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Our movement

Is about replacing

A failed


Political establishment

With a new government controlled

By you, the American People.

Candidate Donald J. Trump

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

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  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Remember this?

Report: IG Horowitz Found “Reasonable Grounds” For Criminal Prosecution and Referred to U.S. Attorney John Huber…

Well, guess what….


HERE is the report. RIGHT HERE.

Just look at this CRAP that FBI and DOJ were pulling!

Mollie has an amazing bunch of deeply perceptive tweets that Sidney Powell is retweeting. These two gals are just skunking the coup with each one of them.

And it just goes on forever. There are THOUSANDS of patriots going over the IG report, finding everything wrong with it.

THAT is the power of WE THE PEOPLE and FREE SPEECH.

One of the things you will notice in the following discussion is that the Soviet Fake News – acting just like Russia’s fake news acted in the 1970s – simply turns everything on its head. Even Horowitz is helping a bit, which is sad, but expected from an Obama appointee. Horowitz held his “Trump-limiting” fire for as long as he could, but at the last possible moment in his ability to protect the plot, he did what he could in the way of DAMAGE CONTROL.

Horowitz didn’t lie. What he did was give what I believe is UNREASONABLE benefit of the doubt to Comey and McCabe in assessing their MOTIVE. Why do I say “unreasonable”? Because it’s quite clear that the BIAS against Trump was POLITICAL IN NATURE, and that bias was ACTED UPON.


Communists have TRAINED YOU otherwise, using the FAKE NEWS MEDIA.

The political bias against Trump may not have been PARTY politics, and it might not have been standard Conservative-versus-Liberal politics, but it was POLITICS nonetheless. It was all about the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

If you are an investigator, and you can’t see the bias in FISAgate, you’re either a PISS-POOR investigator, or you are COVERING UP for the bias of the Deep State.

It’s like saying that Ted Bundy wasn’t motivated by sexual sadism because of some technicality of when *exactly* he murdered his victims, or because he didn’t use standard whips of particular dimensions and wear appropriate lady-porn Fifty Shades of Gray sexy suits during the acts.

It’s CRAP.

WHO are you kidding, Horowitz? If this wasn’t about politics, then WHAT WAS THE MOTIVE?

I’ll tell you. It was GLOBALIST versus NATIONALIST politics. The “special hatred” for Donald Trump is that he is completely antithetical to the subtextual political worldview of globalism.

Horowitz is UNREASONABLE in not seeing it and calling it out, even though – very ironically – it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE IN THE CRIMES.

The latter is an important point. The law is the law. Bias means nothing, if we TRULY do not act on it, by OBEYING THE LAW – which is not supposed to be a mind-reader on ACTS. At the end of Obama’s tenure, I thought he was a horrid communist spy and insert, but he was also POTUS. His LIFE and his OFFICE deserved our protection with every last fiber of our being as patriotic Americans. PERIOD.

But THAT doesn’t matter. Love him or hate him, HOW WE ACT is all that matters to the LAW.

Because we are NOT in CHINA.

We ACT either properly or improperly IN SPITE OF ANY BIAS. This was taught when I was a CHILD. Sadly, the DEMOCRAT SCHOOLS no longer teach this.

TRUMP did not get the RESPECT that he deserved from the system. PERIOD.

I’m not the only person who sees how ridiculous this is.

But there are actually FACTUAL REASONS – not subject to debate – that tell us HOROWITZ was OFF THE MARK on this report.

ANYWAY – my take on the IG Report, told in TWEETS, follows.

First of all, you really need to see how HARD the FAKE NEWS MEDIA is pulling to COVER UP.


REMEMBER – Wray is just CITING FACTS here – facts about the report – but the FAKE NEWS is CHOOSING to highlight ONLY those facts.

This is EXACTLY like the SOVIET UNION, for those of us who don’t remember it.


I strongly suggest that you CUT YOUR CABLE if you have not done so already. You can see plenty of “don’t look away” material on the internet without PAYING to produce it.

Look at the BOLSHEVIK FILTH one last time before you CUT THE CABLE.

Check out THIS “Blue Checkist”…. a NEW YORK TIMES Shiece of Pit.

These anti-American pieces of garbage are not our friends. They hate our country – they hate us – and they HATE THE TRUTH.

One more.

They are FAKE NEWS. They will TWIST ANYTHING to give aid and comfort to CRIMINAL SOVIET DEMOCRATS.

Take a cue from even the WEAKEST and most flip-floppy of MAGA.

One of my favorites was NPR being in such a rush to get the propaganda out, that they tweeted a laughable double-negative.

Well what do you know, Fake News. We finally agree about something.

One of the best comments.

But let’s “move on”.

Overall, this was pretty shocking evidence of LIES and DECEIT by the FBI and DOJ, with evidence of CIA treachery leaking in, yet compared to what the “Pizzagate” crowd wanted to happen – well, not so much of a big bust. Was John “Skippy” Podesta even NAMED in this thing? The treacherous James 8. Corney certainly was.

Yeah, Cankles ain’t in jail YET, but what we are seeing now is a lot of SPACE between (A) what we KNOW and which is now PROVEN BY LAW, and (B) what James Comey and his GRIFTER CLUB have been selling us via the FAKE NEWS MEDIA.

Hey – I’m not the only person who is taken aback by the report.

See how different THAT is from what the “Please Let Our Friends Off” FAKE NEWS MEDIA tried to tell us? Trump is right. The FAKE NEWS is not our friend.

So let’s take a look at what DID come out, and what is STILL coming out.

The TREACHERY of the Comey FBI – PROVEN right here.

OH LOOK. Two of the biggest criminals refused to talk AT ALL.

How bad was it? Even HOROWITZ admitted it was bad – before that final RUG SWEEP.

Brad Parscale put things into perspective very nicely. The criminal Soviet Democrats JUST DON’T CARE. Because they’re CRIMINALS.

Don’t worry – a CRIMINAL SOVIET DEMOCRAT HOUSE will never investigate CRIMINAL SOVIET DEMOCRATS. I mean – are you kidding?

This is why NIXON was offed so easily. He simply could not comprehend that the Soviets and Chinese had GOTTEN HIM. On American soil. Using TREASONOUS criminal Soviet Democrats.

There is NO WAY that an investigation going the other way – against the CIA that SET UP NIXON – would ever have been allowed. There is no way that EVIDENCE would ever be admitted.

They were FAKE NEWS then. They are FAKE NEWS now. And the CRIMINAL DEMOCRATS were with them every inch of the way.

Cut the cable. Take away their MONEY. That money you pay them every month – TAKE IT AWAY.

But even more importantly, THIS. Take away YOUR BRAIN CYCLES. Take away THEIR subliminal PROPAGANDA. Fake news works CONSTANTLY on your BRAIN to create a FALSE STATE OF REALITY which I call FAKE NORMAL.

CUT IT OUT. Put on the INTERNAL GLASSES that BLOCK FAKE NEWS to non-threatening levels.

It is going to be a FIGHT and we have to be like Trump and KEEP FIGHTING.

Buckle up, lads and lassies. THIS is the REALITY right here.

I mean, seriously. These DIRTBAGS are gonna be not just proclaiming their innocence, but actually shilling for their own “MUMIA FAN CLUBS” while in PRISON. Get used to it.

Manage your expectations, and you will see that President Trump is RIGHT ON TARGET.

So is it gonna be FIXED SOON? Sure looks that way.

Gonna be blunt, boys and girls. THIS is the difference between a TRUMP SHERIFF and an OBAMA SHERIFF.

Our wonderful new AG, too.

I mean, can you BELIEVE THAT CRAP?

AND notice that all the #Resist SCUM is already MOUTHING OFF about Barr doing the right things.

Check out this WaPo Blue Checkist Bolshevik scum-bucket….


Yeah, take a hike, COMMIE. This guy is a real piece of TDS work.

But look what’s coming….

And things already falling apart for “Curtains” Comey and his well-constructed lies.

You think Trump is gonna be smiling?


If you’ve been following along with the Q CARDS, then you know exactly what is coming.

There is a reason that our VSG always looks relaxed.

It’s because he knows.



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Biden has no impulse control, no mouth control…..he’s gone loony-tunes.

Deplorable Patriot

He went loony tunes a long time ago and it was covered up.


10 democrats floating the idea of censuring the President instead of impeachment. Need 18



We don’t have a direct quote from anyone on this…
true pundit has been known to go out on a limb before …


I used to follow him regularly and have forgotten most facts but He has a bad history with the FIB but still had contacts there. He was one of the 1st to report (that I recall) Fist we F Flynn then we F Trump from Mccabe


Mr gil just said last night that they should turn investigation over to rank and file who know all the dirt. The cronies and corrupt leaders would be gone instantly.




Police were searching the cemetery for evidence and have recovered the officer’s vehicle and radio there.
Detectives have witnesses who saw a U-Haul van flee the cemetery, and it is believed to be the same U-Haul was found near the shooting scene.
Authorities say what looks like an inert pipe bomb was spotted in the vehicle, and there is a search going on at a house on Eastern Parkway where another inert pipe bomb was found — though the connection is unclear.;-multiple-dead-inside-grocery-store/5744424/
How can they keep saying “no nexus to terrorism” ? Wouldn’t pipe bombs automatically be terrorism from somebody?

Concerned Virginian

Kosher grocery store (not a “mini mart” or bodega)
Pipe bombs
Suspects dressed in black
Check, check, check, check.
LEO MUST search the social media of the perps to see if there are ANY connections to Islam / Jihad / terrorism.
WHY is it being put about that “there is no connection to terrorism” (Jersey City Mayor Fulop)?
So even IF the initial perps – LEO confrontation was due to a “possible drug deal gone bad” at a “local cemetery”, WHY would the perps then drive ALL THE WAY to the kosher grocery store, kill three Jews, and put up a 3-hour gunfight?
The JC Kosher Market where the 3 Jews died is at the center of a new, HASIDIC COMMUNITY of “fervently religious Jews” who moved there after their former community in Brooklyn was priced out of the market.
The first EMS that showed up at the scene of the killings was the HATZOLAH, a Jewish EMS unit.
“Suspicious Dog Meter” running at 15 on a scale of 1 – 10. Sorry, smells like Jihad to me until otherwise proved.

Cuppa Covfefe

Just wondering, did they ever find the rest of the perps from Pensacola? And is NJ a sanctuary state? Could these murderers be illegals?


Deep Blue Killing Field? Mafia heaven for sure…


That’s so sad to read.
In 1980, a chap of Irish parentage whom I knew from Jersey City told me that the city — as bad as it was then — would be on the upturn.
He had lived there all his life, had just earned his Bachelors from a good US university and wanted to improve his home town. He was destined for law school, IIRC. He enjoyed being called ‘Jersey’. God bless him and his family. I hope that he and those who love Jersey City will prevail.

Deplorable Patriot

Yeah, I posted this on another page somewhere. Still sniggering.


I have to ask this but WHY are we training for ‘nearly 300 Saudi students’?


Wolf, I’m now thinking that these events like this…are an attempt to destroy the relationship between Pres Trump and Prince MBS.
Like the Khashoggi thing.
And including the Vegas shooting, too.
That happened 4 months after our VSG established the ‘fellowship of the orb’.
Those who are profiting from war and jihad, do not want peace.
The globalist cabal, which includes people like Alwaleed…do not want the reforms that Prince MBS is trying to do.
He is cracking down on “extremists” which is what he calls the radical jihadists.
[They] do not want this.
Think about it.
It fits.

Gail Combs

Those were exactly my thoughts.
Israel, Saudi Arabia and the USA all have factions working against world peace and freedom. War is a very very lucrative ‘business’ and that is why the USA has been constantly at war since the Federal Reserve act of 1913. We serfs get to pay back all the money the banksters print and then lend to the US government.


[They] also want to have an ‘excuse’ to do the forced migration of islamists into Western countries.
No conflict…no excuse.
Keep the little wars going, and they have an excuse to keep the invasion going, of islamists into Western countries.


Totally agree. The Orb Network is how Team Trump communicates with white hats around the world AND it is the premier intelligence network. CIA and FBI are legacy, allowed to exist as a distraction so Orb can go about its business quietly. Don’t forget that DJT said he didn’t want daily intell briefings. Who would want to listen to bullshit every morning?
The black hats / deep state know that it’s the force of personalities that powers the Orb network. DJT has always used personal relationships to advance projects and missions. No reason why now should be different.


pgroup,, I agree w/you ab OrbOps. Have talked w/friends ab this for years…since The Visit…the first made by our President.
I for one am glad they are in place.


I accept your reasoning, but isn’t the Orb a bit late after the fact?
Shouldn’t the Orb have prevented this?


LOL saw this headline: Shares of Netflix were downgraded by a Wall Street firm that predicted the streaming video leader could lose 4 million U.S. subscribers next year as competition heats up
Yes ‘competition’


Verizon is giving away disney subscriptions right now so I bet thats taking some of the wind from their sails. I dont want any of it. Not missing the extra cable cost. Will cut back again after the current deal is up. Library here has a shared county wide system and I can request 15 titles online.


Yup I’m a Library kind of person as well.
I recall reading the netflix is heavy in debt anyway. So….

Gail Combs

I keep getting phone calls offering ‘Specials’ on trips to Disney World. I ask the live schmuck at the other end of the phone call why he thinks I would be interested in a trip to Pedeoville? — Stuttering ensues.

Deplorable Patriot

Interesting tidbits in here. We have to borrow money from China to send to Ukraine?


Just an FYI on the typo in this tweet…
Fown = internet slang for ‘fucking owned”.


we LOVE You !


Impeach this!


Indeed…I think he would have.

Steve in Lewes

So Horowitz says they found no documentation or testimony that there was political bias…Ok then
he also says that the ‘Steele dossier’ was crap and the FBI/DOJ knew that is was political opposition research when presented to FISC.
Using a political document to get a warrant to spy on your opponent…..isn’t that ‘documented’ political bias or am I just a dumb rube that worships at the alter of Emperor Orange Man and don’t understand.

Harry Lime

He pulled a Comey. Lay out all the damaging facts and them ignore them in your final conclusion.



Two more for the Ninth Circus!!!


And I’d gladly stand up next to all y’all and defend her still today 😉😍

Deplorable Patriot
Deplorable Patriot

Republicans are learning how to fight.


No, Wolf…you’re Not an idiot.
I think what helped to turn McConnell to the Light, was when he started getting targeted by the Antifa/DirtyDemOperatives.
At his house!
Remember that?
Also in parking lots and at the side entrance of Congress!
Remember that time that both McConnell and his wife, were targeted by the Dem goon squad?
After that…McConnell has seemed to be solid on Team Trump.
As to Sd, I know you still like the guy, boss…but I think he is motivated by the petty need to be an ‘oracle’ and come up with things that feed that image.
Sd fell off that pedestal for me a year ago…and fell hard.
He should’ve welcomed the insights that Q was giving us, but instead he declared it “dangerous” and went on his insane banhammer tirade.
If Sd had been smart about it…he would’ve just remained neutral on Q.
And let people discuss the Q drops, pros and cons.


Totally agree Wheatie.
There has to be a reason that he can’t/won’t tolerate enthusiasm that somehow doesn’t give himself credit for brilliant analysis.
His schitk progressively went from unity and fight to constant negative pessimism . The demoralization gave rise to jeering and mean spirited comments .
I don’t see how a person’s personality changes that radically.


Thinking SD is out to lunch. Click bate feeding Eeyore’s.
Can’t find my post now, but did post on this crap a day or two ago. Reconstructing…
Doubt IF Mitch’s drive for money over rides his ego regarding maximizing conservative Federal Justices / Judges.
– Against heavy head winds Turtle and Grassley did NOT allow Garland to be confirmed. NOT even a hearing in Judiciary.
– Many Federal Judge vacancies as hussein left office. Purely thanks to turtle AND Grassley.
– Stood by Kavanaugh against heavy odds of success.
– Ramrodding Judges through as quickly as the system allows.
– Justice ONLY requires 51 votes now.
– Streamlined Judge confirmations AFTER D-Rat stonewalling.
– Has stated “leave no vacancy behind” moar than once.
– Regarding potential SC vacancy later this year or 2020, an election year, SC nominee WILL be processed. D-Rats WILL raise hell, BUT Turtle doesn’t care.
WHY doesn’t Turtle care AND SD is IMO out to lunch? Turtle EGO and LEGACY.
Federal Judges under President Trump / Turtle 170 and growing. One in four or five! Massive accomplishment given less than three years. Impact felt for decades.
Another thirteen months and we’ll have moar Judges confirmed.
^^^ Incredible impact on the SC and Federal Judges that WILL exist for decades. HISTORY BOOKS?
AND, imagine, another four year term with President Trump and Turtle as Majority Leader.
A few hundred moar Federal Judges confirmed. AND, another term will yield minimum two SC, possibly four. Bunch of them folks getting OLD.
The potential for Turtle be achieve historic gains with pushing through conservation Judges and Justices is far moar valuable to Turtle than money.
AND, NO, I am not suggesting turtle is immune to reeling in money through nefarious BS actions or in-actions.
IN THIS CASE EGO – LEGACY over rides money. He’s rich. filthy rich. Me thinks.
Besides, Minority is a LOSER role. Spoiler role. Can’t make shit happen on his own. Who the hell wants to be second, IF they can be FIRST?


AND, NOW, SD is dissing Turtle over USMCA. Which Turtle will 100% get passed.
Did see Turtle has dispensing / processing Impeachment as a priority and a couple budget items.
NO BFD by me.
The day President trump signals USMCA is an issue, then I’ll figure it is.
Getting USMCA through the House IS the priority with resist everything AND do nothing D-rats.


I don’t get how helping Mitch get reelected in the Primary helps President Trump? If Mitch looses to a primary challenger or wins over a primary challenger, then yes, reelecting him is 100% helpful to President Trump. Otherwise, any GOP will do and if not Mitch then maybe someone stronger for GOP leadership.
I haven’t forgotten how he was to the tea party. I don’t think he is pure Trump supporter/MAGA by a long shot.
We don’t donate to any but MAGA candidates in the primary and then to GOP in the General even if the GOP is a swamp rat RINO as that is still better than a Dem. But not in the primary. MAGA and challenging the swamp seems best in the primary. Make them earn our MAGA $ and MAGA votes!


Ok. I respect your opinion. You have More than earned it with all of the great insights you share! Thoughts on why USMCA not going forward?

Sadie Slays

I’ve long wondered if the white hats are whitemailing McConnell into going along with The Plan. “Do what we say or we’ll hit you with the cocaine trafficking charges.”
But conspiracies aside, if McConnell was truly on the other side, then he wouldn’t have put his ass on the line by blocking the Merrick Garland nomination.


Not just blocking Garland, he blocks numerous vacancies during the GOP 2yrs in charge of the Senate, Obama’s last two years. He only let a couple of confirmations through. He has supported and pushed to fill every vacancy in DJT’s administration, including going to the wall for Kavanaugh. McConnell is going to be very happy to have shared in the legacy of DJT, and he realizes this isn’t politics as usual anymore in the SWAMP.


I don’t read SD anymore… there’s no basis for his comment above… except “I believe” … all about his feelings.
It creates a lot of negativity to accuse any Republican of not supporting the President… accusing the MajLdr is irresponsible.


SD blocked me on twitter a long time ago, so I’m glad I wouldn’t have seen such an ugly comment.


I’m sure SD blocked me when I told him I’m glad Trump is POTUS and he’s not…. 😀
I walked away from the old tree and have not been back since.


Blocked you on twitter! That’s ridiculous Lady P. I guess he doesn’t engage in disagreement of any kind!


That was the first thing he did once I started showing up here. Then my OT comments went to moderation, and after my celebrating Q-Tree’s birthday here, the divorce was complete. 🙂
I was late to CTH, finding them in 2016, but Flep and gang got me through the months before the election. That Monster vote gave me hope – because the MSM was lying through their teeth and the polls were obviously bogus.


Thanks Lady… we’re glad you’re here!


Thank you! 🙂

Deplorable Patriot

I guess the question would be how was Mitch screwed by keeping the Senate? Business interests?


That was my question. That would mean Mitch is in it only for himself and doesn’t care about the country. While I know there are many politicians like that, I don’t believe he is one of them. He might be somewhat of a neocon, but I don’t think he hates Pres. Trump or wants the Dems to have the Senate.


I disagree!!!
Mitch McConnell is enjoying being on a winning team and attending loud huge loud rallies.
He is enjoying pushing JUDGES by the hundreds!!!
Mitch also enjoying seeing our country prosper and jobs increase.
SD needs a strong laxative.


At his age Mitch is nearing the end of his Senate career – Shaping the US judiciary for decades will be Mitch McConnell’s legacy and bragging rights!!!! (never mind that he couldn’t do it without PDJT)


You be so right, Uncle Wolf! ;8->


SD needs a strong laxative.
^^^ Had to take a break to stop chuckling;-)

Cuppa Covfefe

Sometimes I think SD is more DS than SD…


More and more I feel that way also


Wolfie, I’m just a little 🐧 – but that is one of the most bizarre statements I’ve ever seen from someone on our side. Mitch McConnell does not hate POTUS. There is no logic in that kind of statement. I suppose it fits SD’s belief that McConnell is just as happy being a minority leader as majority leader – and that is WRONG!
Why? well on many fronts, including the one on judges. McConnell could have ruined almost everything we needed done during a DJT presidency if he SABOTAGED the judgeships – he didn’t. That tells me all we need to know.
Do you remember the time early on in POTUS’ presidency when McConnell said he was having the best time of his entire political life during DJT”s presidency? I remember it.
Some people live on confirmation bias and seek ways to make it happen. For whatever reason.
But there’s no way anyone could make such a statement with any certainty. In fact, POTUS and Mitch have appeared to get along…
I’ll leave it at that because that entire line of thinking is a bridge too far for me.


Mitch McConnell is a survivor of liberal abuse for decades. It’s Battered Conservative Syndrome.
We have a thrift store here in town that benefits a battered women’s shelter, staffed by the women. When they first start working there, they will hardly look you in the eye. They are beaten down, their shoulders slumped, their spines curved. Slowly, over weeks of safely living their lives, not being abused, they straighten, look up, and even will speak to you.
I think McConnell has gradually recovered and feels safe. His actions reflect that. I’m pretty sure Trump probably encouraged him even BEFORE he was elected. They had the polling, Trump KNEW he would win. McConnell doesn’t hate Trump. He MAY disagree with him on some things, but I’ll bet he idolizes the man for helping him cement his incredible judiciary legacy.


No wolf. I think McConnell likes power and $. Power overrides any hate of Trump he might have. But he’s learning he has to fight and not be a DC swamp guy. I think he can sense a change. Trump as POTUS keeps him in power and $. Also the movement that is Trump is not going away ANY time soon.
I also think Graham was being blackmailed by McCain.
wheatietoo wise lesson never put anyone pedestal and if you do know when to walk away.


Ugh need an edit button. Also look how he held the line against O. NOW that was telling.

Rodney Short

That dude at the other place has been compromised, he’s trippin.


Yup. If its even the same SD as before….
I stay away from the poison tree.

Rodney Short

I have been there maybe 6 times in the last year, I dont miss the negative shit one bit Kea.


No way. And that tweet — “[McConnell and Graham] are playing their own game against the American people” — is a classic conspiracy theory that makes Pres. Trump look as if he’s being duped. It’s the polar opposite of what Q says: that there is a plan, that they’ve got this, that pain is coming. This kind of thing is counterproductive and demoralizing to our side, exactly what we don’t need. So why is it being promoted?


Shannon has a THREAD… a few facts here



Scott is still scheduling ‘trash’ pickups… going back to Baltimore.
How many of you QTreepers live in a city, where they have trash pick-up? Baltimore refused to rent dumpsters to Scott the first pickup. Why doesn’t City of Baltimore pick up trash in ‘economically depressed’ areas? City also refused to allow porta-pottie rental to Scott. I’m not sure how Scott resolved that, but he did.
So, why are these Democrat controlled cities NOT picking up trash? Property owners pay taxes for that service… but the cities treat people in some areas unfairly.
It’s NOT that these problems have simply manifested out of the air… the problem of homeless, trash, etc. has been CREATED by the DIMs. Take Portland for instance… they actually passed legislation allowing homeless to defecate on the sidewalk !



Insane isn’t it?
They (Demcoms) tried to set race relations back the 1950’s.
They act like women are battling to get the right to vote..1900’s
Their new agenda to grow homelessness and drug addicts and mentally ill is hearkening back to the dark ages with filthy people, unsanitary public spaces.
In SanFran they’re putting the responsibilty of cleaning human waste on the property owner. Property owners don’t usually actually own the sidewalk or curbs and bus stops in front of their homes. All the knowledge of proper handling of bio waste has been thrown out the window. Their city workers have equipment and hazmat suits to deal with it but now…it’s all good if you get your garden hose and rinse it all to the street and then it ends up in the gutter and on to the ocean?


I guess those tax dollars for clean up are going elsewhere….? /s



I’m going to repeat something that I posted in the Rally Thread…
This Shampeachment = Election Tampering.
I keep waiting for one of our warriors, like Gaetz or Nunes, to make this point.
Hopefully they will soon.
It’s Election Tampering!
I mean…it’s right there…Congressman Green [D-TX] blurted it right out!
“If we don’t impeach him he will get reelected.”
I feel like the little kid who pointed at the naked Emperor and said, “The Emperor has no clothes!”
This Shampeachment is Election Tampering!
The Dems are doing this for no other reason, than to ‘influence the election’!
Isn’t that what they accused the ‘Russians’ of doing?
Aren’t those the words that they used…over and over…for the last two and a half years?
The Dems and their media operatives, are engaging in Election Tampering!


Yep, was just thinking same thing earlier. Not election interference because that’s in November, Election hasn’t happened yet. But it is definitely Campaign interference. I like tampering too, good word choice. 😉


“Election Tampering” covers a lot.
You may be thinking of Vote Tampering…which is what happens in November during the actual election.
Election Tampering is what the Dems/Enemedia has been accusing the Russians of doing…by supposedly ‘hacking’ the DNC computer, etc.
Tampering with the actual Votes…Vote Fraud…falls under the wider heading of ‘Election Tampering’.


Oh…I think THEY DID.
Like I’ve been saying…
The Dems big donors have probably been screaming at them, saying:
“Stop him! What are we paying you for!”
“Do whatever you have to!”
And the ChiComs have been big donors to the Dems for quite a while.
Also…to some of the Rinos.
In addition to having the money to throw at politicians…the ChiComs also have tentacles into the media/entertainment world.
Which could ‘punish’ anyone that the ChiComs instruct them to.
That remake movie, ‘Red Dawn’, was already completed and in the can.
It depicted the Chinese invading our West Coast.
The ChiComs had the power to have that movie yanked from it’s scheduled release…and forced to remake it, with the substitution of the Norks as the invaders.
So yeah…I fully believe that the ChiComs are yanking the strings on this Shampeachment show.


It might be the ChiComs who are giving out those ‘black eyes’.
Harry Reed was up to something with the Chinese…a land deal, or something.
But I think he failed to deliver on it.
Somebody worked him over.
Remember that?
The ChiComs do not tolerate failure.


@techno_fog is fantastic!!!
He’s been naming and shaming all journalists who gave credibility to the dossier. Timeline is nonstop examples🤣🤣


This is pretty good.


It was a short thread, so I posted the whole thing.
But here is the Thread Reader for it, if you prefer it:



Personally, I think China was the one who was helping the Dems the most…in trying to defeat PTrump.
The ChiComs most definitely did not want PTrump to win.
They have more money to throw around, than Putin does…and they have their fingers in more of our media/entertainment industry than Putin could ever hope to have.


It would’ve been right After PDJT won the primaries and was slated to be the R-nominee.

Harry Lime

It’s starting to look more and more like the New Jersey shooting was “some people who did something.”


Blackburn can be a firebrand when defending President Trump – TN is Trump country and she specifically ran on supporting President Trump. However, watch her like a hawk watching a field mouse when it comes to many foreign and military polices. Voted for NATO resolution reducing President Trump’s ability to negotiate. Was Very Loudly critical of his NW Syria/PKK/Turkey decisions. Now this….


Yes…this is not good.
Drat. And here I thought that Marsha Blackburn was one of the good guys.

Rodney Short

The shit people come up with, I thought this was like the Babalon Bee kinda story but these people are for real,Trippy to say the least.
Any thoughts Wolf?


It looks like they’re past the study part…mass mind control chaos is all the rage.
It never occurred to me how many adderall and ritalin abusers there are but it makes a lot of sense. The years of doping boys for being too boisterous have come of age. They’ve expanded to include gender hormone drugs, legal high potency weed. If people hadn’t started dying from additives in vape oils no telling what future personal windowpane acid vape oil could’ve had.
That is a real eye opener Rodney, thanks.

Rodney Short

First thing I thought of when I realized it was a real story and not a parody.
Thank you for verification Wolf.

Rodney Short

Awesome Wolf,I cant wait for the story.
This story made me realize just why they want to legalize shrooms and LSD.

Sadie Slays

I found this .pdf from the CDC listing the ingredients in vaccinations. Dumping it here in case anyone cares.
Fun fact: The top ingredient in most of these vaccinations is formaldehyde.


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This will be fun. 🤩🤩🤩


Most common phrase Horowitz spouts at Judiciary hearing, goes something like…
“Ongoing investigation. No further comment.”


Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, Chairman
Chuck Grassley, Iowa
John Cornyn, Texas
Mike Lee, Utah
Ted Cruz, Texas
Ben Sasse, Nebraska
Josh Hawley, Missouri
Thom Tillis, North Carolina
Joni Ernst, Iowa
Mike Crapo, Idaho
John Kennedy, Louisiana
Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee
Dianne Feinstein, California, Ranking Member
Patrick Leahy, Vermont
Dick Durbin, Illinois
Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island
Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota
Chris Coons, Delaware
Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut
Mazie Hirono, Hawaii
Cory Booker, New Jersey
Kamala Harris, California