased in favor of Hillary. We’ve all known this from the beginning.


And this is why, IMO, Sundance has been so black pilled in his writings for the past many months. Because those of us on the outside looking at this are just aghast at the implications and are frothing at the mouth for justice/vengeance. Those on the inside are just hoping to take their retirements quietly and move on. They don’t care whether justice is served, they just want to keep their heads down and move on.


Yes. My stomach churns and I find my fists clenching and my blood pressure rising. The anger is absolutely overwhelming. I get depressed at times because the anger is so overwhelming with nowhere to go.


Well, well, well … lookie here, wouldja?
FTA: “Paul exposes the absurdity of the substance of the story (i.e., the leaks aimed at Trump). As Paul says, the story reveals the FBI’s shocking bad faith. In a rational world, this story would be understood as an exploding cigar. It reveals a scandal, but the scandal is located inside the FBI. What we have here is a graphic illustration of the forces against which President Trump has contended for the past two years (including the Times). They mean to remove him from office.” [SNIP] “The Times story exposes more than one scandal. It exposes the overlapping scandals of which Trump is the victim, not the perpetrator. They are the biggest scandals in American political history.” [SNIP] “If it’s true that the FBI undertook the investigation described by the Times, this tells us plenty about the FBI. It tells us nothing about Trump.” Quotable quote: “The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, took over the inquiry into Mr. Trump when he was appointed, days after F.B.I. officials opened it.”


We saw Bowdich recently at one of President Trump’s Border conferences, didn’t we?


@55:30 here – looks a lot like Bowdich, but PDJT addressed him as ‘Commissioner’ –


Border Patrol Commissioner Kevin McAleenancomment image
Resemblance is striking.

Steve in Lewes

Well now I really feel like a big dope after reading this. I thought I was pretty much caught up and now I’m further behind than ever before. I will be the first to admit that I’m not anywhere nearly engaged as most, if not all, are here on wqth.
With that said, would some kind soul point me to a source or two that can shed more light on two names in this article that are new to me at least; John Brown and Bill Cooper?
And I pray to God, that our President, Wolf, Sundance, Carlson, and others are kept safe and secure from these commie bastards !


I can help w/Cooper – will have to search to find out which John Brown is being referenced:


“Brown, an Army veteran who joined the FBI in 1999, comes to San Diego after working in Chicago, St. Louis, at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and most recently as a special agent in charge of counterintelligence and cyber crime in Los Angeles.
A few months after getting settled in his new role, he sat down with the Union-Tribune and talked about his background, the recent spotlight on the FBI, and the areas where the agency needs to grow to combat future threats.”

Steve in Lewes

Thanks much!


Oh, Wolf, I see what you mean about Brown.


Amazing research Wolf! The time you and others put into this is greatly appreciated! Speaking for myself, I always knew that this evil stuff was going on but I would have never been able to connect the dots without the time and effort y’all put in to this! I am sure others agree also. Thanks again to you and everyone here. GOD BLESS


57,207,558 @realDonaldTrump – 9:36 am
56,922,353 – 5:37 am – 1/5/19 – 1 week ago
56,159,493 – 6:00 am – 12/12/18 – 1 month ago
46,548,673 – 7:19 am – 1/12/18 – 1 year ago


Your VSG President is on the warpath this morning!


Just in case theses something here: pages husband
Perhaps theres some detail missed worth digging deeper in this older article:


You have become an Andrew Breitbart!
Furthermore, you have dug deeper than our former host.
Have a blessed Sunday.

[…] saw the beautiful thought that led to this larger realization, on today’s thread about Lisa Page and David Bowdich, which was inspired by Sundance’s post on the same […]


And that is how it is meant to be.
Why are husband and wife both working for the past four decades? So that one of them cannot dig deeper into what is actually happening.
Why do the communists make such a big deal out of ‘work’? So that their minions cannot figure out what is going on.
There is work — as in paying one’s way — and work, the excessive kind that prevents one from any sort of self-education and private knowledge.


I don’t think Carter Page is a dupe.
He has FBI and probably clown connections, he graduated in the top 10% from a Naval academy so he’s a bright lad and he is usually wearing a “nobody can touch me” smirk on his face, he doesn’t seem to have been charged with anything either – I don’t even recall him being interviewed my Mueller although I could be mistaken there.
In my opinion he is not a dupe but an alphabet PLANT!


What I would like to know is although everyone is decrying the use of FISA to monitor Carter Page, why are very few highlighting the “TWO-HOP” ramifications of the surveillance which would cover just about everyone associated with the campaign and the White House staff, possibly the President himself?


excellent point, Greg. That was the intent, of course, and the people who planned and implemented it need to be severely punished and measures put in to place to prevent such abuse of power from occurring again.


I like your thinking, but that still leaves the problem, which is that they can corrupt the advocate too.
No matter what you do within a secret system, there aren’t sufficient checks and balances that a corrupt group of operators can’t find a way to manipulate. That’s why transparency is so important, because then the American people can see for themselves what’s actually going on.


Right, Wolfie.


he is a plant for sure. he was brought in at the beginnig but conveniently cleared. remember he even threatened to sue yahoo or something for exposing his name.
and not only that he was first in first out. he was the one they “exposed” a fisa on to “get to trump”.
and then he is talking all over. and he was even given somw kind of news special on fox.
papadopolus is the same.
the investigative reporters too.
and page. and crowdstrike who the REPUBLICANS just hired last year to investigate the hack of their voter lists when we have know what crowdstrike did for hrc.
tinfoilhatsociety was spot on up in this post.
the disinfo is so hard on you that unless you are ahead of it you will not know what to believe.
fhe internet the news the papers the rah-rah twitter posters who become viral succeses.
the movement founders and tireless workers who everyone falls in love with and fo.lows and they take a break to write a book and recharge. and people will tweet them amd say they cant wait for the book. and they are an illusion, a contrived hero or heart warming individual.
i posted tnis morming as a reply to gil yesterday and spewed out some quick ramble about what i feel in abstract. something big is happening. and i am not saying it is a good something.
someone mentioned the blackpill. they fucking hurt. they choke you. like a gelatin capsul on a parched throat they stick to you no matter how hard you try and cough it up until you desperately want to just swallow it and get it over with.
they are not character flaws because we are already red pilled. the black pill is actually a life lesson varying in degree how much it diminishes that particular red pill.
when the boss black pills come out to play those aware of them recognize what red pill they are attacking and hopefully know how to combat or mitigate that boss black pill for the masses.
what we are in here is like a whole batallion of boss black pills threatening our entire reality.
i was and am still hoping for this one to be victorious by the red pilled but we also know the power against us as well. we may be too complacent or have fallen into enough of a lull that the drop has been made. i pray that is not the case.
truth needs to come out and if its yes a globalist regimn headed by the ancestors of the genesis 6 type folks then we are in for a doozy!


And that is how it is meant to be.
Why are husband and wife both working for the past four decades? So that one of them cannot dig deeper into what is actually happening.
Why do the communists make such a big deal out of ‘work’? So that their minions cannot figure out what is going on.
There is work — as in paying one’s way — and work, the excessive kind that prevents one from any sort of self-education and private knowledge.


Apologies, TTT and Wolf: I have now posted this comment above, where it was meant to be — to Deplorable Patriot.


Great to hear. Many thanks.


Ok, re-read on caffeine and much better understood.
Great work, Wolfmoon! I read the reporting at the Epoch Times this morning. IMO, Page is not a dupe, but a liar. She is a known liar anyway, by definition, as she is an adulteress. Living a double life without getting caught out requires advanced lying skills.
One problem we have here, as I see it, relates to your post of yesterday, C3: How DNC Communists ROTATED Governmental Branch Functions as a Form of Institutional Sabotage. The CONGRESS, which is the questioner in the case of Ms. Page, is not an INVESTIGATOR.
Unless these people are being questioned by somebody with investigative skills (Huber, Horowitz, Special Counsel?), facts will never be uncovered. Until THAT happens, Page, will obfuscate at will. Her answers to important questions will never be properly challenged. Like daughnworks247’s excellent question re: “gross negligence” above. If it isn’t prosecutable in your mind, Ms. Page, explain that, please.
I FINALLY think I get why you are leaving us for a bit, Wolfmoon. You are like Q, you make me think SO HARD 🙂