DEAR KAG: 20220107 – The Pub is OPEN / TES Special Edition / Pimp Your Coof Kit / Dealing With Uncertainty / ThEthSkep’s Big Fix of All Things Coof: CCP Hiding Chinese 2018 Release of SARS-CoV-2 Virus

The Pub is OPEN!

Yeah, we still have staffing problems, but who doesn’t under China Joe?

While off to a rocky start, we are staying open as many days of the week as possible, just like some of the small businesses that I patronize.

Keep up that LOCAL PRESSURE on the Biden cabal by going to school board meetings and supporting TRUE non-monopoly capitalism – it SKEERS Kapo and Little Red Jen somethin’ FIERCE.

Likewise, patronize those SMALL BLOGS that provide new viewpoints and ideas!

We Serve Whiskey And Guns To Indians Here!

Yup! FREEDOM is GOOD TROUBLE, and we’re in favor of it, for everybody, much to the consternation of our local maskies and vaxxies.

I had the special pleasure of being “refused service” by a maskie recently – he simply walked away from the cash register and went into the back. Some of it was due to race. Having been “not served” because of race before, I can spot that fairly easily, and this person was not exactly “hard to read”.

Three other staffers (all forced to wear masks, sadly) came to my assistance and took my order.

I maintained a pleasant demeanor, as part of one of several psychological warfare tactics that I have adopted recently, in fighting against the VAXZIS and MASKZIS.

While our beloved REAL bartender takes a needed break of unknown duration, we continue to ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE.

So what’s on the ODD BAR’S CRAZY MENU this week?

We’ve served alcohols our first week, including menthol, ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine.

Next, we served amines , including second generation antihistamines.

Today, we’ll toast each other with an element that we’ll borrow from Steve…..

…..and some very special natural alcohols and derivatives, including among the 4 of them, 3 terpenoids, 2 phenols, 1 ester, and 1 ether.

More on these wonderful “liqueurs” later!

Christmas Spirit

There’s still time to spread omicron! GET BUSY!!!

While we do have some members out with Omicron now, including Brave and Free, the real question is whether we’re going to see a big peak in March and April, like we did in 2020.

And if you’re gonna get sick, you might at least consider having some willing cohort, looking for that natural immunity, to get sick with you!

thank you
thank you pictures

Ah, thanks to SMILEY for reminding me of the goofy fun of these wonderful but stupid GIFs called “Blingees”!

And now, the rules of the pub.


God bless us, every one! Tiny Tim had such a beautiful soul. He hadn’t a mean bone in his body…unlike most of us. But in keeping with Christmas, we promise to honor Wolf’s rules and keep Scrooge at bay. The Utree is where the Ghost of Christmas Present will conduct you should you need to rattle some chains. Another option, should all hell break loose is here.

Now, back to business.


Current Art On The Wall

Now for something a bit different…..

Vector background. Molecules and chemical formulas

…..and something a bit more familiar.

David Teniers the Younger (1610–1690), The Alchemist, ca. 1643–45. Oil on panel, 20 1/8 x 28 in (51 x 71 cm). Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, Braunschweig (139)


TES Special Edition

As one of the early “discoverers” of The Ethical Skeptic on Twitter, I was happy that I was able to get a few people interested in his precise and well-considered thoughts on things – especially regarding the phony scamdemic. TES was always utterly perturbed by the bad science of the “pandemic”, and worked on a daily basis to “correct the fact checkers” – which was all of hilarious, sad, and joyful.

After I was kicked off Twitter, I rarely saw him, due to my own laziness, really, but in 2021, some GREAT links to The Ethical Skeptic’s work popped up here. THANK YOU, to all who follow him and keep us informed.

THIS was a classic.



This work really helped me to GRASP and understand the leftist tactic of “pretending not to know”, and – more importantly – how to spot it.

So let’s look at some of his even more recent stuff.

Pimp Your Coof Kit


This one got us all thinking about “coof kits”, and GA/FL suggested some of us putting up our own versions. I initially thought that this might not be a good idea, because people’s needs and medical situations really VARY – one of the main reasons that “practicing medicine without a license” is actually a bad idea in normal times. I thought it better to have a broader discussion.

However, I just realized that I did put up a kind of “minimal” kit last week, and it’s worth looking at it.

This kit was designed for people who DON’T have a smart plan already figured out, and don’t want to investigate “hard to find” things like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Here is what I had, followed by my earlier reasoning. The main change is adding Vitamin C, as discussed below.

Wolf’s COVID Care Package

  • Thermometer (thermal digital is easiest)
  • Antigen test kit(s) (yeah, good luck finding one, although they are coming back after New Years)
  • Antihistamine of your choice (Claritin, Zyrtec, and Allegra are the easiest – 1-2 a day)
  • Aspirin (regular, or low-dose if your stomach doesn’t like it – 1 a day)
  • Listerine or Betadine mouthwash/gargle for mouth and throat
  • Vitamins C and D, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Multivitamin including Selenium.
  • Quercetin (including natural sources) or Green Tea
  • Saline or other nasal spray, rinse, or wash of your choice

The thermometer tells you when to use your precious test kit – when you suddenly have a fever and a sore or tingly throat.

The test kit gets you a positive diagnosis that opens doors for things like antibodies, or an official test.

A positive test means you can BEGIN TREATMENT at THERAPEUTIC DOSES.

The antihistamine insures that YOU WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY NOT DIE, because it stops the second, allergic, inflammatory stage of COVID in its tracks.

The aspirin makes doubly sure you won’t get clots, but be careful – don’t take it if you’ve had trouble with aspirin. Talk to your doctor if unsure.

The gargles (Listerine or Betadine) massively reduce viral load and speed time to recovery.

The saline and nasal washes lower viral load, and maintain nasal breathing.

The quercetin and green tea help zinc’s antiviral action by increasing cellular zinc levels.

The vitamins and mineral supplements keep you at antiviral levels of these things. In particular, zinc and vitamin D3 need to be at non-deficient levels.

Please consult authoritative sources from TRUE medical doctors like the ones at

Cthulhu noted that I hadn’t mentioned Vitamin C – I have now added that, because it’s likely to help and can’t hurt (“First, do no harm”) and also follows the McCullough Principle (“Signals of Benefit, Acceptable Safety”). I don’t think it’s nearly as important as the antihistamine and “clot-blocker”, but I do have to admit that Vitamin C was certainly far better than nothing when I survived Wuhan with only mild lung damage.

What I’m going to do now is to encourage all of YOU to talk about your “war chests” and “coof kits”, and explain your reasonings about things.

This will help people who are deciding what THEY might want to add to their kits – OR REMOVE, if there is something better for their particular situation.

Remember – everybody has their own unique medical needs.

I will put my thoughts in the comments, just like everybody else.

NOW – about those natural “essential oils” in Listerine.

Let’s look at them.



Eucalyptol (2 views)

Methyl salicylate

These are all natural substances of roughly the same molecular size and composition (mostly carbon and hydrogen with 1-3 oxygen atoms), all of them being either pungent oily liquids or smelly, vaporous crystalline solids.

There are some relations between these things.

Thymol is basically menthol where the 6-membered ring has been made benzenoid – meaning like benzene – with 3 double bonds.

Notice that methyl salicylate is also benzenoid. Methyl salicylate is related to aspirin, and has similar activities. Don’t drink Listerine, even though the amounts are (believe it or not) rather small.

Eucalyptol is also structurally related to menthol, although it’s harder to see. Try to see it.

All of these natural substances, when isolated from their sources, were very early pharmaceuticals. They ALL have pharmacological activities, which many would regard as “primitive” by today’s standards, and yet, gargling Listerine is PROVEN to be extremely effective in reducing viral load of COVID-19 variants – about 80% as effective as iodine solutions.

Why might this be? Here is just ONE small line of immunological evidence.


To be honest, we’re a bit late to the game here. Native Australians from the first wave of immigration, roughly 65,000 years ago, discovered the utility of eucalyptol by their own investigations.


Here is some additional information about early Australian medicine using natural products.


There is a great picture of what is essentially a native doctor’s medical bag in the second link. When it freaks you out a bit, let it. This is a way of getting you to appreciate human intelligence outside your modern experience.

Lastly – IODINE.

I have not tried this, and I am not sure I would like it, but it’s a viable option, IMO. I actually like Listerine, and it worked for me on delta, so I’m happy with that. I did NOT try Listerine in the nasal cavity. Not sure that I’d like that. I stuck to saline.

I did find a paper that showed Listerine to be roughly 80% as effective as povidone-iodine.

Here is link to a review which states something similar, and a summary of the review.


Executive summary


  • A review of literature was conducted regarding the use of commercially available antiseptics and SARS-CoV-2.


  • Povidone-iodine (betadine), ethanol and essential oils (Listerine) and a combination of xylitol and iota-carrageenan (purified from red marine algae) were shown to reduce viral load of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro by 3–4 log10 in 30 s.
  • Chlorhexidine, a widely used oral rinse, does not act as quickly in reducing viral load in 30 s as povidone-iodineI, but binds to cell proteins, extending protection.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is not as effective as other oral rinses in vitro and cell toxicity is a concern.
  • Hypertonic saline is not directly virucidal, but halts replication by increasing hypochlorous acid inside the cell.


  • Several commonly used nasal antiseptics and gargles have shown efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 in vitro and clinical trials are currently underway to study their impact on disease course and transmission.

Future perspective

  • These commercially available products should be further evaluated due to their potential ability to reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses that are yet to emerge.

You can also make your own povidone-iodine gargles and nasal rinses – Dr. McCullough has retweeted a nice recipe for this. Click through to Twitter for more information.

Here is a great long post on all of these methods, including hydrogen peroxide – an alternative to iodine.


Do beware that some people need to be careful with iodine, including people with hypothyroid.



Dealing With Uncertainty



This is another GREAT article, talking about one of my FAVORITE complaints about modern science, which has resulted from a really SICK and UNHEALTHY compartmentalization, as well as insulation of scientists from internal criticism (lack of “herd review”). This condition has allowed all sorts of pathological science to gain ascendancy without check, balance, or proper community criticism.

For example, CLIMATE CHANGE gets more input from FINANCIERS than it does from the many scientists like me who think we are acting irrationally and presumptuously on ERRORS. These errors have been induced by the WRONG forces – beneficiaries not committed to truth – within a small pathologically influenced community – much like what’s going on with improperly influenced government science and the “clot shot”.

This piece by The Ethical Skeptic contains a graphic using a BULLSEYE which you really need to see. It makes a very important point about science – which I can apply DIRECTLY to Anthony Fauci.

Fauci’s extreme focus on antibodies to the spike protein as a nearly sole measure of “success” of the “clot shot”, is a perfect example of what TES is talking about.

I have referred to Fauci’s over-focus as “antibody hypnosis”. In fact, I see this kind of obsession and compulsion repeatedly throughout his career, and would wager that:

  • it’s why he always “wins” against the Judy Mikovitses and the Kary Mullises
  • it’s why he’s so highly paid
  • it’s why he’s tied to so many “grim reaper” experiments
  • it’s why corrupt industry loves him, and is in bed with him

TES makes a general point about the kinds of information which actually provide STRONGER PROOF – and this set includes something I love – INDEPENDENT CONFIRMATION BY ALTERNATE LINES OF REASONING – not just “duplication of results” and “confirmation of results” – which are both sadly lacking as well, but not nearly as important.

I have powerful, direct experiences in science with the need for RESOLVED DIVERSE INPUTS and AVOIDANCE OF HYPNOTIC REASONING as safeguards against pathological science.

However, THEY (and I mean “they”) are using various forms of hypnosis, including MASS, COMMUNITY, PEER, and INDIVIDUAL to advance science in ways that THEY want.

Human science is far more controlled than we either admit or understand.

Anyway, back to the article.

There is a quote from Elon Musk therein which is really worth your while, and which TES puts in the context of what he is talking about.

Bluntly, it feels wonderful to know that SOMEBODY GETS IT.

What Musk is talking about here is basically the “bullseye” metaphor that TES uses. And THAT is related to the following item.

While Fauci is very committed to the LEVELS of his antibodies, he has not properly processed feedback that would indicate he’s OPTIMIZING THE WRONG THING.

Here is a link to Steve Kirsch’s interpretation of Sucharit Bhakdi’s and Arne Burkhardt’s analysis of people who died after vaccination, showing that these deaths were ALMOST ALL related to the “clot shot”.


Kirsch REALLY explains this well. Malone takes note of this, too.

IMO, it would appear that Fauci is optimizing the WRONG ANTIBODIES in the WRONG WAY, because the vaccines are CREATING the WRONG ANTIBODIES in the WRONG PLACES.

Please read Kirsch’s article and then the Bhakdi-Burkhardt paper to understand this.


Now, Fauci may be optimizing the wrong antibodies in the wrong places for a variety of reasons. Those exact reasons are not nearly as important as the fact that they are simply WRONG.

I believe Bhakdi, Burkhardt, and Kirsch – this is a risky vaccine, and now we begin to understand WHY.

Based on this knowledge, I personally will not be taking these vaccines.

In my opinion, these results CLEARLY show that vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 should not be effected by IM injections of a full SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, and even more emphatically so, NOT by genetic vaccines delivered by IM injections. In my very early opinion, this is going to be a CLASSIC case for using RBD antigen (protein) and/or nasal delivery as a concession to the virus – with nasal delivery being used as a SAFETY feature and NOT merely a convenience.

To have SAFER vaccines for DISCRIMINATING SHOPPERS like me, we’re going to have to compromise with the virus. That’s just the way it is.

There may be SOME who thought that we could arrive at a compromise that would reduce human populations, but frankly I don’t like that deal.

In my opinion, ANYBODY with vascular, cardiac, clotting, or other issues like WANTING TO HAVE KIDS SOMEDAY, or NOT RISKING CANCER, should absolutely avoid the current clot shots.

In my opinion, the clot shot is stupidity advanced by greedy people who are controlled and manipulated by really evil people. In other words, it’s not stupid, greedy, or evil – it’s ALL OF THE ABOVE.

The DISEASE is no picnic, and I can see some people making the risk-benefit calculation in favor of the vaccine – particularly newer RBD antigen vaccines like Corbevax (Hotez/Baylor/India/open-source). But if people are dying in 5 years from experimental mRNA vaccines with the full spike protein – well, that is exactly like the RISK that one takes with SMOKING SOMETHING YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Seriously, most Americans would refuse to take a novel “legal” or illegal designer drug, given stories like the “bath salts” and “Parkinson’s heroin” experiences which shocked the public in horror headlines.

Parkinson’s from Designer Heroin (Ironically related to Paraquat)



VIDEOS: (warning – they’re really sad)

Effects of “Bath Salts” (Euphemism for CCP Designer Drugs)



The CLOT SHOT is a RISK, and not all of us will want to take that risk.

Mandating that risk is EVIL, IMO, and Democrats deserve to DIE AT THE POLLS in November for it.


They have BLOOD on their hands.

ThEthSkep’s Big Fix of All Things Coof



This is what I really wanted to show you, right here.

The Ethical Skeptic, or TES, or “ThEthSkep“, as I sometimes call him, has proven to my satisfaction that CCP lied even MORE than we previously thought possible.

Is this hard to believe? That we got CHUMPED by CHINA yet again?

Yeah. Getting chumped by China YET AGAIN is a thing.

I am tempted to try to construct an “elevator pitch” of ThEthSkep’s argument, and have even asked him (in a moderated comment) if he could provide such a short explanation that I could pitch to others.

If he DOES provide one, I will do an entire post on it.

For the moment, I will just give you my “two paragraph description” of his very long and elegant post, which post I can guarantee most here will have trouble following.

TES argues that setting an earlier date for the actual initial Chinese release of an ancestral pathogen to current SARS-CoV-2, provides a far better explanation of the facts at hand, as well as some facts which he generated through analysis of the genetics of SARS-CoV-2 variants, than does the “standard model” of a late 2019 release, whether that late release is taken from the early Chinese LIES about a zoonotic outbreak in December 2019, or from the October 2019 Wuhan lab activities which have always struck me as potential disinformation.

In particular, an early 2018 release of a less pathogenic ancestor explains the omicron variant’s surprisingly early 2020 appearance and low pathogenicity so well, and China’s population resistance to the more pathogenic Wuhan variant, whether that was a descendant or (my thinking) a new release, that IMO it is the duty of the “standard model” to explain all of the facts better than the TES theory.

Now, like I said, this post by TES is not an easy read, even for those with some knowledge of the field, and even for those experienced in reading the scientific literature. He moves at “review speed” through a lot of reasoning and even his own work, which is not all shown, but which is all fully described and referenced.

I am actually WAITING for my first reading to fully sink in, but I can tell you this. As soon as I “freed myself” from the necessity of a late 2019 release, everything “coof” just started falling into place.

This is one of those things that starts generating RESETS in my mind, on everything I had thought before. Once you see what TES is getting at, it’s almost impossible to unsee it.


I talk to a LOT of people, and listen carefully to their thinking about COVID. One of my sources is somebody who has a lot of contacts in Europe and Asia, especially India, due to working for an international firm.

That person strongly believes, based on illnesses within the corporation as well as associated entities, that something like COVID-19 was already circulating worldwide during ALL of 2019.

I had set this aside, unable to fit it into everything else I knew. NOW, however, it makes easy sense. In fact, the details which I don’t want to give, fit his model of spread EXACTLY.


And THIS explains much better why Fauci, Baric, Dazsak, and all the others were ready to cover up – because a virus related to their research had already gotten out in 2018. Going along with the Chinese story was a RELIEF to them – and they grabbed on tightly.

In other words, a conspiracy of aligning interests, not something discussed on paper or by phone. It’s a brilliant Chinese move, actually. Proffer a lie and see if our own scientists will join them in it.

The USEFUL IDIOT American media? NO PROBLEM.

And not just THAT stuff, but now we have much more evidence that these bugs could have been “in the wild” EVERYWHERE – including possibly just outside the Baric lab, near where Gail Combs picked up a “coofy” bug much earlier than would have been possible with a late 2019 release. (I will let her address the time-frames.)

Consider that China could even have been trying to FRAME or intimidate Baric with a stateside release in the vicinity of his lab. Why? Because NOW we have MOTIVE.

Does it make sense NOW that these highly contagious bugs could have been getting out willy-nilly from these laboratories? Or that China has been playing fast and loose with biological releases?

What does this mean?

It means that the whole NIH-Fauci-Wuhan complex has been in cover-up mode, trying to SAVE THEIR DANGEROUS RESEARCH which they know is VERY likely to be SHUT DOWN BY A CONGRESS RUN BY THE PEOPLE – no matter WHAT THE CAUSE OF THIS RELEASE.

Remember how I said the President Wolf Moon would send a cruise missile into every BSL level 4 that didn’t shut down immediately upon his inauguration? Those missiles armed with whatever insured that all viruses were FRIED?

See the motive to get rid of Trump now? WE THE PEOPLE cannot be allowed to interfere with their “holy” research.

And wait – there’s MOAR.

Somewhere in the years between 2005 and 2010, around the time I got an extremely SARS-CoV-2-like infection, complete with anosmia, exhaustion, and “sore lung”, I took note of the fact that all of my Asian colleagues in the “anti-CCP” camp became very religious about taking COVID-like precautions in our CCP-Chinese-infested workplace. These precautions included isolation, surface and aerosol measures, like wipes, air filters, and even clothing choices.

Most of us dismissed it as an “Asian thing” like masks, even though it was a sudden and new social phenomenon, but because I had contacts in that community who were sometimes sources of insight on CCP skulduggery, I noticed that ONLY the “antis” were engaging in the protective behaviors – the mainlanders and pro-CCP Hong Kongers/Taiwanese were not.

Interestingly, I was not getting any good information on the trend – unlike other scuttlebutt at the time.

Was it real or disinformation? Was it an op to flush out the antis? Was it “anti” paranoia?

I have no idea. But I personally think that China has been up to “bio-tricks” for a LONG time – as in back BEFORE SARS (2003).

If 2018 is the first time China released any biologicals, I would be VERY surprised.

SO – see what you think. Read this sucker, and then think about it.

I think TES is onto something.

A Note About January 6 – and More

I have been avoiding all things January 6, largely because I don’t want to give Nancy Gambino any “lift” as far as her phony “investigation” into HER OWN CRIME.

I understand her game plan, and I’m not going to play along.

I would have loved to have recounted that amazing day in another long, glowing, “all about me and my experiences” post, but no.


In my opinion, we can bring down these horrible communists faster by focusing on whatever WE want to focus on.

Nancy says “the fight is over here”.

NOPE. Go to hell, Mafia Bitch. We know what you did. With Kapo’s dirty FBI. And the backing of Mitch McConnell and SCOFFLAW SCOTUS.

Some may want to join the fight against Pelosi right now, and please feel free to “follow Darren Beattie into Pelosi’s breach”, but I think that MANDATES are going to kill these bastards at the polls, if we just help them commit electoral suicide.

Expose the “clot shot” risks more fully, and show that the mandates are MORE EVIL.

We need to make Democrats – destroying America for GREED under the cover of virtue signals – absolutely unelectable, and I think we can.


Thank you all for being here. Have a great weekend.


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Another damned cold, started Wednesday, over now.

This after being exposed to someone who tested positive for covid.

Negative result from a home test. I went to one of the testing stations to confirm it, but refused the test when I realized it was a two day PCR test. “That’s the one with the false positives” I said, and the guy lied to me and said it was the quick (antigen) tests that have the false positives. Since I was already looking at a NEGATIVE from that test, I wasn’t too concerned. Even if he’s right, I have a negative not a positive.

Last edited 7 months ago by SteveInCO

Why are pcr tests still being done if the cdc says dont use them?


So, I was wrong when I understood, the PCR tests were to go away 31 December.

AND, CDC, FDA (one of them lying dog breath organizations) admitted PCR tests were NOT accurate. Couldn’t tell the difference between the flu and Covid.

Am I all mixed up again?


I read that too. They said stop using.






Abbott, right? Same thing with mine – strong positive in less than 30 seconds.

And this is the real craziness. We have more than enough tests stored up, so this morning when I had that stuffy nose/dull headache/post nasal thing happening I used one. Not that I’m freaked out if I came down with it again — I just need to know, so I can switch into heavy meds mode. Luckily, invisible.

But my husband was listening to Rogan/McCullough this morning, and he claims it’s one and done. 🤔


I thought so. Too many people with multiples.


The lab leak scenario never took with me, at all. It’s purposeful, collaborative and ongoing. Not changing my mind on that.

Valerie Curren

CCP AND O’Biden regime!

Valerie Curren

Can’t imagine who’d volunteer to shove their hand up his rear to make his mouth move!


And yet someone did.

(Tomorrow’s post has that rant in it.)

Valerie Curren

Can’t Wait!!!


Some places in the Castro, you pay extra for that….

Valerie Curren

Ew 🙁


It would be great if TES could sit down with McCullough and Malone.




I just finished listening to the full 3 hour Rogan/Malone interview on Rumble. Wow, talk about a far reaching red pill for the huge Rogan audience. It was interesting to hear that Malone was exposed by a colleague who’d been in China and got the Wuhan in the very beginning but yet he caught Delta too and thought he might die from it. After having Delta he was convinced to double jab with Moderna. The 2nd shot gave him a severe hypertensive reaction from the 2nd shot. That must’ve been his wake up call.

He mentioned he had burning in his lungs and not the sore throat/runny nose of the Omicron variant. This confirms to me that I definitely had Delta in early December. It was the severe burning in my lungs on day 5 that convinced me to get the monoclonal antibodies and the burning was gone that very same evening (thank you Jesus and Ron DeSantis).

At the time of that interview, which must’ve been a couple weeks ago, he said that Delta was still the predominant variant here in the US but that inaccurate data modeling about Omicron from the UK was used by the CDC. I believe this was to give Biden the “Winter of Death” message just before Christmas. Funny that immediately afterwards was the proclamation that monoclonal antibodies DIDN’T WORK for the Omicron and the supply was suddenly shut down yet I know people who are sick right now with Delta symptoms yet now they can’t get the life saving monoclonals. Monoclonals COMPETE with the damn jabs and the power hungry depopulating Covidians can’t have that.

These people need to hang.


Correction – I got Delta in early November not December.


Yes, as I said it’s just checking to see if I need to do the real meds. 👍🏻


I bought two pair of abbot tests.

I found some other brand (yellow box) a few days later, and bought the only box on display.

I’ve used two of the abbots, so I have four total in stock right now.


Can’t get Abbott anymore at all — I keep looking. I bought some of these, and have more on the way. Big difference with these and Abbott is the exp. date. Abbott has a 6-month shelf life – iHealth is mid-2023.

comment image

Last edited 7 months ago by Gingersmom2009
Valerie Curren

well my hubby tested positive late 2020 AND was quite sick (as were everyone in our household, including loss of smell) & he tested positive again last week, but using many of the home remedies discussed here hasn’t been nearly as sick as last time…

Valerie Curren

Yes not sure but I was thinking that O was more likely based on the decreased severity, but then he should have Some natural immunity from his prior CV encounter AND those OTC remedies are being deployed way more around here this time, thanks significantly to YOU & the Q-Team! Thanks for ALL you do & yet another Great Post!


Here’s the nagging uncertainty in my mind.

Just running the swabs through my schnozz, I gave myself a bloody nose. The test strip therefore was pink EVERYWHERE after 15 minutes. I could see the control band as a darker stripe, but absolutely no trace of a darker strip where the “OH CRAP YOU HAZ THE COVID!!!” stripe should have been. And I looked with my 7x coin collecting loupe, too.

So if it was exactly the same shade as the rest of the strip, I could conceivably have been positive but not been able to see it.


I sort of feel like that scene in Star Wars, at the beginning, where the two droids cross the hallway and never managed to get hit by all the blaster fire.

Omicron doesn’t seem to think I’m appetizing.



I did switch to claritin a week early…and with a stronger dose. I’m going to stick with that through next Saturday…just in case.

I also popped two doses of Vitamin I yesterday.


You know, there are so many “things” out there that are supposedly beneficial I’m actually wondering how much of it is actually true, versus people blinded by a hopium high.


My husband has blood type 0 and all kind of morbidity he gets a cold or whatever only for 3-4 days and then is well. I do not have 0 and nothing of significant health wise and seem to pick up what eve goes around and affects me more.
My two boys are 0 and they get over any kind of flu or cold like their father. My daughter catches everything even worse than I.


Interesting. That implies Type O is beneficial for fighting off the crud. I do have type O as well.

On the other side of the coin, type O seems to be especially attractive to mosquitos.


Yes my husband has problems with mosquitos also and I can sit next to him nothing.


They tested that by surgically removing the probosces from a bunch of mosquitos (so they couldn’t actually drill for blood), then letting them out in a room full of people. They preferentially went for type O.


Bees like him also. I can stand among bees nothing. They do not like my blood 🙂

Deplorable Patriot

My blood type is not O. And when I had the flu, I was SICK, and it took months to recover. That’s the bug that made the rounds in the fall of 2020, months after I had it, and it was labeled “COVID” then.

So, last week, my uber-liberal friend from HS who is thrice vaxxed (she won’t accept that she’s been duped) went to give blood as her type is O negative, which is hard to come by. She came up anemic.

Here’s the thing, I need to lose a few pounds (working on that), but this friend, I saw her a few weeks ago, and she put on another twenty pounds since I last saw her. Her giving blood should be a slam dunk.

I just find it interesting.


Yes 🙂


I’m O pos and very rarely get sick. When I do, it is usually over in half the normal time. This was before I started the vitamin regimen to ward off the kung flu.

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You make the point with others that people who have 0 seem have natural protection.

Valerie Curren

OR if he gets it…honestly he may have antibodies from asymptomatic exposure


So I have a question for you.

I DO NOT want to put that thing in my nose, so I have a plan. If I go outside and get cold, and come back into the warm, my nose will run.

If I think I have Covid, can I clean the back of my hand with alcohol, blow my snot onto my hand, and use the swab on that?

Gross I know, but no swab in my nose.


Lol, ok! I just REALLY don’t like things in my nose! Thanks for looking into it for me. I HOPE my immunity from 2019 holds, and I don’t ever need to test. So far, so good.


A Q-tip circling around the inside of the end of your nose (not jammed up into your nose) would probably be okay.

First, there’s no reason for the Q-tip to have any monkey business going on with it, unlike the ‘official’ swabs, with who knows what kind of foreign substance on it.

Second, it’s not going deep into the nose. Not sure why circling the inside of the nostril with a Q-tip, near the tip of your nose, would be uncomfortable by the 5th circling, but no biggie.

If the Q-tip could then be used to complete the test, as if it was the swab that came in the kit, all the better.

I think that would overcome all of my objections to the at-home antigen tests 👍


Thank you for the info and ideas, I’ll try to find a QuickVue test first, or whichever test becomes available first. 👍


My son just getting over his. Went through my house over the past month. Mostly building up crud, loss of voice for a couple of days, cough. No fever. We both tested negative on a home test. Sweeping through Colorado no doubt.


My chiropractor had a two day head cold. However, I saw him last Thursday when he was getting over it, so if that’s where I got it, it has a LOOOOOOONG incubation period.


comment image

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Vexxine batch number info.

How Bad is my Batch ?


KUSI News (@KUSINews) Tweeted:
The State of California has SHUT DOWN Foothills Christian Preschool because the young students were not wearing masks.

The school was shutdown December 10, leaving over 80 families with more than 100 children had no notice and scrambling for childcare.


People need to start suing these Nazis. Give them a huge dose of the lawfare they’ve been using on us for years.


Not sure if this has been here or not.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Update on Nuremberg 2.0 (


barker, thanks for posting this, it’s packed w all manner of detail re how info is being collected against the evil ones.
v informative.

Gail Combs



I’ve got $1k says Omicron is a White Hat release designed to be HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS but non-lethal, conferring a natural immunity against most (if not all) coronavirus variants…

…while, at the same time…

…. it undermines and destroys the politically motivated fear-mongering and narratives that “justify” and excuse the unprecedented, wildly excessive lockdown measures and vax mandates that are destroying the economy and shredding our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

As suspected by the Qtree collective as early as Jan. 2020, it is absolutely, positively intentional biological warfare perpetrated a very powerful….but economically vulnerable….communist China, in cahoots with the “globalist” collective.

This was, and is, all about $$, power, and control.

PDJT was undoing decades of economic damage that was transferring US wealth straight into communist coffers…..there were, and are, hundreds of trillions of dollars on the line…..decades of FUTURE national wealth at stake….

….and nothing less than the future of the US Constitutional Republic and the democratic west vs. the future of totalitarian communism.

The cold war never ended, it just mutated like a virus.

The end of WWII was only an end to open global kinetic warfare, but the war itself went on as the “cold war”. It went on because, even as the totalitarian powers controlling Germany and Japan were defeated, communism was not. Communism was allowed to continue to take root and grow.

Just as we can state, unequivocally, with the benefit of hindsight that Joe McCarthy was 100% correct, we also know that Gen. George S. Patton was exactly right, too…we should have rearmed the German and Japanese armies in 1945 and gone to Moscow and Beijing, eliminating communist government altogether. Moreover, THAT victory would have taken less than 2 years, as Russia and China did not have any allies apart from the allied powers…

…vs. the decades and innumerable ways we have now suffered from FAILING to destroy communism when we had the perfect and unprecedented historical opportunity to do so.

Consider this….

The military industrial complex would have shriveled to nothing if the world had been rid of national totalitarian powers. There would have been no “cold war” and no “arms race” had we gone to Moscow and Beijing in 1945-1946 and deposed the ruling communist govts. Hell, the Russians themselves would have executed Stalin and his corrupt gang of murderers.

There is no profit in peace compared to the profits of war. The entire world long has and continues to suffer for the greed that drives strife and conflict.

And THIS is why the US military has not been allowed to bring any conflict to an unconditional surrender since WWII, and has always been undermined by the DC establishment and it’s Wall Street patrons.

That is why the world is now suffering high-tech-driven biological warfare….

….because…hust look at the profits being made as a direct result of it!

The saying “The love of money is the root of all evil” absolutely goes hand-in-hand with “he who has all the gold makes all the rules”.

Never have these truths been more clear in our lifetimes.

So clear, in fact, that even the lofos are starting to see it….which is a truly remarkable thing.

THIS is the power and significance of the Trump administration.

Hillary wasn’t supposed to lose.

Which reminds me….

I have another $1k that the electoral fix had been “in” for a long time and that the White Hats ensured Donald Trump won in 2016.

Trump’s role was to show the world what genuine representative gov’t that was FOR the people looked like….

….to expose the shadow powers and shine the disinfecting light of transparency into and onto the hidden strings of power and control…

…to force their hand and disrupt long implemented plans and processes that would cause the whole house of cards to collapse.

And it both has and IS working. Brilliantly.

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What I thought was a big mistake was that when the Berlin wall fell East Germans even the communists were able to flood Europe without consequences. What I mean by that the Communists of East Germany brought their ideology into west Germany from there around the world.
After WWII Nazis were held responsible but not East German communist no matter the crimes they committed under the DDR regime. We are seeing the fruit of that and with Merkel.
When Russia fell Russians came to US and Germany not all but many where communists. They came into our Universities into the labs I know my son worked with some. They picked the brains never contributed.
We did it to ourselves not realizing not everyone was happy to be freed from communism. We are now reaping the results out kindness caring and naivete has been taken advantage off.

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Very good and important points!

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Zojirushi breadmaker

Made Pumpernickel bread with Bread flour, Home ground Einkorn flour and home ground Rye. Cut the sugar. Bread came out good.
I have to say my bread made with my Swedish made Arkesum mixer is better the bread machine made good bread better than bought bread.
My husband will play with the machine and am sure improve the bread. I grind the rye flour coarse. I have a KoMo milling machine love the thing.

Happy go lucky

Hi Singing! When I use my zojirushi, I use the “dough” setting and then shape it and bake it in the oven. I just don’t like the loaf the machine makes, but it does save a lot of mess and time.


Good idea. I guess when I have little time that is a solution.
Thank you.
My husband used to make a Lenten loaf in our old machine. I think that is why he bought this new one. He really wants to make it but he would not know how to mix from scratch. The Lenten loaf is heavy dense loaf and high protein. Very good for fasting during Lent. Bone broth and bread and one can sustain one self for 6 weeks 🙂

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Valerie Curren

This is extremely well said–Thank you for this articulation & distillation of machinations!!!

I shared this at Gab here:


Thank you, Valarie, but honestly I think you already knew all that or at least suspected it is true.

This is all SO complex…so wide and deep….that distilling it down to a chewable soundbite has been a challenge….to say nothing of the learning curve involved (and that’s AFTER dispelling one’s self of long-held beliefs vs. reality).

10 years ago I thought the Bush family and folks like Mitch McConnell were good people. Trump helped me see the truth.

Valerie Curren

Well FG&C I Am learning A Lot here at the Q-Tree but these topics were not at all in my background nor upbringing. I really only started paying attention to the national & international scene more widely post 9/11.

Perhaps I do “know” much of this Now, after reading here & CTH for some years, but there’s no way that I could encapsulate it so concisely. Encapsulation is NOT my strong suit at all, just ask my hubby… <3 🙂 <3

Twitter did me favors by its character limits that forced me to streamline things to fit as much distilled punch 😉 into a tweet as possible. My natural inclination is to expand on nuances & qualifiers because the world is really filled with so many shades of gray…

I used to think Bushes were relatively decent too. W was way better than Gore but then we've had horrible choices forced on us for so long–Uniparty Crap Sandwiches!

Trump was such a breath of fresh air since he proved that The People want pro-American Patriot leaders, NOT professional politicians!!!

Gail Combs

G.Edward Griffin on the Central Bank and WAR

This is the most clear and simple explanation I have ever run across. I had an agent of the Banksters chased me all over the internet, from blog to blog because I used it. I know this because at one point his gravitar said he was a freelancer working for the banking industry.

….the mechanism by which the Federal Reserve System creates money. This is a real interesting study. I call it the “Mandrake Mechanism”…..

Here’s how it works. It starts with the government side of the partnership, it starts in Congress which is spending money like crazy. It spends far more money than it takes in. It is spending way beyond its income….

Congress needs an extra billion dollars today so it goes to the treasury and says “we want a billion dollars” and the treasury official says “you guys have got to be kidding, we don’t have any money here, you spent it all a long time ago, everything that we’ve taken in taxes you fellows have spent by March.”


…. So they stop at the printing office and they don’t print money at the printing office, they print certificates and they’re very fancy things with borders on the edge with an eagle across the top and a seal at the bottom and it says “US Government Bond” or “Note” or “Bill” depending on the length of the maturity of it. If you hold it up to the light it really says “IOU” because that’s what it is. They print these things up and it looks very impressive and then they offer them to the private sector; they’re hoping that people will come up and loan money to the federal government…. The full faith and credit of the US government means that the government solemnly promises to pay back that loan plus interest if it has to take everything you and I have in the form of taxes in order to do it, it’s going to do it. It will take everything we have if necessary to hold its pledge. People don’t realize that they’re putting themselves on the line, they’re going to get their own money back minus a substantial handling fee.

Plenty of money is loaned to the government but never enough. Congress needs more money than that. They say not to worry. They go further down the street to the Federal Reserve building. The Fed has been waiting for them, that’s one of the reasons it was created. By the time they get inside the Federal Reserve building the officer of the Fed is opening his desk drawer. He knows they’re going to be there and he’s ready and he pulls out his checkbook and he writes a check to the US Treasury for one billion dollars or whatever the amount is that they need. He signs the check and gives it to the treasury official.

We need to stop here for a minute and ask a question. Where did they get a billion dollars to give to the treasury? who put that money into the account at the Federal Reserve System? The amazing answer is there is no money in the account at the Federal Reserve System. In fact, technically, there isn’t even an account, there is only a checkbook. That’s all. That billion dollars springs into being at precisely the instant the officer signs that check and that is called “monetizing the debt,” that’s the phrase they throw at you. That means they just wrote a check, a big rubber check. 

This partnership between government and banks which we’ve been discussing was not new with the Federal Reserve System. In fact, it was a concept that was created in Europe in the 16th century. It was perfected with the formation of the Bank of England in 1694 and from that point forward all of the governments of Europe had used this Mandrake Mechanism. They didn’t call it the Mandrake Mechanism, of course, they called it a “central bank,” that’s the technical phrase for this partnership. If you want to look it up in a textbook or encyclopedia you’ll find it under the heading “Central Bank.”

From the Bank of England forward all the governments of Europe had central banks for a very good reason. The kings and princes of Europe had learned from hard experience that they could raise the taxes of their subjects only so high and then they had a revolt on their hands and they tended to lose their jobs (and heads). It appears that that natural level was about 40-43%; people will tolerate taxes up to about 40-43% and then they start digging in their heels and they just won’t allow it to go any further. But with the central bank mechanism in place the lid was off. Now these governments could tax their people 50%, 60%, 70% and in some cases 80% of everything they produced and they did not have a revolt on their hands. They did not have resentment because the people didn’t know that they were paying a tax. They knew that prices were going up, but they didn’t understand why, they didn’t know who was getting their lost purchasing power.

It was a nifty arrangement for these governments. It was at that point in history that governments’ wars began to heat up. They always had wars but they were relatively small things because wars are expensive and the people won’t pay more than 40% for everything including wars. But now that they had a way to tax higher than that, they could engage in very expensive wars. It’s at that point in history that Europe plunged headlong into continuous war and big, very, very expensive wars. The people paid for them uncomplainingly through the process of inflation.

So when it came time to transplant this concept to America these seven men on Jekyll Island knew very well that they were creating a central bank; that was the reason that Paul Warburg was so valuable because he was the man with the intense knowledge, the detailed technical knowledge of how central banks operate. But they had a problem. How could they conceal that from the American people because Congress was already on record as saying they did not want a central bank in America…..

No surprise to find out that the Federal Reserve took OUR MONEY and used it to fund the Bolsheviks and Japan as Congressman McFadden pointed out in 1934 (he was driven out of Congress and assassinated for saying this.). Japan’s attack on China allowed the Communists to take over China.

China’s Communist Party and Japan: A Forgotten History

…Before the second Sino-Japanese War commenced, the Communist Party was locked in a death struggle with Chiang Kai-shek and the KMT. The CCP fared poorly in this conflict, suffering repeated defeats at the hands of the Nationalists.

By the end of 1934, the CCP was on the verge of extinction.Chiang initially pursued the Communist forces, and would have almost certainly delivered a final blow to the CCP if war with Japan could have been delayed. As it turned out, Chiang was not able to put off the war with Japan any longer, and domestic and international pressure forced him to accept a tacit alliance with the CCP against Japan….


So much of what we call “History” these days is just hogwash. I realized this early on, when my High School textbooks were blathering on about “The French and Indian War” — which made (and makes) no sense whatsoever unless you can see it within the full context of a world war between colonial powers.


Liz Churchill (@liz_churchill_) Tweeted:
The World Economic Forum is directing their chosen Leaders from around the world to cause civil war within their own countries. The WEF’s goal is to dissolve all sovereign nations so they can appoint themselves as the new, unelected Global Government.

Deplorable Patriot

Supposedly, the underground base that opened in Switzerland, and two other countries (I think one is Lichtenstein) has been neutralized. I would prefer a MOAB to a nuke, though. Switzerland is awfully pretty, and it would be a shame to contaminate it to the point that the rest of us couldn’t enjoy it once the [CB] is a thing of the past.


To say nothing of the fact that anyone downwind of the detonation gets contaminated too, by the fallout.


As much as they like to hype MOABs…they’re puny compared to nukes. Their yield is about ten tons of TNT. Versus Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s fission bombs, 10-20 thousand tons TNT equivalent. And those were in turn puny compared to the 1-50 million ton fusion warheads that have been built since then.


the 1-50 million ton fusion warheads that have been built since then

I can’t imagine how much of the earth would be destroyed if someone detonated one of those.


The USSR actually DID detonate a 50 MT bomb, the Tsar Bomba.

It left a sizeable crater, I’m sure, but overall? Earth is BIG.

It probably didn’t even make a dent in the Arctic island it was detonated on.


If wikipoo is to be believed, that bomb would have destroyed everything within 35 KM of where it was detonated. Which compared to the size of the Earth, isn’t much.

Cuppa Covfefe

Hmmm. Where would a “neutron bomb”, erm, fall in there…
(keep “the green” happy while ending “the greens”)…


Those tend to be smaller blast, more radioactivity. Which the greens really ought to hate. (Neutron activation makes things a bit dicey.)

Valerie Curren

Rods from God!!!


Yep and they gloat on it bc theyre promised to be protected.


That might be the long-term goal…

..but the short-term goal is to bring the public protests in said countries to a halt and use war as a public distraction from all that is really going on…and being revealed….behind the scenes.


I agree there too. Ww2 made a lot of people wealthy.


Somebody probably put this here already, but no harm in watching it twice. 😁


I’ve read that Lindsey has a wicked sense of humor. He might laugh at that.


I’ve suspected Lindsey was a tranny for a long time and this is a key part of how he is controlled.

Someone has pics/video of him in lingerie and lipstick….his “real” self.

This meme is funny because it touches on a hidden truth.


And…port primary mirror is deployed and latched.

Tomorrow comes the last major deployment
comment image


If that secondary mirror hadn’t deployed, all it would be good for is as a hood ornament for someone’s starship. Ours or an aliens? Only time would tell.


Yeah, but it would be less tacky looking than that. 😀

Cuppa Covfefe

Or Takei looking…

Valerie Curren

Which for some reason brings to mind some comment I read years ago about Shirtless Kirk cologne smelling like “George Takei’s nut musk”. Years in a male dominated household has “warped” 😉 my brain!

Of course I can’t find that original comment that’s been burned on my unconventional mind!


One of the live streams I watched was being (for lack of a better term) emceed by an astronomer who would often appear on the history channel’s “Universe” series. And she was wearing a necklace that looked like the main mirror.


That was brutal, from both Paul and Cruz.

Gail Combs



Regardless of the question. regardless of the facts presented to the witnessses.

The official narrative WILL be regurgitated again, and again, and again…


Ye Godz. Dick Turban is still in office.

Deplorable Patriot

Just heard from one of the organists I work for. Her significant other has “COVID.” So far just a mild head and chest cold.

Methinks cold and flu season has been hijacked, and with the tests being unreliable, who the heck knows what the guy has.


Yeah. I just went through a week long head cold around Christmastime, and I just now got over a 36 hour cold.

That makes three times I’ve been sick this season, which is unusually high for me.

Deplorable Patriot

Since getting over the flu in March 2020, a bug later renamed, umm…not going to jinx myself. BUT, I made sure the last two summers I was outside at midday as many days as possible. I supplement and cut out the sugar, and have been vigilant about walking as many days as I can, but that’s always the difference for me.


When I realized I was coming down with something I bought some magnesium and some B-12 (I already had a “B complex”), so add one more each to the elements and alphabet I am taking every day.

Valerie Curren

Since I had “covid” in late 2020 I’ve basically not really been sick at all. A few times I felt like my system was fighting something, sore throat, body aches, temp Maybe in the low 99’s but it never really became what I call sickness. However, morning & night Ever since the CV I cough & still can cough up colored junk–my version of longhaulers it seems. I have co-morbidities too 🙂

Valerie Curren

My mom used to put me down for a nap Outside in a Michigan Winter (she’d heard it was good & she was an RN) as a baby/toddler (I’m a February baby). She’d bundle me up in a snowsuit & tuck me into a bassinet w/ blankets then lay me down on the 3-season screened in back porch. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!!

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Time tested through the ages by moms from customs that go back several thousand years.  🤓 

Valerie Curren


Deplorable Patriot

Well, if we treat them all with the same regimen, does it matter what he has?

Deplorable Patriot

With him, I’m kinda worried about co-morbidities. He’s a bit overweight, although not obese. I’m sure there’s hypertension there. Multiple times shot up. He was one of the first in line.


Excellent question!!


FWIW – Just ordered more Abbott BINAX Antigen tests from Walgreens. Wally World still shows out of stock.

Our other daughter who caught the Omicron initially used the Abbott to confirm hers. Her employer made her do the off-site PCR and it was also confirmed. She most likely got it at work from other employees that caught it the week prior. She is some better today. Head cold type symptoms with light fever.


We got her to start using Benadryl, baby aspirin, D, C and zinc. Told her to drink green tea. Don’t know if she did or will.

She’s feeling well enough this evening to want to go running around. The 5 days is not up until tomorrow. We told her to stay home at least one more night to make sure the symptoms were gone. Hope she will.


President Dumbass is in Denver. Just seen the helo and osprey’s fly by from the airport. Going to look at the fire damage. Global warming, I mean climate change speech incoming.

Valerie Curren

Directed Energy Weapons??? Peasants (pissants) will be punished  😡

Sharing links fyi from a duckduckgo search, haven’t reviewed all thoroughly…

Valerie Curren

Some of the visual evidence in the videos, explained in the audio, is pretty compelling.

Valerie Curren

I was referring to unburned adjacent wood fences, unburned combustible material in the collapsed houses, & unburned trees well & melted metal & glass from vehicles. The snow is a seeming red herring.






1) that 99.8% of all people who have gotten COVID have survived, and
2) the proven veracity and efficacy of the Zalenko/FLCCC protocols

…and assuming…

3) that under no circumstance is one going to accept the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines


4) if one does get sick one will immediately implement the Zelenko protocol…

….why is it so important to know whether or not one has had COVID or not?

Given the efficacy, low risk, and low cost of the Zelenko protocol, why does it matter??



In my case I have a VERY limited supply of HCQ and a somewhat larger supply of Vitamin I. I might not want to use that stuff unless I have some confidence it’s COVID–I’d hate to be out when I really DO get COVID.


Good news.

Quercetin is OTC and, combined with Vit C, is equal to either HCQ and Ivermectin.

Quercetin + Vit C = HCQ = Ivermectin

See my repost of kalkokalb’s post earlier today of Dr. Zelenko talking about this very important fact.


I do have quercitin–and as it happens, it includes vitamin C. (I had to go to a boutique vitamin shop for that, and it wasn’t cheap.)

Of course that means it should not be taken WITH zinc (zinc+vitamin C=bad idea for some reason I can’t recall), so I take zinc in the morning and quercitin at night.


Don’t know anything about this site – but this is what they say.

Best to take most vitamins and supplements at different times of the day to allow for better absorption, IMO.


Thank you both (Steve included).

Very important point here.

Quercetin + Vit C

Do take them in the same day, but NOT at the same time.

Dr. Zelenko would do well to include this messaging.


He probably doesn’t include that info because his Z-Stack product has Vit D, Vit C, Zinc and Quercetin all together in capsule form. Although spacing out the dosing might be OPTIMAL it is more important to get all the products every day. If you think about it most multi-vitamin/minerals have zinc, iron, & calcium which should also be spaced out.

Valerie Curren

I wonder why the elderberry Immune Complex contains Zinc AND Vitamin C as well…hmmm
comment image

Valerie Curren

Obviously. But if Zinc & Vitamin C is bad to take together why would this product have them combined Unless Elderberry mitigates whatever Zinc & Vitamin C issues crop up?

Valerie Curren

This is Awesome! Thank you for the clarification! Please God, let Gail see & save this tasty tidbit. Alpha Wolf rules 🙂 Blessings

Gail Combs

I saved it.

It certainly makes my taking supplements a LOT easier.

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Valerie Curren

Awesome–AND you know how to find it when needed (unlike my packrat self) 🙂 Thanks for all you do here Gail!!!

Valerie Curren



I investigated as well, since I take my zinc and C at the same time, with breakfast. A study combined zinc and C with good results:

This kind of thing is why I rarely change what works for me based on a website.


“Dire clickbait.”

The description for 99% of the internet!


Good thing we had our Dire Wolf to go after the Dire Clickbait.




Thank you for weighing in.




THANK you for clearing this up.


Zelenoc’s Z-Ztack has C and Zinc together all in one pill and more.
They want to fool us.


This is what I have:

Click the bottle to buy from Amazon

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Thats easier to get too.


😂 😉

Deplorable Patriot

That’s my question. If those protocols work on all viruses, what difference does it make if it’s “COVID” or a cold.


This is by White Hat design, IMHO.



Saw them play way back when I was in middle school in our small town gym! They were amazing! And, of course, I loved the music.


Reason #101 to go back to the ‘70’s… Meadowlark Lemon, Curly Neal and the rest do their thing!

RIP gents. Thanks for the laughs and memories!


They still have a franchise – I watched on YouTube a little while ago – and they have a white guy playing!

Valerie Curren

representation matters 😉


As a little kid, watched the Harlem Globetrotters. A couple times. GREAT memories.

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“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
-Napoleon Bonaparte


Ethical Skeptic theorizes that sewage sludge sprayed in woods in the mid west has spread the coronavirus to deer.

Some twitter discussion here:

Valerie Curren

Bat (whoops Bot, freudian slip there) farm-ers vs Real farmers!


Who sprayed human sewage into the woods….where…when….and not least of all, what was the justification and who paid for it??