So What Is Going On With Our Hosting Company?

Perhaps you remember THIS post…..

Please Pray For Our Hosting Company

As we have been repeatedly warned – even by the VERY ENEMIES who are attacking us (i.e., KlauSS “Hog-Jowls” SSchwab and the WEFFEN SS), there was going to be a “cyber war” this summer – obviously timed to deal with the “fall” of the FAKE ELECTION and the CHINA VIRUS. Thus, between the CHINAZIS and …

It’s instructive to go back and look at it.

What you will see is an historical record of the increasing attacks on both this site and (by extension) our hosting company, who I always refer to as, just to keep the attack surface a bit smaller, every time I don’t post their name.

Even if you know who it is.

Now, however, I would like to talk about our hosts a bit more, still not quite saying their name out loud.

Please continue to pray for them. They are in a tough spot. As will become VERY clear.

Since we began having serious problems on the site, I learned much more about how exactly we are being hosted. Even though we have upgraded our plan, we are still not hosted as “nicely” as I would like. I may spring for an even nicer plan.

Without going into the exact reasons, it is literally impossible for our server to be secure against intrusion by both American and “other” spy agencies and militaries. Thus, as soon as I became aware of the facts of our hosting, I realized that this site is simply not secure against state-level hacking and control.

That would include both the good guys and the bad guys.

Just as an ASIDE, when we were on WordPressDotCom, the “good guys” (or whoever was behind Q) actually “proved” to me that they were “in control” of our site in some fashion.

In fact, they actually did this SEVERAL TIMES. Here is what I posted after one of them.

While I am under no obligation to keep their “methods” secret in that regard, I choose to do so, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. They seemed to be watching everything we were doing at the time.

Back to the present.

We not only have to contend with hackers trying to come into our server from the outside – we have to contend with insiders in the back room at the server location.

At the time of my previous CALL TO PRAYER for our hosting company, that company began to notify customers that they had a “security problem” – which we all knew meant they had been hacked. The question was HOW BADLY.

During the last few weeks, I was notified that an email address was compromised. I don’t particularly care about that, because in the same way that people who have discovered the Kingdom of Heaven are excited about “things going there” (meaning they are not afraid of dying, and are “living for the Lord”), I’ve always lived with the “excitement” of my identity being revealed as one thrilling possible future. The deal there, is that this is a lot easier for me, than it is for thousands of other people, most of whom are on the other side.

What I’ve done, throughout my life on social media, is to tell all kinds of shock-and-awe stories – every one of them horribly true, down to the finest details – without giving enough details to make it obvious who I am, or who I was talking about. A lot of people in government obviously knew, but quite frankly, BOTH sides were well-served by keeping my identity concealed. The good guys learned a lot from my tales, the bad guys learned where they had been exposed, but since WE THE PEOPLE learned the most, the whole shebang evolved relentlessly toward what might be called “The Great Awakening”.

Sometimes, I tell people that I “mined” my social media with truth about the other side. I made my own secret identity something like a pin in a grenade. Pull it out, and bad things happen. Leave it in, and everybody muddles along, so both sides live to fight the next day.

The thing is, we are NOW getting to the point where the crimes of the other side which have been exposed by everybody else, are really approaching the size of MY OWN NUKES. There are all kinds of interesting futures now. I think there is more chance the other side will make more mistakes.

My feeling? Best to let GOD decide how this works out.

So – I’m not too concerned about what happens with me, but I AM concerned for our wonderful hosting company.

What happened to them is INTERESTING, and thanks to T3, I dug into it and found out that – TA DA!!! – I was right about state-level actors “in the back room” at our hosting company.

I am just going to give you a bunch of links, and then discuss this again without naming our hosting company.

The Daily Dot (leftist “scandal” rag – obviously not pushing anything I know!)

‘Worst I’ve seen in 20 years’: How the Epik hack reveals every secret the far-right tried to hide

After the Capitol riot, ‘Stop the Steal’ organizer Ali Alexander was scrambling to hide his digital footprint

Epik hack reveals prominent, Trump-supporting websites under subpoena investigation

New leak of Epik data exposes company’s entire server

“Arse Technocratica” (tech journalism equivalent of drinking Starbucks “Flat White” wearing blue-rim Liz Cheney glasses)

Anonymous leaks gigabytes of data from alt-right web host Epik

Epik data breach impacts 15 million users, including non-customers

Assorted Others (NPR, CBS, WaPo, Daily Beast, Wikipedia)

What the hack of Epik reveals about the world of far-right extremism

Epik data breach exposes people linked to far-right extremist groups

Fallout begins for far-right trolls who trusted Epik to keep their identities secret

Anonymous Hack Triggers Massive Data Dump on Proud Boys, QAnon

2021 Epik data breach

Most of this is just a kind of “fear porn” led by the left, including phonies like Ali Alexander, who are used to model fear reactions to good, honest, decent people. It’s all very “Alinsky”.

Just like the January Sixth bullshit, in the long run, this will be bad for the left and the derp state, and I will explain why in a bit.

One of the BEST parts, however, was the THIRD item revealed by the Daily Dot.

Epik hack reveals prominent, Trump-supporting websites under subpoena investigation

Now, I have not dug into this (as in finding and sifting through the data) to verify that we’re on the list of sites with subpoenas, but we certainly should be. The fact is, I am one of the few people I know for CERTAIN has subpoena-worthy stuff on a site, including evidence of people with prior knowledge of the January Sixth “Buffalo Jump”. These are presumably people with FBI, CIA, Pentagon, or other government connections.

It was only a matter of time before BOTH sides would want to get as much information as they could, about what I knew. See, for example what I reported HERE…..

Strengthening The Fortress

The Prelude: CUE THE MUSIC! The First Message: To all who may be locked out at this time PLEASE go to THE U TREE and post a comment – EVEN if it goes into moderation. I will get you out of moderation, and we will get you into here. This strategy has worked for everybody …

Thus, it’s very likely that SOMEBODY wants to know WHO has been monitoring our site, because it was only a matter of WEEKS after I revealed our knowledge of people having foreknowledge of the Buffalo Jump in November of 2020, that somebody made efforts to get people “in deep” where that data was. I was very impressed – those were very likely either “Team 1” or “Team 2” people who found it and got in there. It could have been NSA or CIA. It could have been Anonymous. But THAT was “back then” – long before the “main hack in question”.

Now, there are also the Gilead and Pfizer angles. We have been HARSH on both the mRNA vaccines AND remdesivir on this site.

Is The Abortion Vaccine Right For You?

“When the people have any power to object to a socialist solution, a deniable 5% fait accompli is always more desirable to socialists than a negotiated 50% solution, because they can always negotiate on the remaining 95%.” -Wolf Moon When I first heard about a case of a miscarriage by a pregnant doctor, due to …

Remdesivir Is How We Bring Down The Temple of Faucism

I have been a poor and rotten servant of the Lord during my too long and too miserable life. I have made innocent women cry. I have led others astray. I have turned away from those in need in their time of need, and I have lied to myself and to God about why I …

These companies have a lot of money, and they have friends like China and Israel, to say nothing of China Joe Biden. These companies – or China – or Israel – could also be behind the Anonymous hack.

Yes, sadly, Israel has made a horrible mistake, IMO, to get in bed with crooks and con men, but that’s pretty much the state of things. When this site stands up for ISRAELIS being KILLED by the foolish jab, shame upon those who would try to stop us.

I would normally NEVER put Israel on the list of “usual suspects”, but at this point, you never know. They’ve gone total “vaczi”. Not as bad as the Aussies or the Euros, but BAD. The only reason we have not seen more brutality in Israel is the compliance, and the bad internal optics of beating the shit out of religious Jews.

It’s one thing to have Nazi health policies. It’s quite another to beat down Jews in Nazi style.

They have the same leftist, socialist, rogue IC, 4th branch, deep state problems that WE have.

Now – let’s talk about “Anonymous”.

Anonymous is the Oathkeepers of cyber.

Anonymous is CONTROLLED by the FBI.

I want you to understand that. “Anonymous” is NOT an independent hacker group. It was taken over by the FBI long ago, and now they “white knight” for the “black hat deep state”. Or maybe they “black knight”. Whatever. They are BUTT-BOYS of FBI.

It is VERY much like the Oathkeepers situation – a pied piper group – only more secret, so that FIB has more flexibility in how it uses Anonymous.

This is how the Biden administration attacked the right, after they got us all on Epik.

Yup. This is FIB creating plausible deniability for themselves to feed our information to THEIR left-wing attack dogs.

My advice?

Don’t be afraid. Be PISSED.

Things are going to get very interesting here.


They will be MORE interesting for the other side. And in the long run, the Biden administration HACKING its enemies on Epik needs to be punished in the MINDS OF AMERICANS with disgust, righteous anger, and disrespect.

Fuck these assholes. We BLAME them, and we BLAME THEM until everybody thinks they’re SCUM.


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Just keep doing what you are doing.
In God We Trust.

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testing….this is a test….this is only a test…


Thanks for this Smiley! I have Britbox, but it’s American version. Can’t get this vid unless I am on UK version… I really want to see full video.

Hope you are well …


Thanks for this, Wolf.
 🤗  💖 

Our fascist overlords are now showing us what Life will be like under their rule.

It’s basically…they can do whatever they like.
And if we speak up and protest it, we will be punished.
 😕  😠 


“Have no fear even the wind and waves obeyed Him”
This used to be my prayer walking mantra. This made me strong and I realized there is nothing to be feared ever.


Hi there Wolfie!!! Smuchas to one of my all time HEROES!! Great POST!!! Lets Go Brandon!!!


The more they try to control us, the more we will turn away from them and rob them of their credibility. They are in effect nullifying themselves. Never accept their control, never give them legitimacy. “Let’s go Brandon!”




Thank you, Wolf, for all you do.

You’ve given us a place to share and learn truth…and speak FREELY.

The Qtree really is a haven.

I’m going to do a one-day fast and prayer soon. If anyone is interested, let me know and we can unite together. Maybe we can do a thread and include intentions, Scripture, prayers (calling Valerie’s son!) etc.

The fasting part can be according to our abilities, of course.

If amenable, would next Friday work? I would have the regular opener and then do a prayer/fast thread later in the morning.

The thing is already written in my mind. 😁


I should add, if it’s a go, please start PRAYING RIGHT NOW that the attacks are thwarted in every way.

The Enemy hates prayer and fasting because it is so effective.


Great idea 




I think it’s a wonderful idea… Marica’s place has Wolfie’s request for prayer up everyday, with links to first and now this 2nd article. Ready to fast with you all.

Valerie Curren

I showed Josiah your comment & almost immediately went to prayer! God Bless!

Deplorable Patriot

Not to be off topic, but re Israel. I’m one of the few in the “conservative/right” part of the blogosphere who keeps mum about them. I am not sure how it fits, but:

United Nations Charter – 1945
Creation of CIA – 1947
Creation of Israel – 1948

All put it place “so that it never happens again.”

Well, it happened again. Among other topics, someone other than Christians has control of the Christian Holy sites in the Holy Land even if we pay for their upkeep (the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre do this).

What we are seeing in relation to that phrase happening in Israel is very scary.

And the attempt to get at our research moreso.


The 1 million immigrant Soviet Jews brought even more secularism with them (as well as spies and infiltration).

JMO, Israel was created primarily as a counterbalance to the spread of Islam. Shiny bright object. Add in the strategic strike capability and weapons testing.

Q said Israel would be dealt with last. I did not take what would be in best buds sort of way.


I always check our sister wp sites to see if anyone is down as often as us. Can you believe it atm cth is.


Now the Conservative Treehouse is down!


past 20 minutes, been unable to access til now..


502 Bad Gateway error



OT is up now just taking a long time to load

Valerie Curren

I was able to Like here up until a couple of minutes ago. Maybe this comment will go through…or not…

Valerie Curren

As soon as my comment posting Liking resumed as “usual”…hmmm…


Can we add a star or ten to this article rating? BOOM! Much gratitude, Wolf.

I guess this post will further tell the evil doers how I feel and think about them with what they are doing. Oh well, Jesus has my back along with hundreds of millions of saints. People are waking up worldwide to the truth – which is The Great Awakening. Which is our mission – to bring truth and the plan of salvation.

I am going to laugh so hard my body will ache for weeks when all that Q has brought and taught has been proven to be true.

Prayer warriors unite. Grandma has a good recommendation.


Wonderful explanation 🙂
Let interesting times begin  😎 


Pretty sad, isn’t it? They can’t sell a single thing they are shoving down our throats without deception and outright lies. So they have to stop us from talking to each other. What a bunch of cowards (and all sociopaths are cowards). If they don’t pay in this life, they surely will in the next.


Wolf Moon, ff the White Hats were “in control” of our site before, are they still here? Do you think we are still being monitored by the good guys? Are they giving us any cover at all?


I’ll say the same thing I’ve said here before:

NO ONE here has done anything illegal.

With the Jan. 6 event, whether they were set up or not (and I believe most were), people DID do some stuff that was actionable. What the hell would the charges be against someone here? Last I knew, writing stuff the pResident would disagree with is not a crime.

I personally think the BLACK HATS leak shit like this to try to stifle and intimidate. There is no law against free speech, so they have to try to be underhanded.

I am stating for the record, I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. I have rights given to me by God, and protected for me by my Constitution.

Fuck these people.