Beware The Ace of FIBs

You know, I can be such a chump. But I do have one interesting trait. When I get WISE to having been made a chump, I bring an extraordinary amount of justice with me. The justice. Of truth. Known so that all can SEE IT. No violence. The TRUTH can handle itself. And the TRUTH … Continue reading Beware The Ace of FIBs

Burma Shave

The Wolf has a NEW FAVORITE PRODUCT that he just wants EVERYBODY to know about. No, not that one! No, not THAT ONE! No, Silly! Not that one either! NEW from the makers of Aubergine's Razor comes..... That's right! BURMA SHAVE! Burma Shave contains essential ingredients, although perhaps no essential oils. Essential ingredients like..... CORONAVIRUS … Continue reading Burma Shave

DEAR KAG: 20210129 Biden Lost, Bigly

It’s Fight Back Better Friday again! Wolf’s Pub has opened its doors. Today we celebrate! Today we toast the gamer investors who took on the Wall Street part of the SYSTEM and beat the tar out of it. The GameStop Story lit the match that has started another populist fire. If you go to the … Continue reading DEAR KAG: 20210129 Biden Lost, Bigly