DEAR KAG: 20220107 – The Pub is OPEN / TES Special Edition / Pimp Your Coof Kit / Dealing With Uncertainty / ThEthSkep’s Big Fix of All Things Coof: CCP Hiding Chinese 2018 Release of SARS-CoV-2 Virus

The Pub is OPEN!

Yeah, we still have staffing problems, but who doesn’t under China Joe?

While off to a rocky start, we are staying open as many days of the week as possible, just like some of the small businesses that I patronize.

Keep up that LOCAL PRESSURE on the Biden cabal by going to school board meetings and supporting TRUE non-monopoly capitalism – it SKEERS Kapo and Little Red Jen somethin’ FIERCE.

Likewise, patronize those SMALL BLOGS that provide new viewpoints and ideas!

We Serve Whiskey And Guns To Indians Here!

Yup! FREEDOM is GOOD TROUBLE, and we’re in favor of it, for everybody, much to the consternation of our local maskies and vaxxies.

I had the special pleasure of being “refused service” by a maskie recently – he simply walked away from the cash register and went into the back. Some of it was due to race. Having been “not served” because of race before, I can spot that fairly easily, and this person was not exactly “hard to read”.

Three other staffers (all forced to wear masks, sadly) came to my assistance and took my order.

I maintained a pleasant demeanor, as part of one of several psychological warfare tactics that I have adopted recently, in fighting against the VAXZIS and MASKZIS.

While our beloved REAL bartender takes a needed break of unknown duration, we continue to ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE.

So what’s on the ODD BAR’S CRAZY MENU this week?

We’ve served alcohols our first week, including menthol, ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine.

Next, we served amines , including second generation antihistamines.

Today, we’ll toast each other with an element that we’ll borrow from Steve…..

…..and some very special natural alcohols and derivatives, including among the 4 of them, 3 terpenoids, 2 phenols, 1 ester, and 1 ether.

More on these wonderful “liqueurs” later!

Christmas Spirit

There’s still time to spread omicron! GET BUSY!!!

While we do have some members out with Omicron now, including Brave and Free, the real question is whether we’re going to see a big peak in March and April, like we did in 2020.

And if you’re gonna get sick, you might at least consider having some willing cohort, looking for that natural immunity, to get sick with you!

thank you
thank you pictures

Ah, thanks to SMILEY for reminding me of the goofy fun of these wonderful but stupid GIFs called “Blingees”!

And now, the rules of the pub.


God bless us, every one! Tiny Tim had such a beautiful soul. He hadn’t a mean bone in his body…unlike most of us. But in keeping with Christmas, we promise to honor Wolf’s rules and keep Scrooge at bay. The Utree is where the Ghost of Christmas Present will conduct you should you need to rattle some chains. Another option, should all hell break loose is here.

Now, back to business.


Current Art On The Wall

Now for something a bit different…..

Vector background. Molecules and chemical formulas

…..and something a bit more familiar.

David Teniers the Younger (1610–1690), The Alchemist, ca. 1643–45. Oil on panel, 20 1/8 x 28 in (51 x 71 cm). Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, Braunschweig (139)


TES Special Edition

As one of the early “discoverers” of The Ethical Skeptic on Twitter, I was happy that I was able to get a few people interested in his precise and well-considered thoughts on things – especially regarding the phony scamdemic. TES was always utterly perturbed by the bad science of the “pandemic”, and worked on a daily basis to “correct the fact checkers” – which was all of hilarious, sad, and joyful.

After I was kicked off Twitter, I rarely saw him, due to my own laziness, really, but in 2021, some GREAT links to The Ethical Skeptic’s work popped up here. THANK YOU, to all who follow him and keep us informed.

THIS was a classic.



This work really helped me to GRASP and understand the leftist tactic of “pretending not to know”, and – more importantly – how to spot it.

So let’s look at some of his even more recent stuff.

Pimp Your Coof Kit


This one got us all thinking about “coof kits”, and GA/FL suggested some of us putting up our own versions. I initially thought that this might not be a good idea, because people’s needs and medical situations really VARY – one of the main reasons that “practicing medicine without a license” is actually a bad idea in normal times. I thought it better to have a broader discussion.

However, I just realized that I did put up a kind of “minimal” kit last week, and it’s worth looking at it.

This kit was designed for people who DON’T have a smart plan already figured out, and don’t want to investigate “hard to find” things like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Here is what I had, followed by my earlier reasoning. The main change is adding Vitamin C, as discussed below.

Wolf’s COVID Care Package

  • Thermometer (thermal digital is easiest)
  • Antigen test kit(s) (yeah, good luck finding one, although they are coming back after New Years)
  • Antihistamine of your choice (Claritin, Zyrtec, and Allegra are the easiest – 1-2 a day)
  • Aspirin (regular, or low-dose if your stomach doesn’t like it – 1 a day)
  • Listerine or Betadine mouthwash/gargle for mouth and throat
  • Vitamins C and D, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Multivitamin including Selenium.
  • Quercetin (including natural sources) or Green Tea
  • Saline or other nasal spray, rinse, or wash of your choice

The thermometer tells you when to use your precious test kit – when you suddenly have a fever and a sore or tingly throat.

The test kit gets you a positive diagnosis that opens doors for things like antibodies, or an official test.

A positive test means you can BEGIN TREATMENT at THERAPEUTIC DOSES.

The antihistamine insures that YOU WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY NOT DIE, because it stops the second, allergic, inflammatory stage of COVID in its tracks.

The aspirin makes doubly sure you won’t get clots, but be careful – don’t take it if you’ve had trouble with aspirin. Talk to your doctor if unsure.

The gargles (Listerine or Betadine) massively reduce viral load and speed time to recovery.

The saline and nasal washes lower viral load, and maintain nasal breathing.

The quercetin and green tea help zinc’s antiviral action by increasing cellular zinc levels.

The vitamins and mineral supplements keep you at antiviral levels of these things. In particular, zinc and vitamin D3 need to be at non-deficient levels.

Please consult authoritative sources from TRUE medical doctors like the ones at

Cthulhu noted that I hadn’t mentioned Vitamin C – I have now added that, because it’s likely to help and can’t hurt (“First, do no harm”) and also follows the McCullough Principle (“Signals of Benefit, Acceptable Safety”). I don’t think it’s nearly as important as the antihistamine and “clot-blocker”, but I do have to admit that Vitamin C was certainly far better than nothing when I survived Wuhan with only mild lung damage.

What I’m going to do now is to encourage all of YOU to talk about your “war chests” and “coof kits”, and explain your reasonings about things.

This will help people who are deciding what THEY might want to add to their kits – OR REMOVE, if there is something better for their particular situation.

Remember – everybody has their own unique medical needs.

I will put my thoughts in the comments, just like everybody else.

NOW – about those natural “essential oils” in Listerine.

Let’s look at them.



Eucalyptol (2 views)

Methyl salicylate

These are all natural substances of roughly the same molecular size and composition (mostly carbon and hydrogen with 1-3 oxygen atoms), all of them being either pungent oily liquids or smelly, vaporous crystalline solids.

There are some relations between these things.

Thymol is basically menthol where the 6-membered ring has been made benzenoid – meaning like benzene – with 3 double bonds.

Notice that methyl salicylate is also benzenoid. Methyl salicylate is related to aspirin, and has similar activities. Don’t drink Listerine, even though the amounts are (believe it or not) rather small.

Eucalyptol is also structurally related to menthol, although it’s harder to see. Try to see it.

All of these natural substances, when isolated from their sources, were very early pharmaceuticals. They ALL have pharmacological activities, which many would regard as “primitive” by today’s standards, and yet, gargling Listerine is PROVEN to be extremely effective in reducing viral load of COVID-19 variants – about 80% as effective as iodine solutions.

Why might this be? Here is just ONE small line of immunological evidence.


To be honest, we’re a bit late to the game here. Native Australians from the first wave of immigration, roughly 65,000 years ago, discovered the utility of eucalyptol by their own investigations.


Here is some additional information about early Australian medicine using natural products.


There is a great picture of what is essentially a native doctor’s medical bag in the second link. When it freaks you out a bit, let it. This is a way of getting you to appreciate human intelligence outside your modern experience.

Lastly – IODINE.

I have not tried this, and I am not sure I would like it, but it’s a viable option, IMO. I actually like Listerine, and it worked for me on delta, so I’m happy with that. I did NOT try Listerine in the nasal cavity. Not sure that I’d like that. I stuck to saline.

I did find a paper that showed Listerine to be roughly 80% as effective as povidone-iodine.

Here is link to a review which states something similar, and a summary of the review.


Executive summary


  • A review of literature was conducted regarding the use of commercially available antiseptics and SARS-CoV-2.


  • Povidone-iodine (betadine), ethanol and essential oils (Listerine) and a combination of xylitol and iota-carrageenan (purified from red marine algae) were shown to reduce viral load of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro by 3–4 log10 in 30 s.
  • Chlorhexidine, a widely used oral rinse, does not act as quickly in reducing viral load in 30 s as povidone-iodineI, but binds to cell proteins, extending protection.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is not as effective as other oral rinses in vitro and cell toxicity is a concern.
  • Hypertonic saline is not directly virucidal, but halts replication by increasing hypochlorous acid inside the cell.


  • Several commonly used nasal antiseptics and gargles have shown efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 in vitro and clinical trials are currently underway to study their impact on disease course and transmission.

Future perspective

  • These commercially available products should be further evaluated due to their potential ability to reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses that are yet to emerge.

You can also make your own povidone-iodine gargles and nasal rinses – Dr. McCullough has retweeted a nice recipe for this. Click through to Twitter for more information.

Here is a great long post on all of these methods, including hydrogen peroxide – an alternative to iodine.


Do beware that some people need to be careful with iodine, including people with hypothyroid.



Dealing With Uncertainty



This is another GREAT article, talking about one of my FAVORITE complaints about modern science, which has resulted from a really SICK and UNHEALTHY compartmentalization, as well as insulation of scientists from internal criticism (lack of “herd review”). This condition has allowed all sorts of pathological science to gain ascendancy without check, balance, or proper community criticism.

For example, CLIMATE CHANGE gets more input from FINANCIERS than it does from the many scientists like me who think we are acting irrationally and presumptuously on ERRORS. These errors have been induced by the WRONG forces – beneficiaries not committed to truth – within a small pathologically influenced community – much like what’s going on with improperly influenced government science and the “clot shot”.

This piece by The Ethical Skeptic contains a graphic using a BULLSEYE which you really need to see. It makes a very important point about science – which I can apply DIRECTLY to Anthony Fauci.

Fauci’s extreme focus on antibodies to the spike protein as a nearly sole measure of “success” of the “clot shot”, is a perfect example of what TES is talking about.

I have referred to Fauci’s over-focus as “antibody hypnosis”. In fact, I see this kind of obsession and compulsion repeatedly throughout his career, and would wager that:

  • it’s why he always “wins” against the Judy Mikovitses and the Kary Mullises
  • it’s why he’s so highly paid
  • it’s why he’s tied to so many “grim reaper” experiments
  • it’s why corrupt industry loves him, and is in bed with him

TES makes a general point about the kinds of information which actually provide STRONGER PROOF – and this set includes something I love – INDEPENDENT CONFIRMATION BY ALTERNATE LINES OF REASONING – not just “duplication of results” and “confirmation of results” – which are both sadly lacking as well, but not nearly as important.

I have powerful, direct experiences in science with the need for RESOLVED DIVERSE INPUTS and AVOIDANCE OF HYPNOTIC REASONING as safeguards against pathological science.

However, THEY (and I mean “they”) are using various forms of hypnosis, including MASS, COMMUNITY, PEER, and INDIVIDUAL to advance science in ways that THEY want.

Human science is far more controlled than we either admit or understand.

Anyway, back to the article.

There is a quote from Elon Musk therein which is really worth your while, and which TES puts in the context of what he is talking about.

Bluntly, it feels wonderful to know that SOMEBODY GETS IT.

What Musk is talking about here is basically the “bullseye” metaphor that TES uses. And THAT is related to the following item.

While Fauci is very committed to the LEVELS of his antibodies, he has not properly processed feedback that would indicate he’s OPTIMIZING THE WRONG THING.

Here is a link to Steve Kirsch’s interpretation of Sucharit Bhakdi’s and Arne Burkhardt’s analysis of people who died after vaccination, showing that these deaths were ALMOST ALL related to the “clot shot”.


Kirsch REALLY explains this well. Malone takes note of this, too.

IMO, it would appear that Fauci is optimizing the WRONG ANTIBODIES in the WRONG WAY, because the vaccines are CREATING the WRONG ANTIBODIES in the WRONG PLACES.

Please read Kirsch’s article and then the Bhakdi-Burkhardt paper to understand this.


Now, Fauci may be optimizing the wrong antibodies in the wrong places for a variety of reasons. Those exact reasons are not nearly as important as the fact that they are simply WRONG.

I believe Bhakdi, Burkhardt, and Kirsch – this is a risky vaccine, and now we begin to understand WHY.

Based on this knowledge, I personally will not be taking these vaccines.

In my opinion, these results CLEARLY show that vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 should not be effected by IM injections of a full SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, and even more emphatically so, NOT by genetic vaccines delivered by IM injections. In my very early opinion, this is going to be a CLASSIC case for using RBD antigen (protein) and/or nasal delivery as a concession to the virus – with nasal delivery being used as a SAFETY feature and NOT merely a convenience.

To have SAFER vaccines for DISCRIMINATING SHOPPERS like me, we’re going to have to compromise with the virus. That’s just the way it is.

There may be SOME who thought that we could arrive at a compromise that would reduce human populations, but frankly I don’t like that deal.

In my opinion, ANYBODY with vascular, cardiac, clotting, or other issues like WANTING TO HAVE KIDS SOMEDAY, or NOT RISKING CANCER, should absolutely avoid the current clot shots.

In my opinion, the clot shot is stupidity advanced by greedy people who are controlled and manipulated by really evil people. In other words, it’s not stupid, greedy, or evil – it’s ALL OF THE ABOVE.

The DISEASE is no picnic, and I can see some people making the risk-benefit calculation in favor of the vaccine – particularly newer RBD antigen vaccines like Corbevax (Hotez/Baylor/India/open-source). But if people are dying in 5 years from experimental mRNA vaccines with the full spike protein – well, that is exactly like the RISK that one takes with SMOKING SOMETHING YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Seriously, most Americans would refuse to take a novel “legal” or illegal designer drug, given stories like the “bath salts” and “Parkinson’s heroin” experiences which shocked the public in horror headlines.

Parkinson’s from Designer Heroin (Ironically related to Paraquat)



VIDEOS: (warning – they’re really sad)

Effects of “Bath Salts” (Euphemism for CCP Designer Drugs)



The CLOT SHOT is a RISK, and not all of us will want to take that risk.

Mandating that risk is EVIL, IMO, and Democrats deserve to DIE AT THE POLLS in November for it.


They have BLOOD on their hands.

ThEthSkep’s Big Fix of All Things Coof



This is what I really wanted to show you, right here.

The Ethical Skeptic, or TES, or “ThEthSkep“, as I sometimes call him, has proven to my satisfaction that CCP lied even MORE than we previously thought possible.

Is this hard to believe? That we got CHUMPED by CHINA yet again?

Yeah. Getting chumped by China YET AGAIN is a thing.

I am tempted to try to construct an “elevator pitch” of ThEthSkep’s argument, and have even asked him (in a moderated comment) if he could provide such a short explanation that I could pitch to others.

If he DOES provide one, I will do an entire post on it.

For the moment, I will just give you my “two paragraph description” of his very long and elegant post, which post I can guarantee most here will have trouble following.

TES argues that setting an earlier date for the actual initial Chinese release of an ancestral pathogen to current SARS-CoV-2, provides a far better explanation of the facts at hand, as well as some facts which he generated through analysis of the genetics of SARS-CoV-2 variants, than does the “standard model” of a late 2019 release, whether that late release is taken from the early Chinese LIES about a zoonotic outbreak in December 2019, or from the October 2019 Wuhan lab activities which have always struck me as potential disinformation.

In particular, an early 2018 release of a less pathogenic ancestor explains the omicron variant’s surprisingly early 2020 appearance and low pathogenicity so well, and China’s population resistance to the more pathogenic Wuhan variant, whether that was a descendant or (my thinking) a new release, that IMO it is the duty of the “standard model” to explain all of the facts better than the TES theory.

Now, like I said, this post by TES is not an easy read, even for those with some knowledge of the field, and even for those experienced in reading the scientific literature. He moves at “review speed” through a lot of reasoning and even his own work, which is not all shown, but which is all fully described and referenced.

I am actually WAITING for my first reading to fully sink in, but I can tell you this. As soon as I “freed myself” from the necessity of a late 2019 release, everything “coof” just started falling into place.

This is one of those things that starts generating RESETS in my mind, on everything I had thought before. Once you see what TES is getting at, it’s almost impossible to unsee it.


I talk to a LOT of people, and listen carefully to their thinking about COVID. One of my sources is somebody who has a lot of contacts in Europe and Asia, especially India, due to working for an international firm.

That person strongly believes, based on illnesses within the corporation as well as associated entities, that something like COVID-19 was already circulating worldwide during ALL of 2019.

I had set this aside, unable to fit it into everything else I knew. NOW, however, it makes easy sense. In fact, the details which I don’t want to give, fit his model of spread EXACTLY.


And THIS explains much better why Fauci, Baric, Dazsak, and all the others were ready to cover up – because a virus related to their research had already gotten out in 2018. Going along with the Chinese story was a RELIEF to them – and they grabbed on tightly.

In other words, a conspiracy of aligning interests, not something discussed on paper or by phone. It’s a brilliant Chinese move, actually. Proffer a lie and see if our own scientists will join them in it.

The USEFUL IDIOT American media? NO PROBLEM.

And not just THAT stuff, but now we have much more evidence that these bugs could have been “in the wild” EVERYWHERE – including possibly just outside the Baric lab, near where Gail Combs picked up a “coofy” bug much earlier than would have been possible with a late 2019 release. (I will let her address the time-frames.)

Consider that China could even have been trying to FRAME or intimidate Baric with a stateside release in the vicinity of his lab. Why? Because NOW we have MOTIVE.

Does it make sense NOW that these highly contagious bugs could have been getting out willy-nilly from these laboratories? Or that China has been playing fast and loose with biological releases?

What does this mean?

It means that the whole NIH-Fauci-Wuhan complex has been in cover-up mode, trying to SAVE THEIR DANGEROUS RESEARCH which they know is VERY likely to be SHUT DOWN BY A CONGRESS RUN BY THE PEOPLE – no matter WHAT THE CAUSE OF THIS RELEASE.

Remember how I said the President Wolf Moon would send a cruise missile into every BSL level 4 that didn’t shut down immediately upon his inauguration? Those missiles armed with whatever insured that all viruses were FRIED?

See the motive to get rid of Trump now? WE THE PEOPLE cannot be allowed to interfere with their “holy” research.

And wait – there’s MOAR.

Somewhere in the years between 2005 and 2010, around the time I got an extremely SARS-CoV-2-like infection, complete with anosmia, exhaustion, and “sore lung”, I took note of the fact that all of my Asian colleagues in the “anti-CCP” camp became very religious about taking COVID-like precautions in our CCP-Chinese-infested workplace. These precautions included isolation, surface and aerosol measures, like wipes, air filters, and even clothing choices.

Most of us dismissed it as an “Asian thing” like masks, even though it was a sudden and new social phenomenon, but because I had contacts in that community who were sometimes sources of insight on CCP skulduggery, I noticed that ONLY the “antis” were engaging in the protective behaviors – the mainlanders and pro-CCP Hong Kongers/Taiwanese were not.

Interestingly, I was not getting any good information on the trend – unlike other scuttlebutt at the time.

Was it real or disinformation? Was it an op to flush out the antis? Was it “anti” paranoia?

I have no idea. But I personally think that China has been up to “bio-tricks” for a LONG time – as in back BEFORE SARS (2003).

If 2018 is the first time China released any biologicals, I would be VERY surprised.

SO – see what you think. Read this sucker, and then think about it.

I think TES is onto something.

A Note About January 6 – and More

I have been avoiding all things January 6, largely because I don’t want to give Nancy Gambino any “lift” as far as her phony “investigation” into HER OWN CRIME.

I understand her game plan, and I’m not going to play along.

I would have loved to have recounted that amazing day in another long, glowing, “all about me and my experiences” post, but no.


In my opinion, we can bring down these horrible communists faster by focusing on whatever WE want to focus on.

Nancy says “the fight is over here”.

NOPE. Go to hell, Mafia Bitch. We know what you did. With Kapo’s dirty FBI. And the backing of Mitch McConnell and SCOFFLAW SCOTUS.

Some may want to join the fight against Pelosi right now, and please feel free to “follow Darren Beattie into Pelosi’s breach”, but I think that MANDATES are going to kill these bastards at the polls, if we just help them commit electoral suicide.

Expose the “clot shot” risks more fully, and show that the mandates are MORE EVIL.

We need to make Democrats – destroying America for GREED under the cover of virtue signals – absolutely unelectable, and I think we can.


Thank you all for being here. Have a great weekend.


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I love this Post Wolfie!!! Happy New year Love!! We FIGHT!!! And we still together!! Phoenix has some family Member struggles! Erbody please Pray for them!!!
Still together!!! YES!! And Wolfie… My Grandson is almost 7!! Wth!! He’s telling new jokes now…LOL!! Not Knock Knock jokes!! You start!! Smuchas to you and Mrs. Wolfie!!!




She can’t claim she’s the first African-American VP either.

Her father is Jamaican and her mother is from India.

And according to current maps, neither country is located in Africa.

Last edited 2 years ago by scott467
Gail Combs

AND she can’t claim American either because neither parent was American at the time of her birth. Foreign Students, like ambassadors are loyal to THEIR Countries and therefore their kids do not qualify any more than an ambassador’s baby.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gail Combs

She isn’t qualified to be the POTUS, so she should not be the VP.


Yes. When will that problem be solved? Natural Born Citizen means born here of two citizen parents. Period.


hildabeast is relieved

Hoe eclipsed hildabeast as THE MOST UNLIKABLE politician.

Last edited 2 years ago by kalbokalbs

A racist component to not serving our Wolf? What, they don’t serve gray wolves — only red wolves? Or is it more basic than that…..they don’t serve wolves, only coyotes?


I lived in Hawaii for a while. I actually had Hawaiian servers in fast food and convenience stores look PAST me to the Hawaiian behind me at the counter, and serve them INSTEAD of me. Happened many times.

God, how I hated living there.


Back in 2020, my SIL and I went to lunch together at a local Mexican restaurant. Wore no masks. We came to eat on Taco Tuesday – why wear a mask into the place just to take it off to eat?. The masked hispanic hostess left her station and had the manager/owner escort us to the table. Some time later a hispanic family walked in without masks. She seated them – no problem. So it was nationalism or racism, not lack of masking. The later was just an excuse.

She’s did not last long working there. Our county stopped the masking BS fairly early into the process when the Gov backed off. People don’t last long around here if they are racists or foreign nationalists.


“Now, Fauci may be optimizing the wrong antibodies in the wrong places for a variety of reasons. Those exact reasons are not nearly as important as the fact that they are simply WRONG.”


Unless Fauxi’s reasons are nefarious, i.e., his reason for being wrong is intentional and wilful and malicious, in which case such a reason becomes of paramount importance, because it means that he is purposely evading the truth by focusing on the wrong thing, as opposed to just being stupid or ignorant.

And considering that Fauxi is a pathological liar with a trail of dead bodies related to his ‘work’ that stretches back nearly half a century, is there not every reason to suspect that his reasons are nefarious and malicious?


“Save the kids now. Worry about punishment later.”


I was thinking AND logic, i.e., save the kids AND punish Fauxi now 👍 😁


Leave him right where he is. His public credibility is shot.

At this point, he is causing the DS way more damage than help.

The large majority of people HATE Fauci. Only the irredeemable and lost worship him.

Deplorable Patriot




And when it ALL comes out, that SOB is TOAST.


Yep – spot on. Leave him there dangling in the wind for all to see as a symbol of their genocidal evil. The Hitler of modern medicine.


From one of your Australian links, there’s the line: “Australia has more than 1,000 wattle species. The gum of some species (golden, silver and black wattles) was an important food as well as a useful cement.”

Which leads to….it’s a floor wax AND a dessert topping…


Great article, Wolf, with lots of interesting reading ahead. I’ve long thought COVID was here earlier than they claim, since I had it in early December 2019. Also, there was an article here in a local paper sometime in early 2020 that they had discovered it was already in Oregon by October by examining blood in the blood bank. That article has now been memory holed, so I can’t give a link.


Yeah, that Red Cross article says “The findings of this study indicate that that it is possible the virus that causes COVID-19 may have been present in California, Oregon, and Washington as early as Dec. 13-16, 2019, and in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin as early as Dec. 30, 2019 – Jan. 17, 2020.” I had it way before December 13th. By that time, I was well on the way to being over it.


Texas late De 2019.


I had it the last week of November, 2019.


I believe I caught it in Chapel Hill, NC, in mid-February 2020.


I had it late Nov early Dec 2019 in OH.


Me, too, Singing, last week of Nov. through the first week of Dec., in Montana.


About same time here. I had an eye doctor appointment I moved to first week in January. The cough was still there and hung on to March. Cough drops were my friend. I had no idea until later that I had covid.
The University students had it also in November and some were real sick and dropped classes.


It was the first time ever in my LIFE that I had a chest cold. Really. Every time I get sick, it goes UP into my sinuses and ears.

But that time, I had a racking chest cough, so bad that I coughed out all my breath and panicked, because I couldn’t breath in for a minute. Scared me so bad I went to the doctor for codeine cough syrup.

And I knew other people who had it then, too.


comment image

h/t Insty



Mocking ridicule is the perfect response to the seriousness which they NEED to use in this situation.


Reposting this late (and vital) post from yesterday by kalbokalbs…

Timely article today.


Dr. Zelenko: “Zinc Is The Bullet — It Kills The Virus. The Only Problem Is The Bullet Doesn’t Get To…”

Dr. Zelenko:

“Zinc is the bullet – it kills the virus. The only problem is the bullet doesn’t get to the place where it needs to be.

The virus is inside the cell. The enzyme is inside the cell. And the zinc on its own cannot get into the cell. You have a bullet without a gun – useless.

Now, it turns out there’s a class of medications called ‘zinc ionophores’ or a class of substances called ‘zinc ionophores’ — what they do — is they open up a channel, a door, which allows zinc to go from outside the cell to inside the cell.

There are four of them that are readily available – two of them are prescription and two of them are over-the-counter.

The two prescription ones everyone has heard of: Hydroxycholorquine and Ivermection.

They’re the guns that shoot the bullet. The bullet then gets into the cell and stops the virus enzyme from helping the virus replicate.

So you have a gun and bullet. Only the synergy of the two creates a functioning unit.

S in april of last year, Cuomo issued an executive order that was directly targeting me and my patients – because I was the only one in the state doing it. Where pharmacies would not dispense hydroxychloroquine to patients. So all of a sudden, I had a gun and a bullet approach, but…he took away the zinc delivery system — at least he took away access to my patients.

So I was forced by necessity to innovate. I did more research, and on the NIH servers of all places, I found papers saying a substance called quercetin is a zinc delivery system, as well. It’s a zinc ionophore.

To be honest, I’d never heard of quercetin. So I googled it and I see it’s over-the-counter.

That was one of the most significant realizations in my life and probably in humanity.

Why do I say that? Because now there was a cure for tyranny.

There are two risk factors for dying from COVID: It’s the doctor you choose and the government you live under. Besides that, there’s no reason a person should die from COVID.

Now, you don’t need a doctor and now you don’t need permission from the government. You can go to a pharmacy or go to a supermarket and buy an over-the-counter option of quercetin together with Zinc and Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

^^^ (Emphasis added.) ^^^

Together it creates a very powerful immune-boosting nutritional supplement. According to the FDA, I’m not allowed to make any claims except that it’s an immune booster and nutritional supplement. So what I’m going to say is the following: Quercetin and Vitamin C together form a functioning zinc ionophore — a zinc delivery system. Zinc is what it delivers, so you actually need zinc as well. You need the gun and the bullet.

And Vitamin D – the studies all show – Vitamin D3 levels between 50 and 70 virtually eliminate hospitalizations or admissions in the intensive care unit. It optimizes their immune system. So you need Vitamin D, then you need Zinc, which is the bullet. And then to form a functioning gun, you need Vitamin C and quercetin…

So….let’s recap….

Quercetin + Vit C
Vit D
Chelated Zinc

One may substitute HCQ or Ivermectin for the Quercetin + Vit C. Any of these three will work as the “gun” to deliver the zinc into the cells. It is the zinc which kills COVID. The Vit D acts to optimize the immune system and keep things from getting out of hand while the zinc does it’s thing.



By the way, for anyone interested…..

Ivermectin, in pill form, is available OTC in Mexico. Cheap. No prescription required. And did I mention….? It’s CHEAP.


And can I just say….?

I’m delighted to make this post today, a day after the Jan. 6 protest anniversary and (for all intents and purposes) the 2 year anniversary of the PLANNED-EMIC.

Again, h/t to kalkobalbs…

….and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to a true American hero and patriot…

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

comment image




By the way, in looking up Dr. Zelenko on his wiki page I found this tidbit…'s_FDA_approval_claim

Here is the whole thing…

In April 2020, Zelenko presented a lecture over Zoom to a group of physicians, in which he alleged that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had granted approval to a clinical trial he was helping organize.[14] The lecture was attended by conservative commentator Jerome Corsi, who had been collaborating with Zelenko on a telemedicine website. Corsi inadvertently sent an email mentioning that Zelenko had “an FDA approved randomized test of HCQ underway” to federal prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky, instead of Zelenko.[15] Zelinsky, who worked on former special counsel Robert Mueller‘s team, had previously questioned Corsi during the investigation of Roger Stone.[16]

According to Corsi, Zelinsky responded to his email and asked whether he had an attorney, and subsequently informed Corsi’s attorney that he had discovered that Zelenko’s study was not listed on a government website of FDA-approved clinical trials.[17]Zelinsky requested all communications between Corsi and Zelenko, including text messages, podcast documents, and marketing materials for their website, which Corsi supplied.[18] Zelenko denied any wrongdoing and said that he thought that his study had FDA approval because he had spoken with FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn.[14]


Zelenko talks to FDA boss Hahn, then gives a lecture that was attended by Jerome Corsi. Corsi then “inadvertently” sent an email to corrupt democrat Aaron Zelinsky, former member of the Mueller SC, which sparked an investigation into Zelenko.

Zelinsky requested all communications between Corsi and Zelenko, including text messages, podcast documents, and marketing materials for their website, which Corsi supplied.


Funny how that happened.

Corsi’s disgusting rat fink status confirmed! 😡


Btw, Hahn’s wiki page is a fascinating read, too.

Amazing what one can find online.


Moves and countermoves.

Can’t tell who is who without a program.



Amazing what is online. Just a matter of putting it all together.


You have more than you know.


But that Corsi thing…. I think we all knew. He had a hand in taking down Alex Jones, didn’t he? I forget the history there.

But I don’t want to derail from kalkokalb’s post.

Important to keep THAT in focus.

Quercetin + Vit C
Chelated Zinc
Vit D



For those unfamiliar with capers, they are the flower buds of the caper bush — picked while still swelling, and pickled. They are famously used in dishes like veal piccata, where they are delightful little squinches amongst the veal and the sauce. My preference is to do a brief rinse to get rid of most of the vinegar on the outside, but not a wash to get it out of the inside.

Caper bushes grow in various places around the Mediterranean Sea. I’ve grown them here in Silicon Valley, but put ’em in greenhouses over the winter.

I was at a company dinner one time and the idea of “capers in your fridge” came up, and I pointed out that it was quite unlikely that any of our staff know what they were — so we took a quick poll. It was zero for six.

You can get really tiny jars in your supermarket for really substantial prices, but you can get giant jars cheap as dirt at a restaurant supply outlet. The common size is “nonpareils”, which are about the size of a BB. You can get them much larger.


I knew capers from Europe . My mother put them in Chicken Fricassee.


Yes it is good with rice and used to be a Sunday dish in my parents house.


We add them to our homemade (Albacore tuna) fish dip.
Your choice of cracker at happy hour.  😆 


That sound good also 🙂


Except I hate capers. blech.


De gustibus non est disputandum….

I, myself, cannot enjoy oranges. I like lemons and limes. But my dad gave me an orange when I was a child and told me I could not put it down until I ate it. It got pretty grungy over the next 30 hours before he threw it away, and I have not eaten an orange since.


Nope. How do you think I got scurvy?

Deplorable Patriot

Not a caper fan, either. I have to watch what ingredients are in various things as intolerances keep popping up. The one that bites is cinnamon. My mom and I both have symptoms after eating cinnamon.


I have seen Zinc picolinate as a stand-alone supplement.

Zinc oxide (as listed in a daily multivitamin).

“Zinc (as Zinc Citrate, Zinc Picolinate, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate Complex)” as a Zinc stand-alone supplement.

And “Zinc Mono Methionine Chelate Complex” as part of a Zinc + Quercetin capsule supplement (Sandhus brand).

Are any / all Zinc forms interchangeable for our purposes, i.e., the Zelenko protocol?

Gail Combs

Spring Valley has a Calcium (1000mg), Magnesium (400 mg) & Zinc (15 mg) with D3 (600IU)
That is what I normally take. If I feel a virus coming on I take the 50 mg.

In winter I also take 5,000 IU of D3

Valerie Curren

I think I just bought that exact Spring Valley thing last night!


I find it easy to take my Zelenco Z-Pack. Other days I take my eye meds and green tea or Nettle or red onions.
I should buy separate quercetin.


Thank you! 👍


The usual two-capsule or two-chewable tablets daily dose of the PreserVision AREDS2 eye supplement has 80 mg pf Zinc — 727% of the daily value (DV) amount.
The 4-chewable tablets daily dose of Airborne has 8 mg of Zinc — 73% of the daily value (DV) amount.
Just a couple of examples of how Zinc is incorporated into the ingredients of OTC supplements.


I have on Areds for 20 years . I should have enough zinc in my body 🙂
On days when I take Areds2 I do not take Zelenco’s Z stack. I am concerned I overdose on it.


My understanding — and any corrections are very welcome — is that the “measured amount” in a zinc supplement is the amount of zinc. So 50 mg of zinc in zinc citrate, zinc picolinate, zinc or gluconate will each deliver the same amount of zinc to your system.

That said, my personal experience is that zinc citrate will turn my guts to hamburger, while zinc gluconate is well-tolerated.

So I believe that all zinc forms are interchangeable for the Zelenko protocol, but may be vastly different in other ways.


Excellent, thank you! 👍


Elderberries are delicious, too. You can buy dried ones. Some people hate capers. I love them.


The best thing about anything dried is it lasts forever if kept properly.


But that Corsi thing…. I think we all knew. He had a hand in taking down Alex Jones, didn’t he? I forget the history there.

Here’s what little I know. Corsi was somehow affiliated with AJ (in what capacity, I’m not sure). Corsi started doing Q interpretations which were far inferior to those of some others. Then at one point Corsi started to cast doubt on Q and to denounce him. But AJ did plenty to discredit himself. There is a video where he says he talked to Q. AJ was trying to make people believe he is the ultimate insider, when Q said there are no outside communications. As Gail noted, Q had warned about those trying to profit off of Q. He was talking about Corsi, and I thought maybe AJ too.

Gail Combs

Corsi’s disgusting rat fink status confirmed! 😡

YUP! As soon as I saw his name that is what I thought.

He was also trying to take down Q.

When Q warned of those profiting he was talking about Corsi.


I remember that. There always has been something strange with that guy.

Deplorable Patriot

Yeah, Corsi has been outed a number of times. What a slime.


Corsi was always suspect (rat fink) and now confirmed.


FLCCC IVM source list includes a few in Mexico.

Back when I was evaluating IVM sources, one in Mexico offered “insurance” if the off chance a shipment was intercepted by USPS.

My guess. Quite likely, order to delivery time from Mexico less than typical India ~fifteen days.

Would have pursued Mexico based on proximity AND insurance, had I not already had success with India.

FLCCC provider list:


Dr. Zelenko makes a very important argument about keeping one’s IMMUNE SYSTEM running as well as possible.
I believe I got COVID-19 in mid-February, 2020, after being exposed to it in a crowded restaurant (people coughing, etc.) in Chapel Hill.
I believe there’s a good chance that my own immune system was not at par at that time, as I had just spent the entirety of 2019 in intense therapy for PTSD. I can testify that a tough case of PTSD can compromise the immune system, no matter how many vitamins and supplements one takes. I believe my immune system was down far enough for the virus to breach it.
I believe people need to do whatever they can do keep their immune systems in top form. And if they’re in treatment for something (cancer, heart disease, PTSD, auto-immune condition, etc.), perhaps also to be careful about being in a crowd situation. NOT advocating masks, social distancing, etc. — just to be aware and listen to your body.

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Some may want to join the fight against Pelosi right now, and please feel free to “follow Darren Beattie into Pelosi’s breach”, but I think that MANDATES are going to kill these bastards at the polls, if we just help them commit electoral suicide.

Expose the “clot shot” risks more fully, and show that the mandates are MORE EVIL.

We need to make Democrats – destroying America for GREED under the cover of virtue signals – absolutely unelectable, and I think we can.

First we show how the “science” under Fauci, the CDC, the FDA, and the HHS was corrupt…

…a process well underway.

Then we tie that same scientific corruption, graft, and malfeasance to the “science” of “climate change”, and all THAT entails.

We successfully do this, we bury the political left for a generation, possibly three.



Yep. It’s a constant reinforcement of garbage. Like a computer……garbage in, garbage out.

Gotta shut off the flow of garbage in order to have any chance at grasping reality.

Cutting the cable is like John Nada putting on the sunglasses in “They Live”…

comment image

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Deplorable Patriot

The fastest way people start to use common sense again is to turn OFF the MSM. Completely.

Much easier said than done with certain age groups. I couldn’t get my parents unhooked from cable if I tried.


Nothing to do with age group. I am in your parents age group. Bordom not having an hobby or not using Internet as we do? Even if I did not have internet I have lots to do or find things to do.
One has to be careful with Internet also. Sometimes people find themselves on forums or places that are as bad as TV. I enjoy not hearing TV the quiet is nice.

Brave and Free



The fastest way people start to use common sense again is to turn OFF the MSM.

^^^ THIS IS what set me FREE, from the 24/7, orchestrated narrative. Dumbing me down.

Absolutely LIBERATING.


Asking again…

What is a reasonable supply of food for the coming shortages?

I’m thinking 3 months. What am I missing?

(thank you to kalkobalks for the response in yesterday’s post)




That would seem to represent a BIG change in habit and a significant time investment.

To say nothing of the cost.


Well, maybe it’s just me, but I’m beginning to suspect the current administration is not going to last that long.

The damage it is causing is a different story, although I read here in yesterday’s Open that PDJT says the damage can be easily and quickly reversed.


I’m with you.

I have been pretty pessimistic over the past six months or so about getting this bunch of usurpers out, but something has changed in the wind in the last two weeks.

I don’t know exactly what it is, and I can’t put a finger on it. But that comment by Trump solidified the feeling.

Maybe a sudden uprising by so many people that it overthrows the current government? Something else? I just don’t know.


It was a great statement by Trump. Would be nice if that interview with OAN/ Bobb went viral.


It was. Hopeful.


Absolutely agree, current administration won’t last three years. Who replaces a huge concern.

Not losing sight of fixing 2020, 2022 COULD totally throttle BiteMe, Hoe and all them socialists.

I was relieved when Trump said damage is easily fixed. I also believe it.

Gail Combs

You can go to something like My Patriot Supply but I rather do my own pick and choose.

You can get the big bags at Sams Club or BJs or Coscos.

Don’t buy anything you would not be willing to eat. I figure it is a SAVINGS because if I buy cases of the stuff I use NOW, then when the prices go up, I have saved. I also rotate stock.

If you want to talk cost and time investment, THINK FEED for my livestock. My back (and bank account) still has not forgiven me.


Peace of Mind. Potentially a huge dividend.

Change in habit easily accommodated. Time minimal, mostly an initial outlay.

Cost also mostly an initial outlay. Beyond that, electricity for the freezer and a place to put the stuff.

Black marker dates on cases or individual containers as appropriate.

Rotating stock is simple. Given the discipline, required organized mindset of pilots, simple. (It’s a compliment. 🙂

Nothing goes to waste. Net positive.


I collected over a year. I kept ordering 26 lb bucket grains , rice, oatmeal.
Every time I was at Cosco bought Tuna and sardines, beans, Ghee. Ordered extra dog and cat food. Ordered cans of chicken and beef. Have extra olive oil. I can make meals out of all of the items I have.
Get organic meat through Internet every 6 weeks. Also get fish 3 times a year.
I have canned some vegetables, some soups and bone broth to make more soups. Each need of family is different I believe. For two people it is easy.
Still have greens and carrots in the garden.

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“One showed me how little space it took for 1.5 years.”


If he showed you, he probably showed others, so chances are his stash will be the first to get raided.

You might as well do it, that way you’ll have something to share with him.

If anybody else takes his stash, he won’t get any at all 👍😁


I have a closed front porch I have heat in it but turnend it off. I keep my grains in buckets there and my flowers fig tree to overwinter. It is the coldest part of my home. I have maybe 7 buckets of grains all different type.


As lawyers are fond of saying, “circumstances alter cases.” Don’t tell us, but think about where you will likely be and what you will likely be doing. If, for instance, you think the crisis will ground all civilian air traffic, you’re going to come to a very different set of parameters than if you think that civilian (possibly cargo) air traffic will be protected — or if it will be militarized.

You can already thank your lucky stars that your homebase is not in NYC, Chicago, DC, LA, SF, Portland, or SeaTac. If you were there, I’d advise a positively insane amount of storage because things are going to get very weird and dangerous.


And it’s never a bad idea to stockpile metals — precision-shaped steel, brass, and lead.


Shoot. (pun intended)

I stopped buying that stuff a long time ago.

If SHTF, my family and friends have more than enough to supply me. Many, many times over.


Can you walk there and back?


Fwiw….I don’t think food shortages will affect air travel unless it be to specific destinations which people avoid by not going there. And I don’t think air travel will be militarized. That would be akin to marshal law, and this administration does NOT have the public credibility or political capital to afford that.



My thoughts IF I still lived in the heart of the Bay Area, San Jose.

You prolly know all of this.

Can’t imaging hunkering down in the Bay Area. I know the shit hole it was, AND IS likely far worse than I know.

Egress with nominal supplies AND ARMED, including CASH, would be the priority. Full tank of gas. Slink on over to rural highways such as CA/NV88. Open year round. Conservative solidly Red towns along the way. Given the low population, lots of gas and small IGA supermarkets. Auto parts stores and repair shops.

Zero chance I’d be found on I-5, 80, US 99, 50… CA 49 gives great tentacles in the Sierras. CA 4 closes in the winter. Even CA 120 through Yosemite drops onto US 395, Lee Vining. ~25 miles to NV. Very few will consider this route. CA 120 also closes for the winter. Downside of 120 through Yosemite is gas.

Get into NV, skipping Vegas and Reno easy. Rest of NV solidly Red. Easy access to ID, UT, western OR, WA and beyond.

Gail Combs

I did not see his response, but I have:

Quick Oatmeal
….dried cranberries
…..Dried banana chips
…..cinnamon, allspice, clove & nutmeg + splenda as sweetner

20 lb bag basmati rice (10 minute)
15 bean soup — I am lazy and decided against getting individual beans
Canned Chicken
dried mushrooms
Canned water chestnuts
onions, garlic, spices like turmeric, thyme, sage, rosemary…
You can get either canned ham or country ham that does not need refrigeration. There are also hard salamis

Other canned protein
Sardines IN OIL
Salmon IN OIL
tuna fish IN OIL
Peanut butter
Almond butter….
Wasa crispbread aka Hardtack😄 Crackers

canned (or dried) veggies, fruits, tomato paste,sauce,diced…
egg noodles & variety of pasta
Jars of Bertolli Alfredo Pasta Sauce and other sauces.Dried & canned milk

Olive oil. It will keep for a year or more and packs calories in a small space.
sugar (BARTER)
salt (BARTER)
flour (BARTER)
Distilled vinegar (Emergency food preservative)
regular Clorox for disinfecting water.

And if you can get them box matches.

All of the above are room temp storage.

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You want barter? Stockpile hooch. Be prepared to defend it.

Gail Combs

Well I do have a decent quantity of wine in my stock pile….


If it comes to barter, nobody will assign a premium for fine wines or fine liquors. It’s best to have a case of hooch than a bottle of single-malt; it’ll be better to have a case of plonk than a particularly nice vintage.



comment image


Better barter? Be able to MAKE IT.

I come from a long line of bootleggers, all the way back to the Original Thirteen Colonies.


Good selection. I have almonds and walnuts and raisins. Lots of spices. No peanut butter but need to buy almond butter or make my own. I could my own Almond butter.
I do not store noodles or items I can make myself but the items to make them. Have plenty of Kosher , sea salt, and pink salt. I also have lots of coconut oil vinegar all type and soap for washing clothe.
I could barter baking bread 🙂
Canned milk is also good to have beside dry milk. I have a pizza oven on my patio if we ever loose electricity or gas. I can bake bread in it or cook one pot meals or steak , chicken. I can convert it to wood or gas .


“What is a reasonable supply of food for the coming shortages?”



Too little, and you’ll be hungry. Too much, and you’re just wasting space and resources.

What you want is enough, plus a little extra, for a margin of safety.


“I’m thinking 3 months. What am I missing?”


That our government would even try to solve a food shortage? Which they created? Much less do it in 3 months?

If the government was even competent to solve a food shortage — which it isn’t.

Have you seen the people running our government?

Do they seem like problem-solvers?

It’s easy to break stuff, including supply chains.

That’s why Hussein and now [JB] are so successful, because it doesn’t take any talent or skill to destroy from within — not when people in government have to do whatever you say, no matter how stupid or dangerous it is to our country.

But fixing stuff, making stuff work, that’s hard.

And it’s not consistent with their objectives, declared or inferred.

They’re not here to fix things and make stuff work… that’s not their wheelhouse… 😉

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In hard times what works for people is knowing how to do things yourself. Know how to cook make healthy meals out of little. Get just the most basic is the best like grains. Have dried beans, lintels barley is basic and wheat berries , rye and oat. That is how I am stocked. Cans tomatoes, fish , meats, canned vegetables and a garden and have seeds. Dry milk can milk. different oils ghee and frozen butter. I am sure I missed things.


I have noticed that we have many here who are accomplished cooks and bakers, from scratch, using all of the most basic ingredients. Both of my grandmothers had those skills. A little of that was transmitted to my Mom, and that’s as far as it went.

I may be the only one, but if I had sacks of flour, or sacks of grains, etc., unless I was cooking for an army (or a really big family), it doesn’t seem very practical.

And many of the foods frequently mentioned as being good for storage are things I have either never eaten, or wouldn’t normally eat, unless of course I was starving.

For example, I don’t like beans. I wouldn’t know a lintel from a yard weed. I’ve never heard of a wheat berry.

I like fresh tomatoes, but not enough to eat canned tomatoes. Frozen fish is fine (as long as the freezer works), but I would probably have to lose half my body weight before I’d eat canned fish. 😁

For those of us who are not Grizzly Adams or Julia Child, there has to be a different approach.

Going by what I regularly read that people stock up on here, what follows might be spartan by comparison, but hopefully, good enough to survive.

Something like the following:

Bottled water (several cases)
Water filter for tap water (something like a Brita, minimum)

Campbell’s Chunky Steak and Potato Soup, canned (or similar)
Beef Jerky (Slim Jim or other)
Frozen steak
Frozen hamburger patties
Frozen chicken
Frozen fish
Pepperoni (fresh sliced seems to last at least a couple months, refrigerated)
Salami (fresh sliced seems to last at least a couple months, refrigerated)
Eggs (good for maybe a month, might be good for a week or two past expiration date)
Hot Dogs (can be frozen)

Onions (bag of onions seems to last about 3 months before going bad)
Serrano Peppers (can be frozen) (Jalapenos don’t seem hot anymore)
Corn (canned or frozen ears)
Potatoes (fresh or boxed mashed potatoes or boxed cheese scalloped potatoes, etc.)
Peanuts (dry roasted, salted, canned or jarred)
Pickles (jarred)
Peppers (Jalapeno slices, Banana pepper rings, jarred)
Soups (canned or dry/add water)

Butter (several pounds, can be frozen)
Cheese (Swiss, Cheddar, etc., sliced or block) should be good for at least several months refrigerated
Parmesan (e.g., Kraft, grated, for spaghetti) should last many months refrigerated

Other (starches? Home-Ec was a long time ago!):
Bread, any kind (refrigerated lasts at least two months past expiration date, or can be frozen)
Spaghetti sauce (jarred)
Minute Rice – boxes (and boxes)
Boxes of Mac ‘N Cheese
Pizza (frozen)
Crackers (Triscuit, Saltines, whatever)

Seasonings / Condiments
Red Hot Sauce
Soy Sauce (for rice)
Frozen Lemon Juice

I managed to survive on a whole lot less than the above when I was in college… if I’d had all that, I’d have been living like a king… 😁

If you are only needing to feed one or two people, it seems like the above should be sufficient to survive for a good while, at least 3 to 6 months or longer, depending on the quantity of canned/jarred/dry goods.

One standard refrigerator/freezer should do for the rest, if you pack the freezer section tightly.

Dry goods, canned goods and jarred goods should only take up two or three kitchen cabinets.

In the event of some kind of national emergency where ‘shelter in place’ is a good option, eat the stuff that will go bad first, save the rest for last, and look for opportunities to resupply anything with shorter expiration dates (milk, eggs, cheese, lunch meats, etc.).

Two meals a day should be plenty, unless you have growing kids. Adults could survive on one meal a day if necessary. Figure out how much you need per day, and in the event of an emergency, ration what you have to make it last as long as possible.

If the situation turns Mad Max, most homes (city or suburban) will be targeted by roving mobs anyway, in which case, prepping is moot. If civil order is minimally maintained, if the government is functioning at all, then opportunities to resupply basic necessities should emerge at least periodically, until the emergency passes.

Seems like the food list above could be made to last 6 months, or stretched close to a year, if you have enough canned / jarred / dry goods, and you can tolerate a lack of greater variety.

Seems like vegetables and dairy are the (or at least my) weakest links.

Plenty of vitamins / supplements available to cover for nutrients missing or insufficient from food sources.

I would guess that most people in America could survive for at least a month or two without prepping at all, based on what they normally have in their home, if they:

A) don’t panic
B) ration what they have / cut back on daily consumption to make what they have last

Maybe we’ll find out, hopefully we won’t need to.


You are funny concerning lintels. I never knew what corn was and dislike corn bread and do not eat corn 🙂
I grew up on Herring and sardines and smoked fish. Yes it is all cultural. I kike cabbage soup my husband does not 🙂
Grains is easy and my husband goes through a bucket of oatmeal easy within a year only eating for breakfast. I can make flour out of oatmeal or lintels and barley and even some type of beans to make high protein bread. We do not eat much beans at all and I do not buy snacks like corn chips. I canned a lot of peppers I use in cooking or in salad. Not crazy about pickles but have some. I will eat almost anything and not picky so all is good hear.
I could make breads for neighbors if needed and my stash of rye and wheat would go fast…:) Good to make noodles .


Fresh corn on the cob, when cooked right, is great with melted butter, and holds salt really well 😁

I wouldn’t normally eat canned corn, but I would in a food shortage scenario.

I’m not crazy about pickles either, but my vegetable list was pretty short and missing very much green. I like salad, but the lettuce won’t keep for long. Pickle spears are often served with lunch meat sandwiches at restaurants, which is how I developed a taste for them, and about the only time I eat them.

All this talk about food is making me hungry 😂


I know I have to smell my husbands baking now that he has a toy. Funny thing is I do not eat bread or very seldom and it has to be European strong bread hard crust.
Corn is chicken food 🙂


Lentils are legumes (like peas and beans, but smaller) that are shaped like tiny flying saucers and can be various colors. Lintels are horizontal beams often found over doors and windows and famously decorated in Exodus 12:22-23.


The traditional way of preserving meats is cured hams, smoked turkey, and the like. If you’re going to freeze all your meat items, then your entire freezer will need to be protein. If you go with smoked/cured meats (and sausages, including such as salami), you can invest in a meat slicer and be your own deli. And don’t forget BACON!!!!

The last time we were in Florence, some years back, we went to a well-known restaurant named “Il Latini” [IL LATINI]. It’s first-come, first-served and fills up fast. The staff eat in the restaurant before it opens and you get to watch them through the windows as they smoke cigarettes, drink wine, and eat.

Although it has an international following, it is decorated very simply. The walls are light-colored, and there is white lattice from which hangs a bunch of cheesy Italian restaurant decorations…..

Until we’d actually gone in, gotten seated, began eating, and watched one of the staff casually walk out and cut a link of sausage off one of the “decorations” before walking back into the kitchen.

The Old Ways are very robust.

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You can freeze most cheezes (or freese most cheeses, if you prefer). The reason Kraft Parmesan keeps so long is that it’s barely cheese. If you’re going to end-up baking, nonfat dry milk is quite useful.


You can stash a variety of dry pasta and rice, and eliminate a bunch of the stuff you have in boxes [“minute rice”, “mac’n’cheese”, etc.]. You might also start playing with Bisquick [ ] — it can be used to make things like pizza crusts, pancakes, biscuits and such in astonishingly low portions (for one or two), many of which come out nicely in a toaster oven.

Deplorable Patriot

Good question.

And here’s the follow-up:

How do you convince the people who consider having extra food around “hoarding” and buying non-perishables to keep as a stock that this is in their long-term best interest? Just fighting for freezer space is an issue.


Not trying to be the smart ass, I typically am..

Find a space AND buy another freezer. Space argument evaporates.

SO long as food, (frozen, canned, dry goods, etc.) do NOT go to waste, NO loss. Reality a hedge against inflation.

I never toss my prep stuff. IF shelf life becomes an issue, I either box it up and send to family in the Philippines OR donate locally.

  • Local food donations ONLY go to group that supports our county. Never cash.

Even OTC are kept beyond date on the packaging. Controlled environment, so not a huge concern by me.


How do you convince the people who consider having extra food around “hoarding” and buying non-perishables to keep as a stock that this is in their long-term best interest?”


You don’t. It’s a waste of time, unless you just enjoy the exercise.

It does not appear that we can convince people of anything they don’t want to believe. Not here, and not offline.

For example, nothing I say in this reply will convince you of anything, if you don’t want to believe it — unless you do it just to be contrary, just to prove me wrong. That’s not very rational, but it is very human 😁

Assuming you were referring to convincing family members, if you have tried more than three times, and it hasn’t worked, is there any reason to think it is going to work on the 3,000th time?

Either get new family members, or if that is not practical (which it almost never is), the other option is to work around the obstacle presented.

That’s it. If there’s a ‘third way’, I don’t know what it is.

You could try bargaining, but that’s not convincing, that’s an exchange for value.

You could try bribery or other manipulation, but such things are often ethically questionable at best, and /or require more maintenance / ongoing effort than it is worth.


“Just fighting for freezer space is an issue.”


It seems like you have two basic choices.

1) take control with regard to this specific thing and stop arguing (or trying to convince). This will work better if you are doing most of the work anyway (i.e., shopping, cooking, cleaning). They don’t want to do it, so ceding control to you in this limited area would be a reasonable trade-off, in order to remain disengaged while you do most of the work

2) if #1 won’t work, then segmentation / compartmentalization may be the next best option. You do your thing and take care of you, and let them do their thing and take care of themselves.

With regard to the food issue, you might try a second refrigerator / freezer, with a LOCK on it. Or just a second freezer, if space is an issue.

And a chest of some sort for dry goods, with a LOCK on it. The chest could go in your bedroom.

Having your own separate freezer and dry goods storage chest, LOCKED, which you fill with items you believe should be hoarded, and which only you have access to, solves the problem unilaterally.

No more convincing required. 👍 😁


Yours truly has 4+ months’ supplies, with rotations.
Say what one will about the Mormons, here are what I think are some good reference ideas about their food storage requirements, calculators, etc. —

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Gail Combs

“….In particular, an early 2018 release of a less pathogenic ancestor…”

Well that explains my friend and I getting the Coof in the fall of 2018.

Gail Combs

Wasn’t Baric zipping back and forth to Wuhan to help set up their lab? I think it was Glen Beck who documented that.


….The BSL-4 facilities were accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) in January 2017,[5] with the BSL-4 level lab put into operation in January 2018.[11] …..

The National Bio-safety Laboratory has strong ties to the Galveston National Laboratory in the University of Texas.[13] It also had ties with Canada‘s National Microbiology Laboratory until WIV staff scientists Xiangguo Qiu and her husband Keding Cheng, who were also remunerated by the Canadian government, were escorted from the Canadian lab for undisclosed reasons in July 2019.[14] Researchers from the WIV have also collaborated in gain of function research on coronaviruses with American colleagues.[15] <— UNC & Ralph Baric



Pass a law that makes it a federal felony, with HARSH penalties, to “doctor” or otherwise fraudulently alter any data re: “climate change”. Make this law retroactive.


Open congressional investigations, specifically following the $$.


Tie it all to the democrat party, it’s major donors and leadership….past and present.


Send the bastards to prison.



RICO laws?


Pass a law that makes it a federal felony, with HARSH penalties, to “doctor” or otherwise fraudulently alter any data re: “climate change”. Make this law retroactive.


“No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts shall be passed.” —Utah Constitution, Article 1, Section 18 (see also Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution)

A fundamental principle of law in our country is that of prospective application—that laws should apply to individuals and actions in the future as opposed to retroactively in the past.

For this reason, both the United States and Utah Constitutions expressly prohibit “ex post facto” laws—laws that apply after the fact. This principle was so obvious to the Constitution’s framers that some even opposed its inclusion, arguing that it was unnecessary.”


Open congressional investigations, specifically following the $$.


This thing called a ‘congressional investigation’, has anyone actually seen one of these things in action?

When was the last time any ‘congressional investigation’ ever accomplished anything remotely related to holding anyone accountable, for anything?


“STEP 3:
Tie it all to the democrat party, it’s major donors and leadership….past and present.”




“STEP 4:
Send the bastards to prison.”


Who will send them to prison?

Why would they go?

When they get there, who’s going to let them in, without a conviction?

Who is going to convict them, without a trial?

Why would they show up for trial, without being charged?

Who would charge them, without evidence?

Who would gather evidence, without a criminal investigation?

Who would criminally investigate, without cause?

What cause is sufficient to require an investigation?

Which agency or department of government is both lawfully authorized to conduct such an investigation and sufficiently uncorrupted to actually do it?

If any such agency or department exists, why would the head of that department or agency allow such an investigation to go forward?

If such an investigation did somehow go forward, why would the institution not protect itself, and by extension, the targets of any such investigation?

If any such investigation succeeded, and someone worth prosecuting somehow managed to be convicted, why would the institution not again protect itself, by issuing a pardon?

If the convicted party is pardoned, who will hold the pardoner, the WH occupant, accountable?

Will that require another investigation?

Who will investigate?


When was the last time any ‘congressional investigation’ ever accomplished anything remotely related to holding anyone accountable, for anything?

And everybody sing… the wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round

😂 🤣 😂

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Valerie Curren

Advise not holding one’s breath here 😉



Anyone here have any experience with a Zojirushi Bread Maker (or a “Zo”, as I understand the are called)?

They are pricy but the claims are they are worth the cost.



(1) This is the sort of thing that Consumer Reports is made for.

(2) That said, once you start fiddling with bread machines that have detailed “modes”, the more you realize that you could do the same yourself with a kitchen timer. Further, you start thinking about how you could buy a budget bread machine and a grain mill attachment for your KitchenAid and be in a better place — or even skip the bread machine and get some bread pans.


Whatever you do, leave yourself room for experimentation — and if things start getting out of control, like dumplings attempting to take over your kitchen, don’t hesitate to just dump the batch…….trying to pretend it’s still edible may end up with unpleasant consequences.


Yeah, but I’m as lazy in the kitchen as I can be. The bread maker would be part of my prep supplies. 😉


You’ll have electricity???

The more you learn about baking bread, you get knowledge about brewing beer as a bonus. There’s even a step in brewing called “dough-in”.

Making bread is very easy, but requires hours. Fortunately, most of those hours are waiting for the yeastie-beasties to get to the next stage. It’s like five minutes, then wait 50, then five minutes, then wait 50, then five minutes and cook for 30 minutes. If you concentrate on your “committed time”, you’ll include the waits and think it’s a pain. If you concentrate on the “active time” and let a timer wait for you, it’s not bad and even lazy people could do it.

The only advantage to bread machines is that they do the waiting and processing in one box without human intervention.


Yes, I will have electricity, and that only advantage is exactly why I’m getting one!


I’ve got one (now antique) and have had a bunch of fun with it. It was a Consumer Reports top rated way back when.

Look into getting a grain mill (KitchenAid has one as an attachment to their stand mixers). You can vary the “tooth” of a bread by varying how fine its flour is milled — like having a fine wheat/barley bread with toothsome bits of oats. You can throw in odd grains like heirloom rice, rye, spelt, teff, einkorn, millet, amaranth, buckwheat (actually not a cereal), maize, and others. When your loaf comes out and you toast a slice, you can pretend it’s costing you $10 a slice at some Michelin-rated restaurant….


I’ve had a KitchenAid grain mill for many years and love it. It is fun to grind various dry grains and make my own multi-grain mix.


There are a ton of accessories….the grain mill is one of the most fun.


“When your loaf comes out and you toast a slice, you can pretend it’s costing you $10 a slice at some Michelin-rated restaurant….”


You mean some place where they serve fancy food while they change your tires?


If you’re gonna pretend, you could just pretend like you have bread… save yourself a lot of hassle… 👍😁


Actually, the Michelin restaurant rating system is kind of a hoot. They started out with road guides, like AAA, but then got caught up in the restaurant reviews.

A one-star restaurant is worth a day trip to eat there.

A two-star is worth significant travel.

A three-star is worth intercontinental travel.

Gail Combs

I’m cheap, I go for bread pans…. And let Hubby do the baking. 😋



Along with back up plans when simple fails.

Gail Combs

PAN BREAD — Can be made on a Coleman stove or a charcoal grill in an emergency
Skillet Flatbreads
Skillet Corn Bread

Swedish Pancakes
comment image
comment image


Thanks. Captured the links. Plan B and C, IF we lose power or NG is, use Coleman and charcoal..


NOW yer talkin !
I love a fresh bread, but a hot corn bread baked in a cast iron skillet is hard to beat.  😀 


Consumer Reports IS, itself over rated, over BELIEVED in… CR also has an agenda. Quit reading them, subscribing to them. Stepped off that Merry go round, ~20 years ago.


You do have to be careful. My favorite anecdote in this regard was when they were doing comparisons of shower heads. One of them was totally over-the-top better than all the rest….so they checked, and it was clearly in violation of Federal water flow limits.

So they ratted-out the manufacturer to the Feds.


I am with you. I do not even mind making bread without a machine all by hand. I have a Swedish bread mixer. I have a Kitchen Aid also and now my husband had to have a bread maker. He just wants to play in the kitchen and it is for him.

Deplorable Patriot

No. When I did make bread, part of the fun was kneading and getting an upper body workout.

I don’t do that anymore. Gluten.


Same with me. I used to make all kinds of yeast breads and cakes, then we found out the whole family had to go gluten-free.That was before there was so many options at the grocery stores, so I learned to bake everything for a family of 8 with gluten-free flours. I enjoyed that, too, but still miss kneading the wheat dough. Gluten-free dough is just not the same.


IIRC, we have had a Zojirushi bread maker. Mid 90s. Easy to use. Great bread. We didn’t properly care for the teflon aspect of the pan, OR it was poorly manufactured. Few bells and whistles, but had a timer. We woke to the aroma of fresh baked bread in the morning. 🙂

One NorEaster or whatever east caost DC folks call them. 96 while living in Waldorf, MD, huge snow storm. Roads closed, government shut down of course, many businesses not able to open. We baked loaves of bread for several neighbors.

Very early Covid, we purchased another bread maker. Don’t recall the brand. This IS part of our prep. Along with yeast, flour, powder milk…


My husband bought one this Christmas I think for himself 🙂 He used to have a bread maker before and loved tinkering around with it. So this big box came trying to use it today first time. I do not care as much except easy if I have little time and need to produce something quick.
The You Tube has lots of videos on the use of it. I let you know tomorrow after he make the bread or later this afternoon.


BTW. Zojirushi rice cookers work great, for many years. Decades of experience here. 🙂


Is the rice pot worth it?


Well, it is a bit of sticker shock. Which I got used to. DW makes rice everyday.

If we didn’t make rice constantly, I’d suggest no, not worth it.


I do not eat rice often neither my husband. My daughter has one to make oatmeal in it. My husband uses the microwave.
No I do not need one. Thank you 🙂


If you spent a couple of weeks at the Kalbs household, eating the delicious meals that Mrs. Kalbs was using the daily rice for, you might start thinking about it…. 🙂


I am sure. I used to make dishes with rice but when one gets older one cannot eat those things without gaining weight.
I have to be careful with starches.


I dunno. Seems kinda thin. Almost like clickbait.

The woman is missing and even the article does not say “presumed dead”, although she might be. But how her disappearance is linked to Maxwell doesn’t seem to be explained by the article.

Speaking of murder and Maxwell, though….

…Epstein didn’t kill himself…

…on Bill Barr’s watch.

I’ve got $100 says he isn’t dead and another $100 says Maxwell’s conviction gets overturned on appeal a year or two from now.

The fact that the DoJ dropped it’s slam dunk charges against the prison guards is my ante.


Those are two sucker’s bets.



Lots of things to think of. On reading about Fauci’s optimization of antibodies, to the exclusion of most anything else, I was reminded of the aphorism from software development: «Premature optimization is the root of all evil.» The idea there is that optimizing some part of the code before knowing if it needed optimization, and causing the resulting code to be hard to understand or hard to maintain, is a net loss. It is also similar in sense to «If it ain’t broke don’t fix it», except in this case, it is fixing before even knowing if it is broke or not.

I’ve also noticed that the «official» story of the Jan-6 event is a massive strawman-production, with exaggerations, conflations and false accusations piled on top of lies in a fabrication of a completely false narrative. Since it has managed to fool so many for so long, it has stuck by now. And really — if a journalist or a media outlet has bought this, the question comes up: What else of this kind of junk have they bought? Can I expect any of their output to not be suspect from now on? This can be a useful filter, though it won’t be perfectly reliable. And what other such narratives are there, where the pile of lies are harder to identify as such?


If you start optimizing before you can throw a profiler on it, you’re already into malpractice.


“China set up a red herring for the world to ‘discover’ at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and its local seafood wet market, suggesting an unfortunate but understandable accident was being thinly concealed.”


I don’t know…

Liability still attaches to ‘accident’, and ‘losing’ a deadly bio-engineered virus is gross negligence at very best.

And no country in the history of the world could bear the liability of restitution for destruction of the global economy and compensation for however many hundreds of millions have been (and will be) injured, and compensation for the families of those who have been killed.

So it seems like setting up any such red-herring, even if it worked, would be self-defeating.

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Don’t forget that Fauxi and his pals and minions share responsibility for COVID. That could very well mean US taxpayers could end up paying for a lot of that. I wish we could blame every bit of this on China, but that’s not reality.


“Don’t forget that Fauxi and his pals and minions share responsibility for COVID.”


Yes, but Fauxi and his pals, as part of a much larger criminal enterprise, are also covered by Trump’s Executive Orders covering corruption of all kinds. Which for some reason, [JB] has been prevented from undoing.

Those Executive Orders extend to all of the higher ups, the deepest pockets.

If those Executive Orders are ever actually enforced, the asset forfeitures and seizures (fiat currency, personal property, real estate, art, gold, equities, crypto, businesses, patents, etc.) would be nearly inconceivable.

Potentially hundreds of trillions of dollars.


Don’t you just LOVE IT when someone cares enough to respond to a question?

That’s awesome!




So glad you asked the question.


Wow, what a post, Wolf! Thank you for all that information, which I’m going to have to come back and read later, and save.

(GrandmainTexas, we miss you.)


So impressive!

For those not familiar with it (as I wasn’t), click on “Wolf Moon” in Wolf’s comment here about the elevator pitch. It will take you to the comments and you can TES’s reply to Wolf. 👍🏼

Valerie Curren

Thanks for the tip!






All good thoughts toward GMIT. Here’s hoping her every joy. May she tell us about ’em soon.


Our neighbors with the Bengals just decamped.



Father God, I now follow your command to put on the full armor of God, because my battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world.

I first pray on the Belt of Truth that it may be buckled around my waist, may I be centered and encircled by your truth dear Lord. Hem me inside all that is true and right, and may I be protected and held up by the truth of your living word, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Breastplate of righteousness, please protect my vital organs and my inner man, cover my integrity, my spirit, and my soul. Guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life, please strengthen and guard the most vulnerable places in my life with that which is right, good, and noble that I might not receive a fatal blow from the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Gospel Shoes of Peace. I choose to stand in the shoes of your good news, and on the firm foundation of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the solid eternal rock. All other ground is sinking sand, I pray that I will not slip or fall, but that my feet would be firmly fitted on your lordship, my Lord Jesus. I choose to stand on you, so that the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, the eternal Rock of Ages. I receive your holy peace now my Lord, from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray the Shield of Faith into my hand now. As I take up the shield of faith, I ask that you might extinguish every dart and arrow, that is launched from the enemy to take me down spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and every attempt of the enemy to destroy my joy. I ask that my faith in you would make it flame out. Extinguish every flaming arrow that would come against me, my life, my family, my home, or my ministry. May my faith always be out in front of me like a shield. Give me the courage to “faith my fears” by choosing to walk by faith and not by sight, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Helmet of Salvation, that you might protect my mind from the thoughts that can lead me astray. I choose to take every thought captive, and arrest all intentioned ideas and motives that would harm others, or distract me from your holy will for me. I submit every captured thought to the Lordship of my Lord Jesus Christ, and ask that you would imprison those thoughts that are not of you my Lord. Transform my mind and renew my thinking that I may think God thoughts, and have a sober mind that is focused on your glory. Please protect me from being double minded that I may allow my mind, I reject to live an earthly life, because I choose to live a holy one, governed by you My Lord Jesus, the prince of peace, please have my mind to be saturated with the holy mind of Christ, in my Lord Jesus name.

Finally, I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the holy word of God, I pray this powerful offensive weapon into my hand, and ask that your holy word would be fitting for every encounter I face. As the enemy gets close to me, please give me the insight, wisdom, and skill to wield the word of God to drive away the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.